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Dogs Love The Springtime

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It’s no wonder National Puppy Day comes around the first day of Spring.

There’s so much to celebrate!

There are new smells outside.

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The grass begins to grow again and that means new and exciting places to pee.

We love to see flowers when we go for a walk.

Sometimes, dog parents are in a hurry.

They want us to pee or poop so they can just get on with their lives.

But there is such a beautiful world out there.

With every step we smell something new.

We love being outside.

It’s time to play.

It’s time to take time out and see the world being born again.

So how about we make a deal…you and me.

Take your dog(s) for a nice long walk and watch us for the signal when we’ve had enough.

Oh, and turn off your cell phone and pay attention to the gorgeous world out there.

Click LIKE if you agree to take your dog for a nice long walk this week.

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