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Don’t Quibble About Kibble?

If my feet could reach the pedals of the car, I would drive to the grocery store myself and buy my own food.

Because the stuff most dog parents feed their dogs – well, it smells pretty bad.

The dry dog food that comes in large bags smells “uggh” and tastes worse.

And even if you serve it to me in a fancy Martha Stewart bowl, it still tastes bad.

Don't Quibble About Kibble

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever tried to taste this crap?

Oh yeah, sometimes you’ll mix it with water.

Now it tastes like crap with water.

They don’t feed this stuff to prisoners. If they did, the prisoners would go on strike.

But you’re my parent and feed it to me every day.

You put it in my bowl and walk away.

And then you get upset when I don’t eat it.

Hey. Let’s make a deal.

Get your kids down to the table and give them all a big bowl of kibble.

Yum Yum Yum?

Why are you treating me any different?

I’ll take my steak on the bone medium rare please.

(Gee, I hope my dog parent falls for this one.)




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