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Firefighters Rescue Dog Tied and Abandoned in Storm Drain

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A small, tan dog is alive and doing well today, thanks to the actions of a concerned citizen and the firefighters that went to great lengths to save him.

A witness driving down a busy Sacramento, California road spotted two people get out of a vehicle and force a dog down into a storm drain around 6pm, replace the cover of the drain, and drive away, leaving the little dog to die. She immediately called police who dispatched firefighters and animal control officers to the scene.

When firefighters arrived, they found the little dog, about 15 feet down in the drain, his back legs bound together with heavy duty cable normally used for locking up a bicycle. Aside from being lowered into the drain to make the dangerous rescue, firefighters monitored the dog’s air quality and pumped fresh air down into the drain until he could be pulled to safety.

Sacramento Metro Fire Battalion Chief Maurice Johnson said, “It’s unfortunate, it’s really sad and unfortunate. If you’re not able to care for your dog, or don’t want your dog or animal, there’s a facility not too far from here you can simply drop your animal off at and somebody will certainly have a good home for him.”

Thanks to one good samaritan and a team of dedicated firefighters, the little dog will now be able to find the loving home he deserves.

Police are actively investigating the incident and urge anyone with any information to step forward.

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  2. Avatar Of Juliana Schoedinger

    juliana schoedinger


    obviously these individuals are not humans but monsters. when you respect life you respect all alive creatures. because as it said. people who hurt animals, soon will hurt people. so these couple is dangerous. They already start hurting animals, theycan move to children or other people. so Watch out! I am so happy to hear this little baby and victim of this monsters are far from them!
    i hope she gets a loving loving family. She deserves it!

    • Avatar Of Wondering



      I’m confused. You’re suggesting you respect life and you’re calling these people monsters? They might be abusers, but they’re still human.

  3. Avatar Of Dianna Ruiz

    Dianna Ruiz


    WTH is wrong with people? There are places to leave unwanted dog’s…I think if their were tougher laws these IDIOTS might think twice! If you can get her / him to me I will Love her!! You don’t abandon any living thing! Karma will catch up with these people and I hope it is GOOD!!!

  4. Avatar Of Judy Smith

    Judy Smith


    This poor baby has so much sadness in her eyes. God Bless the woman who called for help and the firemen who rescued him.

  5. Avatar Of Allison



    God Bless the person who witnessed this and took action. Animals are so helpless and it makes me ill to think anyone would do that. Thank you to the firefighters who saved this little guy too!

  6. Avatar Of Angela



    I’ll bet if you start knocking off a whole bunch of these animal abusers you’ll see a lot less of them as well as child abusers

  7. Avatar Of Chrisfleischman



    The people who did this are Pond Scum! Waste of good oxygen!

  8. Avatar Of Boston Holly

    Boston Holly


    Just sickening , every day something worse done by a human to an innocent angel. Thank God for the Good Samaritan (wish she’d been able to get license plate but that’s ok , she saved the dog). so happy that public safety stepped in to save little one. How horrible, why did they tie her feet ? Why ? Why ask why.
    Sadly, there is no guarantee every dog/pet will find a good home at a shelter but at least this one has a chance , due to the favorable publicity. Wish I could.

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