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SAFE TRAVELS GIVEAWAY: Road Tripping With Your Dog? Kurgo Has You Covered!

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Road trips are tons of fun – it’s always exciting to round up your family or friends and embark on a journey to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. The freedom of the open road, the excitement and anticipation of arriving at your planned destination, and the camaraderie among those traveling with you are all great feelings that have helped make road trips one of America’s favorite past times. Of course, every pet owner knows that road trips are even better with their furry friends in tow!

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Taking your dog or cat along for your next road trip will surely make for a good time. After all, most pet owners think of their beloved animals as true members of the family, and what kind of fun family vacation can you possibly have without bringing the cuddliest and most affectionate members of the pack along for the ride?  However, when traveling with your pet, it’s extremely important to take the necessary precautions to keep them safe.

Sadly, it’s far too common to see a driver cruising down the highway with their dog on their lap, or roaming freely in the bed of their pickup truck. As much as Fido may love to snuggle up during the drive or enjoy the feeling of the wind in his face, it simply isn’t safe.

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Your dog or cat should always be kept secure in the vehicle for both your safety and theirs. A pet roaming around your car can be a big distraction, so using a pet harness or seatbelt to keep your pet from hopping into the driver’s seat or causing a commotion is highly recommended.  If your pets have been crate trained, another option is to anchor a travel carrier in the car and tuck him or her in there for the ride. This way, they’re protected if an accident should occur.

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However you choose to secure your dog, Kurgo has you covered. They offer harnesses, booster seats, seatbelt tethers, and crate-restrains for dogs of all sizes, and they’re giving three lucky readers a complete travel-safety package this month! It comes with a crash-tested harness, a booster seat or tether (depending on the size of your dog) and a car seat covers in whatever style you’d like.

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Kurgo Dogs Safe Travels Giveaway

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