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Hero Firefighter Saves Dog With CPR

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An Addison, Texas firefighter is being hailed a hero after going far above and beyond to save a lifeless little dog.

Yvette Childers was driving to work when her RV caught fire, igniting all her worldly possessions, including her most precious of all, her 1-year old Chihuahua named Pony.

Within mere minutes, the entire RV was engulfed in flames and smoke, with Pony trapped inside in her crate.

When firefighters arrived, Childers begged them to rescue the love of her life. Using hatchets, the forced their way into the RV and found her.

Capt. Scott Ledet explained to NBC5 News what it was like when he found the dog.

“She was in the very back of the crate, lying on her side. Her eyes were open and she was lifeless,” he said.

Ledet quickly pulled Pony to safety and began efforts to save her life.

“I took off my helmet and mask off and removed her from her cage and just started doing CPR on her like I would a human,” Ledet said. “I actually spread her mouth open and put my lips down to the bottom of her throat and was giving her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation that way.”

After nearly a half hour of CPR, chest compressions and oxygen, Pony finally began showing signs of life. She suffered a seizure and then began blinking her eyes and gasping for air.

An hour later, Pony was up and walking around.

“I never thought twice about not performing CPR on the dog. It was never a question,” said Ledet, a self-proclaimed dog lover.

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  1. Avatar Of Sylvia



    This made me cry! We’ve performed CPR on our little poodle when she was asphyxiating on her food/vomit. She couldn’t breathe and was dying so my husband leaped into action to save her. I have to say it took, what seemed like forever, but 15-20 minutes later she was breathing and lethargic. We rushed her to the emergency vet and they kept her overnight. It is helpful to learn how to perform CPR in the event you may need it. And don’t give up, it may take numerous attempts, but it works.
    The interesting thing is that she was “my” baby and I was her favorite, but when she returned from the vet hospital, she wanted to be around my husband as much as possible, so much so that everyone thinks he is her favorite. They have an uncanny sense to understand things and she recognized that he saved her life. I like to think she was grateful for saving her life 🙂
    I’m so grateful that there are people who do this. This made my Friday a whole lot better. Thank you!

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