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Hot Dogs Stuffed With Nails and Screws Left as Bait to Injure Dogs

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Nails And Screws Left In Hot Dogs For Dogs Near Covington (Photo: Toni Edwards Via Wxia)
Nails and screws left in hot dogs for dogs near Covington (photo: Toni Edwards via WXIA)

Covington, Georgia police have said there’s nothing they can do about a slew of nail-and-screw-stuffed hot dogs being left along the road, apparently with the intention of harming dogs.

As reported by WXIA, Toni Edwards said her daughter was walking their Jack Russell terrier mix Wednesday morning in a subdivision off of Cowan Road when she noticed the dog pick up something.

“Skippy was on a leash, started eating something,” Edwards said. “My daughter quickly dug it out of his mouth, and saw the screws.”

She gathered all the hot dog pieces she could find and immediately called Newton County Animal Control.

Edwards said that police told her there’s nothing they can do except urge people to be careful when walking their dogs in the area.

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