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Hot Dogs Stuffed with Nails Scattered on Rhode Island Lawns

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Dog owners in Newport, Rhode Island are on high alert after a dog walker found several hot dogs stuffed with nails scattered across multiple lawns in one seemingly dog-friendly neighborhood.

This isn’t the first time someone has planted dangerous items in an attempt to injure or kill dogs and, sadly, it won’t be the last. But, let it serve as a reminder to always leash your dog and be continually mindful of what they’re sniffing or eating outside and during walks.

Residents of Thurston Avenue and surrounding streets in Newport, Rhode Island are being alerted to keep a close watch on their dogs during walks after a resident walking his dog found several pieces of hot dog stuffed with small, sharp nails had been scattered across lawns.

Newport Police are urging anyone with information to contact the detective investigating the incident. So far, no suspects have been named.

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  1. Avatar Of Jackie Stanley

    Jackie stanley


    The animals can not speak for them self, please do not go this CD ar putting small nails or tacts in cut up pieces of Hot Dogs, yes people should pick up after their dog.

  2. Avatar Of Joann Dilk

    Joann Dilk


    This person is probably already hurting animals himself let alone this cruel action. Clearly this idiot doesn’t have animals to love on. He should be somewhat easy to find .

  3. Avatar Of Alicia Bogue

    Alicia Bogue


    This is the work of a vile pos devil

  4. Avatar Of Joseph Scala

    Joseph Scala


    I love animals especially dogs but STOP!taking your dogs out to POOP!on other people’s lawnost people without pets that can’t take care of them get UPSET! You are only creating the problem yourselves and causes the dogs death or serious injury. Also need to bring a poop grabber with a garbage bag and may just solve the problem.

    • Avatar Of Mamabird



      I don’t know if that necessarily is the problem . An action like this is the same sick mind that put things in children’s Halloween treats . They or whoever is hurting those that are innocent . They will use any excuse to get away with justification of such acts . Evil people and abuser !
      I own dogs and I do agree people need to practice picking up after their dogs .

    • Avatar Of Jlf0210



      Yeah thats a good reason to harm animals..idiot..Why not just say no animals on my lawn .

    • Avatar Of Lee



      I could beat this person to a pulp all by myself ,80 Yo but this infuriates me people who can do harm to animals. Nail him to a post in the sun, leave home there then watch him suffer!!

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