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How to Celebrate National Dog Day: August 26

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Throughout the year, there are days designated to celebrate mothers and fathers, grandparents, bosses, and secretaries. But today is our most favorite special dedication day! It’s National Dog Day!

On August 26th of each year, take the time to both honor your own four-legged friends, and do something special for those still looking for a forever family.

Here are some PAW-some ways to celebrate this special day!

Celebrate Your Own Dogs:

– Throw a PAW-ty!
Nothing makes your dog more happy than spending time with you. Set aside some special Mommy/Doggy (or Daddy/Doggy!) time today. Offer your pup some extra tasty treats (nothing from China!), play some music, invite some furry friends over, and make it a party!

– Give your dog a massage. Dog massage is an excellent way for the pair of you to build a tighter bond. You don’t have to be board certified to give a good dog massage, just sit with your dog in front of you and start rubbing. Starting at the top of his head, using small circular motions, work your way down your pup’s body. He’ll let you know where his favorite spots are!

– Shake things up! It’s easy to get ourselves into a routine with our dogs, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. But, on this very special day, shake things up a bit! Take a different path on your daily walk, visit a new dog park, go for a drive (Bonus points if you can drive by something that smells delicious or interesting to your dog, like a steak house, a bread factory, or the beach!).

– Go exploring! Today, instead of simply walking alongside your dog on the leash, get down and explore with him. Point out interesting insects, show him branches or leaves that have fallen, point out birds in the sky overhead. Eventually, your pup will start showing YOU the fun things he’s found!

Celebrate Shelter Dogs!
National Dog Day is meant to recognize ALL dogs, including those still looking for a loving home. Here are some wonderful ways to show you care:

– Make a donation to your favorite rescue or shelter. Many dog lovers hesitate to donate to a shelter or rescue until they’ve got a substantial amount to give. But, even a small donation can go a long way! For the price of a cup of coffee, a shelter can provide a dog with a week of meals. For the price of lunch, a dog can be vaccinated. For the price of a new pair of shoes, a dog can receive lifesaving surgery.

Or, if money is very tight, shelters are always in need of basic supplies: old towels or blankets, cleaning supplies, bowls and leashes, that old dog crate sitting in the garage unused, even old newspapers. Or, one of the best donations you can give is your time.

– Adopt! If you’ve been tossing around the idea of bringing a new family member home, today’s the perfect day to do it! (As long as you’re prepared to give her a safe, happy, and healthy forever home, of course!)

– Spread awareness. Browse your local classifieds section, or a dog adoption site like Petfinder.org, find a shelter dog that touches your heart and share his story on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes a little notoriety is all a dog needs to get adopted.

However you choose to celebrate today, keep ALL dogs in mind. Hug your dogs a little longer today, give extra belly rubs, and enjoy the amazing bond we are privileged to share with them.

How are YOU celebrating National Dog Day?

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  1. Avatar Of Apryl



    We took our special little girl for a walk at the local college campus. She loved “trying” to get the ducks and visiting all the other dogs our walking. Then we went to the ice cream shop and got a doggie cone with a biscuit. She LOVED her outing. When we got home, we played fetch with her favorite toy…. Now she’s wiped out! Her massages come at bedtime……… She’s such a good girl……….

  2. Avatar Of Sheryl



    I took my dog out for a hike to two different places. One that was a brand new hiking trail and the other where he swims in the lake – It’s his favorite place in the entire world! I also let him off the leash for the first time and he followed me the entire time! I was very proud of him 🙂

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