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Incredible Rescue of Dog Running on California Freeway

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Though they didn’t know each other, and couldn’t really communicate, a group of good samaritans formed around a dog lost and running along a busy Southern California freeway during rush hour traffic.

In the amazing video from NBC Los Angeles, instead of ignoring the lost dog as seen so often, drivers along California’s Long Beach (710) Freeway slowed down, using their cars to form a sort of mobile fence to keep the dog from running into the street. A motorcyclist joined in the rescue, pulling alongside the dog and guiding her toward the shoulder. When the dog reached the shoulder, several cars pulled over to help. Eventually, Andie Valerio hopped out of her car and caught up to the dog. She picked her up and placed her in her car for safety.

Valerio says the dog is very sweet. She was wearing a collar, but no tags. She has been handed over to Animal Control who will assist in finding her owner.

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  1. Avatar Of Brad Jaffe Brad Jaffe says:

    I’ve been a professional dog trainer for over 15 years and have been involved with several rescue groups; it’s amazing how many people will go to these lengths to save a stray or injured animal and it’s always heartwarming to see.

  2. I share and crosspost sad stories on FB everyday trying to find homes for animals, etc. And this was so nice to see!

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