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It’s Here! Our Top Picks for Your Dog’s Holiday Gifts!

“This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.”

It’s the HOWL-idays! And with thousands upon thousands of gifts and gadgets for dogs and dog lovers, finding the perfect, unique gift can be, well, less than merry.

That’s why we’ve searched and scoured, tested and tried, sampled and tested to bring you our 2015 Holiday Gift Guide!

Here they are — our favorite holiday gifts for dogs and dog lovers (with some great discount deals and offers that can’t be beat!):



PetGiftBox is a super PAWsome subscription box specially designed with your cats and dogs in mind. Each month, our team of Pet Experts (including our pets), paw-pick treats, toys and other fun goodies. These are then curated to a surprise themed box we know your pets will RUV! Filled with only the best quality products, you and your pets will be begging for more.

Not only do we want the best for your pets, we want what’s best for every pet. So, with every box you get, we help support a rescue pet! This means with each PetGiftBox purchased, we give a portion back to shelters and rescues.

Use code dogington for 50% off your first box with any subscription at petgiftbox.com/dogington

Markleeville Art & Soul – Devoted Heart Angel


Symbolic of the unconditional love bestowed upon us by our loyal companions Hand crafted in Northern Nevada of Art Glass and pure copper. The Devoted Heart Angel originated as a memorial request and quickly grew to a much broader expression of the loving bond we share with our little friends.

Each Angel is hand painted with glass enamels. The wings are of pure copper and the color is achieved through a process of vinegar etching and the application of heat. The techniques we use in the making of these little jewels ensure that no two will ever be the same. The Angels are approximately 4″X 4.5,” gift boxed and shipped free in the continental US.

Available from Markleeville Heart & Soul Gallery

The Kurgo Loft Collection


Kurgo is dedicated to helping people and their dogs get out and enjoy the world together. Their award-winning dog travel and outdoor products include everything from crash-tested car harnesses to car seat covers to outdoor products like dog backpacks and boots. And they all come backed up with a no hassle Lifetime Warranty!

The Loft Collection by Kurgo features rugged, waterproof Microtomic nylon ripstop material, Bright colors, contrast zippers, and all-steel attachments – perfect for your active lifestyle.

Available at Kurgo.com

Simple Solution Holiday Gift Bundles


This holiday season is the perfect time for pet lovers to open their hearts and homes to a new furry family member.  RPG Innovations is offering a variety of holiday gift bundles to make welcoming a new pet into the family an easy and fun experience for everyone.

Choose from seven holiday gift bundles, including Ultimate Dog ($185) and New Puppy ($70).  All prices reflect a 50% discount off the retail price, plus free shipping.  Each bundle includes a mix of products ranging from dog shampoo to training pads and stain and odor removers.

The bundles will be available for purchase November 23 through January 1 by clicking here.

PrideBites Customizable Toys, Beds, Collars & More


As any dog mom or dad will attest, dogs each have their own unique personalities. Some are goofy and playful while others are serious or calm. Some are energetic and others prefer to just cuddle. So, since they’re all so different, why should they all sleep on the same tired old bed, wear the same boring collar, or cuddle with the same plain blanket?

Now they don’t have to! Thanks to PrideBites, you can toss the boring old stuff that all the other dogs use and create totally different, totally customizable essential products from collars, to toys, to beds and blankets that celebrate YOUR unique dog! With eight different essential products and dozens of fun fabrics, colors, and options, the possibilities are endless!

Dogington Post friends & fans get 25% Off by clicking here!

Purely Pawsome Sterling Silver ‘Life With Paws’ Pendant


This is a remarkable piece with a special message to those who truly love the special connection between humans and dogs. Each of the four paw prints represents one of the four chambers of the heart. The curving line is actually the outline of a heart that is opened.

When the human and dog connect the heart closes and becomes one. You and your fur baby are connected at the heart forever. What a blessed way to remember them, honor them, and cherish them.

‘Life With Paws’ is Sterling Silver and made in the USA. It comes with an 18″³ sterling silver chain in an attractive gift box.

Regular price is $88.00. Limited time sale price now only $48 with sterling silver chain and gift box. Available at PurelyPawsome.com.

Adopt, Foster, Volunteer Hoodie


The perfect gift for the ultimate animal advocate! If you can’t adopt, foster. If you can’t foster, volunteer. If you can’t volunteer, donate. If you can’t donate, educate.

Available in 4 different colors and sizes to fit everyone on your list! From Sunfrog.com

Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Spa Kit in a Box


Aromatherapy has long been used as an alternative homeopathic therapy for humans, offering a wide range of healing physical and psychological benefits through the use of carefully selected essential oils. Each of these oils, extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant, serve a different purpose and have been known to help with everything from improving respiratory health, to soothing joint pain, and even easing anxiety.

The Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Spa Kit in a Box contains everything you need to treat your pet to a luxurious spa treatment at home, together in one box. The Spa Kit includes: 1 Aromatherapy/Deodorizing Soy Candle; 1 8oz bottle of Aromatherapy Shampoo & Conditioner for Pets; and 1 4oz bottle of Aromatherapy Freshening & Shining Spray for Pets.

You can learn more about Gerrard Larriett Aromatherapy Pet Care, the benefits of aromatherapy for your pets (yes, it works for cats, too!) or give them a try, at www.GerrardLarriett.com.

Vimtag Wireless Pet Surveillance Camera


Home security camera systems are no longer a luxury item for the well-to-do or a frivolous gadget for crazy pet parents to look in on their sleeping dogs while they’re away at the office. And, gone are the days of hiring an expensive installation and service to keep an eye on your home. In fact, many home surveillance cameras, like those made by Vimtag, feature “plug and play” setup, are totally affordable, are convenient enough for even the busiest of pet parents to use, and offer a sense of security and peace of mind at any time using your home’s wireless network and the phone already in your pocket.

Vimtag cameras offer remote viewing from any computer, smartphone, or tablet; the ability to pan and tilt to keep an eye on pets anywhere in the home (or outdoors); offer the ability to both listen in and speak to your pet remotely; high definition video and night-vision for viewing any time of day or night; and offer peace of mind for any pet parent.

Purchase your plug & play security camera and begin monitoring your home and your pets today for less than $100, click right here.

The KRUUSE Buster ActivityMat for Dogs

Buster Activitymat Gro_03_123Kb_16

Many veterinarians support the theory that to bond with your dog, you should work/play with them at their level.  You know, get on the ground and play with your hound!  They also support the concept that just like humans, dogs get bored if their brains aren’t stimulated.  So, based on those two tidbits of knowledge, KRUUSE has created the first-of-its kind new Buster ActivityMat.

This new activity mat is a problem solving interactive play center designed to mentally stimulate your dog all the while you are playing with him/her making the bond between owner and pet that much stronger.

Buster’s New ActivityMat uses a wide range of snap-on “tasks” with varying levels of difficulty, that can be added, removed, and swapped for new fun activities!  Solving these tasks results in a hidden food treat and provides the dog with the mentally challenging stimulation that is important to their overall well-being. The new Buster ActivityMat makes a great holiday gift or an anytime love offering for your pup.

Available at Amazon.com.

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  1. Avatar Of Rachel rachel says:

    Will you be doing an update for the 2016 holiday season? Looking forward to reading more on pet cams.

  2. Avatar Of Alex Alex says:

    I can’t believe a treat dispenser didn’t make the list! We got one for our dog and it’s fun for us and the dog. You mentioned the Vimtag camera though, but some of these camera and treat dispenser combos are great! bestpetcam.com

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