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Jared Leto’s Tearful Goodbye to Sky

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Jared Leto made the heartbreaking decision to lay his best friend to rest on Wednesday night. Photo courtesy Jared Leto.

It’s a heartwrenching decision that every responsible dog owner will face during their dog’s life – the decision to lay their four-legged best friend to rest.

Such was the case for Jared Leto, actor, heartthrob, and founder of the rock band 30 Seconds to Mars on Wednesday when his sweet boy’s time was up.

“Had to put my dog to sleep tonight. His name was SKY,” the actor Tweeted late on Wednesday. “He was the best.”

Jared’s brother Shannon also mourned Sky’s passing, Tweeting this photo of a happy Sky to fans. Photo courtesy Shannon Leto.

A loving and loyal companion for many years, it was a sad day for the entire Leto family. Leto’s brother and bandmate, Shannon, also posted a photo of Sky to Twitter, saying, “Have a great next life ol boy…”

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  1. Avatar Of Shanon



    We too lost our pet this Wednesday. He was 14 and I had him since he was just a couple months old. One of the hardest decisions ever. I feel your pain. Our pets are our family. Losing them is never easy. I am comforted knowing I will see him again someday 🙂

  2. Avatar Of Leslye Klinger

    Leslye Klinger


    I completely understand. We had to let our lovely springer Spotz cross the rainbow bridge on Labor Day this year. Noe I’ve lost my husband yesterday. Now they can continue to hunt together forever. You’re in my thoughts

  3. Avatar Of Dianne Schneider

    Dianne Schneider


    So Sorry to hear about your dog. I know how you feel as Im sure alot of people have to make that decision and it will never be easy. In a few weeks I will have to send my dog to the Rainbow Bridge as I just found out she has cancer. God bless our 4 legged loved ones

  4. Avatar Of Colleen



    It is never easy to say goodby to a beloved pet. I’ve been there and done that many times over in my lifetime and it never gets easier. So sorry for your loss. Take comfort in the fact that he is at peace with no more pain.

  5. Avatar Of Pat Durlak Pat Durlak says:

    I am so sorry for your loss..I was ready to make the appt. for my all black German Shepherd to be PTS and I just could’nt do it.. I know in the coming days that I will have to make this decisionand it tears me apart..My heart breaks for you and I know how much pain this causes…Your in my heart and prayers..Beautiful dog..

  6. Avatar Of Judy Knowles

    Judy Knowles


    Check out Rainbow Bridge. It made me feel better after my dog of 19 years died.

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