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Let’s Celebrate National Puppy Day!

March 23 is National Puppy Day!

Started in 2006 by Colleen Paige, a writer and animal behaviorist, National Puppy Day not only celebrates adorable puppies, but is intended to bring awareness to the importance of adoption and educate us on the horrors of puppy mills.

So, what’s the best way to celebrate National Puppy Day?

1. Don’t shop from a pet store that sells puppies. Especially don’t buy a puppy from one! If we stop buying pet store puppies, the stores will stop buying them from puppy mills and backyard breeders, who will in-turn go out of business.

2. Adopt. If you’re looking for a specific puppy, you should always consider adoption first. Click over to to find available puppies in your area.

3. Watch these adorable puppy videos and share them with your friends!

Tell us how you celebrate National Puppy Day in a comment below.

And, don’t forget to share the puppy love.





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