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Loubie the Hugging Dog Gives Hugs to Strangers on the Streets of NYC

It has been said that there is nothing truer in this world than the love of a good dog. One NYC dog is certainly spreading the love!

Louboutina, or “Loubie” for short, is a 5-year old Golden retriever who spends much of her time alongside her human dad, Cesar, on streets of New York City, ready and ever-so-eager to give a little love to anyone who wants it – and who wouldn’t!?

Loubie is exceptionally sweet-natured, lovable, and oh-so-huggable, as evidenced by the many photographs of strangers having their day made with a simple gesture of love from a four-legged bundle of pure goodness.

❤️ Shy selfie with this guy 🐶📸👴🏼

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

Repost @chinatown_kitties Met @louboutinanyc, the hugging dog, in Union Square Park today. She’s so friendly and sweet!

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

Hugs and Smiles for all my friends 💗

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

Repost from @jordanious Thursday #feelings

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

Repost from @weratedogs This is Loubie. She hugs everyone she meets. 12/10 keep spreading the love Loubie (IG @louboutinanyc)

A photo posted by Louboutina (Loubie) (@louboutinanyc) on

You can follow Louboutina and her hugging adventures on Instagram!

So… who else is now planning their next trip to the Big Apple for some love from a sweet Golden?


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