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Loyal Dog Protects Injured Sister Stranded on Railroad Tracks for Days


For at least two days, a loyal dog protected his canine sister as she laid injured and unable to move from snow-covered, icy railroad tracks. Not only did the loving dog stay by her side, providing warmth and comfort, he held her head down every half hour as a train barreled down the tracks, narrowly missing the dogs huddled underneath.

Denis Malafeyev, who assisted a local animal shelter in rescuing the pair from the Ukranian railroad tracks, posted video of the dogs’ harrowing experience to Facebook.

Malafeyev explained that he’d received a call from a friend about an injured dog on the railway. When he arrived, he discovered Lucy, a female, injured and unable to leave the tracks, and Panda, her canine brother, protective and refusing to leave her side, even when the train approached.

The dog lover attempted to rescue the dogs himself, but Panda was, understandably, frightened and wouldn’t allow him to get close enough. For two days, the dogs remained on the tracks until rescuers finally saved them.

The pair were taken to a local shelter where, after seeing the harrowing viral video on Facebook, their owner – with proof of ownership – came to claim them.

Both dogs survived and are recovering from their incredible ordeal at home.


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