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Man Arrested For Allegedly Torturing and Killing Puppies Inside Hotel Room

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Man Arrested In Texas For Torturing Puppies
Image from Austin Police Department via New York Post

Tyler Hastings Berry, a 27-year old man from Texas, has been arrested for allegedly torturing and killing puppies and dogs in hotel rooms. 

He has been accused of dumping the dead bodies of two puppies in a trash can inside one of the hotel rooms he stayed in. The bodies were discovered by the hotel cleaners after Berry checked out. Hypodermic needles were also found around the hotel room. 

According to an autopsy, the puppies went without food for at least 48 hours and were strangled and partially drowned before eventually dying. 

Berry also had two prior cases of animal cruelty, including killing a pit bull mix last year. 

The puppies and dogs, as mentioned by Berry’s girlfriend, were from Facebook. Berry informed his girlfriend whenever the dogs disappeared that he gave them away, but his explanation was always “fuzzy.” 

He has been charged with cruelty to non-livestock animals in relation to the puppies tortured in the hotel room, and third-degree felony cruelty to animals for the death of the pit bull. 
We urge all dog owners out there who put up “free to a good home” classified ads to be extra wary of animal abusers.

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