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Man Covers Front Yard in Chocolate Chips to Deter Dogs (Say What?)

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A San Diego homeowner, fed up with dogs leaving waste in his front yard and pet owners not picking it up, dumped several pounds of chocolate chips all over his front yard in hopes of deterring dog owners from coming anywhere near it.

John told NBC 7 it was an experiment to keep dogs off his lawn – and that it worked. But neighbors are not happy. Several have contacted local police and animal control, concerned that the chocolate chips are threatening the lives of their pets.

“Residents are scared of what he might do,” neighbor Sarah Fisher told NBC 7. “If he is doing this – which is like an animal genocide – pretty much, he’s putting it out for animals to ingest and get sick.”

This isn’t the first time John has taken unusual measures to deter dogs. He’s placed numerous signs in his yard, including one warning pet owners that their dogs will be electrocuted if they urinate on his tires.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.

Meanwhile, pet parents everywhere are urged to closely watch their dogs during walks to prevent them from ingesting anything potentially toxic.

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  1. Avatar Of Frances



    Dog owners should be responsible. It is not the dogs fault, but the owners. Trying to kill the dogs with chocolate is not the answer. Two wrongs do not make a right. Chocolate is poison to dogs, he should be arrested for putting it out. In most places putting poison out for animals is illegal. That being said the owners should be fined for not cleaning up after their dogs.

  2. Avatar Of Limei



    Don’t mistaken me, I’m a dog lovers, but owners really need to be responsible for their pets and don’t leave little pile of presents behind.

    Now think about it this way, if it has been a pack of rats running around in front of your house doing their business, you would have call in a pest control. And the way i see it, people that are being inconvenienced by irresponsible owner have the right to treat them as a pest and act accordingly.

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