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Meet Jimmy Fallon’s New Golden Retriever Puppy!

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Late Night host and comedian, Jimmy Fallon, may have some even later nights for the next few weeks while he trains his newest family member to sleep through the night!

On Saturday, the funny tv host introduced his absolutely adorable Golden Retriever pup to the world when he Tweeted the following photo with the caption, “A new member of the family.”


It’s no surprise that Fallon chose a Golden puppy, as he tends to feature the breed on his late night talkshow quite often. But, the star has yet to reveal his newest family member’s name.

Any suggestions for Jimmy Fallon’s new pup’s name?

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  1. Avatar Of Tylan Williams

    Tylan Williams


    I Think Athena is a good name for a dog.

  2. Avatar Of Jackieblum



    I like Fallon for a girl or Brooklynn, Chase for a boy or Payton.

  3. Avatar Of Deb



    i like dallas for a boy,dazymae for a girl, but i like to call my dazymae ladybud too!

  4. Avatar Of G



    Girl…Goldie or Angel …boy……Lucky, Jake or DAWG.

  5. Avatar Of Robin Seissiger

    robin seissiger


    Call the puppy Brooklyn because thats where hes from. Or Shea or Fenway. Just enjoy your new family member.

  6. Avatar Of Deborah Lacroix

    Deborah LaCroix


    Gracie for a girl which it looks like to me and
    Marsh for a boy because he looks like a marshmallow!
    We have a Miss Abby and Crazy KC at our house…had to put down our Sasha 8 years ago….We are great lovers of Golden’s…they are the best doggies to love and make part of your family..

  7. Avatar Of Tara Bzdek

    tara bzdek


    I just couldn’t settle on one name. So here is a list of some of my favorite male dog names.
    Bailey, Chip, Marley, Duke, Dakota, Hunter, Gus, Ryker, Cosmo, Dallas, Blaze, J.C.(Jack Daniels), Champ, Foster, Ranger.

  8. For a girl Gemma or Jewels or spell Gemma with a j Jemma. For a boy, Jackson u can call him Jack, or Jaxs,that way u can stick with the j theme as a part of the family. Another 2 names if it is a girl is Daisy and Sophie.

  9. Avatar Of Karla



    that pup looks like a milo to me!

  10. Avatar Of Erika Gesue

    Erika Gesue


    Did he adopt the puppy or buy it? I’m interested to know.

  11. Avatar Of Mary Ferrell

    mary ferrell


    Duncan for a male, Millie for a girl

  12. Avatar Of Mennis



    Mennis is short for Dennis the Mennis. You will find this new puppy will be into everything but you will love it no matter what. Mom had one as a puppy and now I have it and she is so full of live and wants lots and lots of attention.

  13. Avatar Of Richard Greene

    richard greene



  14. Avatar Of Karenl



    Gunner for a male. Angel for a female.

  15. Avatar Of Joanne Hyduck Hopkins

    JoAnne Hyduck Hopkins


    Hope for a female and Tanner for a male!

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