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Meet the Newest Obama: Bo Gets a Little Sister Named Sunny!

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The Obama’s have welcomed a new family member into the White House! Meet Bo’s little sister, Sunny!

Sunny, a Portuguese Water Dog like big brother Bo, was born in June of last year in Michigan and arrived at the White House on Monday.

According to the announcement on WhiteHouse.gov,

Sunny is the perfect little sister for Bo – full of energy and very affectionate – and the First Family picked her name because it fit her cheerful personality.

Though Bo is present for many functions, including visiting children in area hospitals, meeting visitors to the White House, and hosting the Easter Egg Roll, First Lady Michelle Obama admitted last October that he simply doesn’t get enough interaction with other dogs.

As you can see from the video below, Bo and little sister Sunny have become fast friends!

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  1. Avatar Of Mary Millard

    Mary Millard


    Three years ago, we welcomed Star, a Portuguese Water Dog like her brother Skipper, into our home for the very same reason – what a difference it has made!

  2. Avatar Of N. Crawford

    N. Crawford


    Sunny is a beautiful “pup” (approximately 14 months old)! I just hope they have her spay and that Bo is neutered! We don’t need anymore puppies, in this world, that may need to euthanized! I wish Bo and Sunny a very happy, long life together! From Canada!

  3. Avatar Of Karen Danner

    Karen Danner


    Please tell both White House dogs have been spayed/neutered. They are beautiful dogs but I hope our President and his family are setting the best example possible for Americans by NOT allowing these dogs to procreate.

  4. Avatar Of Joan Dotterer

    Joan Dotterer


    Sunny looks like she will more than double the Love for the First Family. She truly looks like a special addition to their loving family. Best wishes for many years with your two special fur-babies!

  5. Avatar Of Judy



    I am disappointed that the Obama’s didn’t get a RESCUE dog like it was suggested when they first brought up the topic of getting a dog. I guess a more expensive trained dog was more appropriate for a president.
    I foster dogs and I have the perfect dog for them. She is a 9 year old puppy mill survivor, chinese crest powderpuff dog with 3 legs. She is terrifed of people, but would get along great with BO. The money that was spent to get Sunny could have paid to help this little girl get over her fears. She doesn’t know what toys are and after 4 months of me laying on the floor, very still, waiting for her to come to me, she finally did it. She has overcome her fear of me and is socializing with my other 3 fosters and my own 2 dogs. One is a rescue dog. I am just a dog lover with no training to help these throw a way dogs. I just have lots of love for them.
    The Puppy mill dog I have came from OHIO. I live in Canada.
    My message is this..If the Obama’s won’t get a Rescue dog, at least STOP THE PUPPY MILLS…Make the laws really really tough.

  6. Avatar Of Cheryl Reese

    Cheryl Reese


    Let me be the first to wish Sunny a big Congratulations for becoming a First Dog…..or would he be called a Second Dog? Anyway, she is just adorable and I’m sure Bo will love the company! And congratulations to the Obama family on their new dog!

  7. Avatar Of Jan



    Very cute! I do hope that they spayed and neutered them!

  8. Avatar Of Donna



    I can not believe the hateful comments on Facebook. With all the horror stories we read about dogs, one would think everyone would be happy that a dog has a wonderful home but they are so nasty because it is the Presidents dog. They are the very ones who blab how much they love dogs. I will reaffirm that I love my dog more than most humans. I’m so happy for Sunny and that Bo has a playmate!

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