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The Guinness World Records 2024 Features Some Of The Most Mind-Blowing Records Set By Dogs

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The Guinness World Records 2024 edition has been released and features a total of 2,638 mind-blowing achievements from around the world. 

Now in its 68th year of publication, the Guinness World Records has documented the world’s most extraordinary achievements, from the quirky and peculiar to astonishing feats that amaze, delight and inspire.

For this year’s theme, the Guinness World Records takes us under the sea and across the deep, blue ocean, with an emphasis on the natural world, as well as the latest and most astounding successes in music, TV, and sports.

Craig Glenday, Editor-in-Chief, said, “We’ve been inspired by our Blue Planet to celebrate a number of underwater records – including those set by the most impressive marine creatures, the most adventurous sailors, and even the most acrobatic mermaids!

“But, as ever, we’ve covered the widest possible spectrum of record-breaking, from the hairiest humans to the most talented guinea pigs, to the fastest roller coasters, and the best-selling manga to the most celebrated athletes,” he continued.

But not only that! The 2024 edition also features some record-breaking milestones from ‘Man’s Best Friend’.

Whether it be a show-stopping skill or a unique attribute, dogs, regardless of shape, size, and breed, have been featured in the Guinness World Records.

This year, the following dogs have made their hoomans proud and have earned a spot in the 2024 edition of the Guinness World Records:

  • Fastest 10m on a scooter by a dog and cat (Bengal cat Sashimi and Boston Terrier Lollipop)
  • Most basketball slam dunks by a dog in one minute (Border Collie Leonard Lee & his trainer Teresa Hanula)
  • Longest eyelashes on a dog (17.8cm/7in belong to Newfypoo named Coco)
  • Most consecutive medical samples identified by dogs (a group of 5 Labradors and retrievers from Charity Medical Detection Dogs in the UK correctly sniffed 24 samples including COVID, Parkinson’s, and prostate cancer)
  • Longest time aloft for a flying disc caught by a dog (Davy the Whippet, thrown by Rob McLeod. Rob and Davy already held the longest distance record)
  • Most dogs in a conga line (Wolfgang Lauenburger led a column of 14 uprights wunder-hunds Emma, Filou, Fin, Simon, Susy, Maya, Ulf, Speck, Bibi, Katie, Jennifer, Elvis, Charly and Cathy)
  • Maya also set the record for most rollovers in one minute and most spins in 30 seconds
  • Shortest dog (Pearl a 2-year-old Chihuahua, 9.14cm/3.59in tall from paw to shoulder; relative of Milly who previously held the record)
  • Farthest jump by a dog (Sounders a 7-year-old whippet leapt 36 feet 6 inches into a dock diving pool)

Furthermore, a few other pooches we previously featured on Dogington Post rightfully earned their spots on The Guinness World Records 2024 as well.

Zoey, the former record holder for the “Longest tongue on a dog“, who has a licker measuring 12.7cm or 5 inches long, made it to the 2024 edition. The pocket-sized Pearl, aka the “World’s shortest dog“, which measures 9.14 cm or 3.59 inches in height also earned a spot in the book.

Glenday calls the 2024 edition “the best edition yet” and said, “The GWR2024 edition is the product of a year in which nearly 30,000 applications were reviewed by our records managers. Only a small percentage of claims have made it through the selection process, so the 2,638 records featured in the book really are the cream of this year’s crop.

The Guinness World Records 2024 is available for purchase in stores and online. You can easily buy it on Amazon here:

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Guinness World Records 2024 Guinness World Records 2024 $15.69Amazon Prime

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