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Murder Suspect Apprehended – All Thanks to a Heroic Family Dog!

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Adra Wilson was upstairs in her Atlanta home on Monday when her normally quiet Bulldog began barking frantically.

She told WMAZ13 that she knew something was terribly wrong, as her dog only barks when it’s serious. Then, she heard someone breaking into her house.

It turns out, the man that broke into the Wilson home had just fled from police a mile down the road where he’d just murdered a woman in her own home. Hoping to escape arrest, the violent offender ducked into Adra’s home – and that’s where he met the heroic dog.

The dog kept the murderer at bay while Adra called 911 from an upstairs phone where she was told to stay put until help arrived.

Meanwhile, the four-legged hero continued barking – and even got a few bites in on the intruder – eventually forcing the man into the home’s basement where police were able to apprehend him.

“Who knows what would have happened if he’d gotten upstairs?” said Eric Wilson, Adra’s husband. “They say the dog bit him a couple of times, just kept him at bay.”

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