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MUST SEE VIDEO: Dog Teaches Baby How to Jump

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When baby girl, Alexis, had a little trouble learning to use the jolly jumper, her four-legged fur-brother, Dakota, showed her how it’s done – much to the squealing baby’s delight!

The adorably hilarious video shows Dakota, a red Border Collie – who just so happens to love chasing shadows, bouncing and leaping right in front of Alexis while she’s learning to use the jumper.

Watching Dakota, or “Day” as he’s nicknamed, hopping around was just the instruction baby Ally needed. In no time at all, the pair were jumping together!

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  1. Avatar Of Blanca Maldonado

    Blanca Maldonado


    Love it !the best

  2. Avatar Of Maxi



    poor dog… he does not teach the kid, he has some serious issues with the shadows and lights. that is not normal. 🙁

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