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MUST SEE VIDEO: Senior Golden Retriever Snuggles Baby Chicks

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One photographer is showing the world that senior dogs are just as precious as puppies.

Photographer Candice Sedighan’s favorite subject to shoot (and we can see why!) is her 11-year old Golden Retriever, Champ. An avid animal lover, Candice recently had the opportunity to foster a clutch of baby chicks in her home until they are placed in a community college’s veterinary program farm where they’ll live out long, healthy lives.

Seems Champ really took a liking to the babies, and they to him.

In a recent Facebook post, Candice said,

As if you need any more confirmation that my boy is ever so gentle. This happened.

This didn’t happen overnight, however. There was an incident years ago when my parakeet got loose in the house and Champ “caught it” for me, resulting in an emergency visit to the vet and some stitches for the poor bird. With years of training and our ever growing trust, here he is with some baby chicks. The chicks seemed to really like to burrow in his fur for some extra warmth! They do have a 250 watt lamp in their enclosure for warmth also for when they don’t have a warm fuzzy Golden to snuggle up to!

Follow Candice and Champ on Instagram at @candiceandchamp or on Facebook by clicking here.

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