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Netflix Announces Season Three of ‘House of Dogs’

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House Of Dogs

When season two ended in House of Dogs, Frank Underwoof had just replaced Bo as the First Dog. His behind the scenes maneuvering tricked Bo into ordering dog food from China.

Bo’s number one supporter, Mr. Fang from China concealed from Bo the source of the dog food.  Naively trusting his good friend, Raydog Tusk, Bo ignored the pleadings of dog food owners everywhere.

Meanwhile, Freddie opened a new restaurant called House of Dogs.  It was opened only to dogs with a pedigree and served the finest southern still ribs around.

Frank Underwoof’s assistant, Dog, was trying behind the scenes trying to stop Congressmen forcing Freddie to open his restaurant to all dogs.

Having left the White House, Bo discovered the treachery of Frank and his eating at Freddies without inviting him.  Bo secretly approaches his friends on Capitol Hill and forces them to accompany him to the restaurant (after secretly threatening to poop on the office rugs).

Just when it looks like there is going to be a confrontation.  Walter Dog shows up on the scene from the series Barking Bad.  Frank tells him that he’s in the wrong show but Walt reveals his secret formula for turning dog poop into Chinese jerky treats.  “Hey, it’s the same ingredients. I just thought I’d make it more appealing.”

Walt and Frank agree to join forces in Season Three making the wait until next year extremely difficult for House of Dog fans.

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