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Occupy The Dog Bowl

Everyone is occupying everything these days.

Wall Street – already occupied.

Seattle – get in line.

Washington D.C. – of course.

The slogan used is “we are the 99%”.

Well today I’m starting a movement of dogs all over the world.

It’s called Occupy The Dog Bowl.

It means we dogs are taking over what our dog parents put in our bowls.

We won’t be put off with designer bowls.

It’s what goes IN to our bowls that counts.

Our movement is everywhere.

Everyone is a leader and spokes dog.

And we all demand the following:

1. the immediate banning of dry kibble

2. we insist on human grade dog food. If you wouldn’t feed it to your human children, don’t feed it to us.

3. we’d like a cocktail with our dinner. (This one isn’t as important but those little umbrellas look cute to play with.)

4. we insist that dog food manufacturers use only USA produced products.

Now those are our demands.

And there’s one more.

That’s right. We want our own flat screen TV featuring reruns of Lassie.

These are our demands.

Honor them or we take the streets.


If you support Occupy the Dog Bowl, please click the LIKE button below.

It helps my low self-esteem.

“They like me. They really like me!”


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