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Paris Hilton Buys $13,000 Pomeranian Puppy

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The $13,000 Pomeranian Purchased By Paris Hilton Via Betty'S Teacup Yorkies.
The $13,000 Pomeranian purchased by Paris Hilton via Betty’s Teacup Yorkies.

It’s so very frustrating when a celebrity not only misses a huge opportunity to advocate for animal rescue, but also goes far off the deep end in the opposite direction.

Such was the case on Friday when Paris Hilton plunked down five figures for a Pomeranian puppy from a breeder in Calgary who not only breeds her own pricey pups, but also connects buyers with high-end breeders out of Korea, which is reportedly where Hilton’s new baby, a 5-month old Pomeranian origincally named Mr. Amazing, was shipped in from.

Hilton has tasked fans with helping her rename the tiny pup who stands only about one-and-a-half inches tall.

Think Paris’ extravagant puppy purchase won’t cause a spike in lavish puppy sales? Just moments after the star tweeted about her new puppy, the breeder’s website crashed as a result of the influx of traffic.

The breeder, Joanne Pauze of Betty’s Teacup Yorkies, is already in talks with Hilton about purchasing more puppies, including one of her own tiny Yorkies.

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  1. Avatar Of Lieta Lieta says:

    – Betty’s teacup yorkies SCAM!! Lies!! –
    Betty’s Yorkies started dealing majorly with Lieta last year (2014).
    By reselling Lieta puppies, Joanne Pedram (owner of betty’s yokies) starting making lots of sales and was able to grow big and gained popularity. She was selling many puppies due to very high demand after selling to a celebrity and was requesting many shipments without paying them in full; saying she cannot send too much money overseas due to tax reasons and can only pay graudually.
    Since we thought of her as a good business partner and also a friend, we trusted her and sent many puppies thinking she will pay us but we were wrong.
    When we requested to clear balance last month, she refused to pay them all (only paid portion of the bill) and was telling us many lies. Few days ago, she posting on her facebook notifying she changed the breeder, blocked us from all her social media and messenger, and started buying puppies from a pet store who deals wih puppy mills.

    Betty’s Yorkies only think of puppies as tool to make money. She never sincerely cares for her clients or dogs happiness. She refers her clients as “rich dumb followers”! When the puppy gets sick at clients home, she tells them not to bring the puppy to the vet because she is afraid her clients might think she sold sick dogs and don’t want any bad reviews posted online. Some puppies were left untreated and died without a single vet visit. How can a person be so cruel to innocent puppies?
    She just says she can give new puppy and demands replacement from us.
    What does Betty’s Yorkies do in the middle then?
    Make tons of money brokering puppies and just sit and collect money?
    90% of what Betty’s Yorkies told us was lies. She made so many rumours and pretending she did nothing.
    If you’ve ever tried your best to help/work with someone but later was so regretful of your work, you might understand how we feel now.

    We do not wish to work with Betty’s yorkies anymore. Ever since we realized she was lying and is careless for puppies but only money, we did not want to.
    We told her to work with whoever she wishes as we do not care but pay of what she owes before dealing with others but now, she is telling us and also others that she owes nothing to us.

    We tried our best to raise these pupies so they can all go to new family but Betty’s yorkies was thinking totally different as what we thought she was.
    She never loved puppies; she only loved money our puppies brought to her.
    It was very stressful and disapointing but we are glad we finally know the truth now.
    We are writing this as we cannot forgive her for scamming us and wish there are no more victims from now on.
    We wanted all true animal lovers to know the truth about Betty’s Yorkies and Joanne Pedram shoud be shameful of herself.

    Betty’s Yorkies probably is busy selling puppies with her lies at this moment too.
    All written above are all true and you can see/compare most of puppies Betty’s yorkies sold are from our website.


  2. Avatar Of Mike Mike says:

    $13,000 for a designer dog. When 3.4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the US each year because they don’t have a home. The rich an famous who could be a role model for adoption, just don’t get it. These are the same vain people who wear fur, but pay $13,000 for one dog. So she smiles and another few hundred dogs and cats today will die. This is going to happen regardless what the rich and famous do. But if they could use their wealth and be advocate for the many who have no voice, what a difference the world would be. I should point out there are many rich and famous who are animal advocates. PH could learn from them. But I doubt she would understand, since it all about her.

  3. Avatar Of Kaedyn Wessel

    Kaedyn Wessel


    I agree name should be my mommy is a stupid & thoughtless person.

  4. Avatar Of Mary



    As for a name suggestion – My Mommy is Stupid.

  5. Avatar Of Mary



    I wouldn’t do anything that Paris Hilton did. I can’t imagine people flocking to pay $13,000 for a puppy that is bred so small it is likely to have all kinds of health problems. I’ll take a rescue dog any time.

  6. Avatar Of Peter



    Paris Hilton doesn’t advocate for anything other than herself.

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