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Pit Bull Comes to the Rescue of Two Other Dogs Being Forced to Fight

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When Shawn and Hope Starry’s pit bull, Chance, began barking and wimpering late on Wednesday night, the sleeping couple knew something must be terribly wrong.

When they couldn’t find an intruder, and no one was at the door, they began looking out windows to find what could possibly have Chance to concerned. What they found was appalling.

When Shawn Starry looked out the kitchen window, he spotted two men in an alley near his backyard, forcing two dogs to fight to the death.

The Starry’s immediately called Freeport, Illinois police who arrived at the scene moments later.

While police attempted to break up the fighting dogs, Cahill Brown, the man in charge of the dog fight, decided to flee. Once the dogs were safely separated and in police custody, Brown was found and arrested.

Deputy Chief Jeff Mastroianni says that although the Starry’s dialed 911, it was Chance who deserves the credit for alerting the family to the dog fight and leading to the arrest of a dog fighter.

“If anybody deserves a medal it’s Chance, because he’s given two other dogs their life back and he’s taken a bite out crime,” Mastroianni told WIFR News.

Both dogs involved in the fight were taken to Freeport Animal Hospital and are expected to be ok. They will remain in the custody of animal control until an investigation is complete after which, they’ll hopefully be available for adoption.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. I’d vote to give that Chance a medal for sure

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