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Rescued Dog Becomes the Rescuer, Saves Family From Fire

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Teddy was rescued after being found alone and starving in a state park.  Now, just one year later, he returned the favor by rescuing his family from a fire that devastated their Livonia, New York home.

Teddy always stayed downstairs, so at 2:30am on Monday when Kelly Sewert awoke to find him standing at her bedside, she immediately knew something was wrong. That’s when she smelled smoke.

She woke her fiance, William Venzandt who ran downstairs to find the livingroom ceiling on fire. The pair quickly grabbed their two children and Teddy and ran outside.

Just moments later, the entire house was engulfed in flames.

The fire, which started at the home’s fireplace, completely destroyed the home. Vanzandt told ABC News that the home is a “total loss” and will have to be torn down.

Though the family has lost their home and everything in it, they are happy to be alive and credit Teddy with saving their lives.

“He’s a God send,” they said.

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