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Rescued Dog Returns the Favor and Rescues Infant

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A Portland, Connecticut dog that once spent his days and nights in a shelter is now being credited with saving the life of his forever family’s infant daughter.

The Brousseau family adopted Duke from a local shelter, saving his life and giving him the loving home he deserved. Now, nearly 6 years later, Duke returned the favor, by saving the life of their 9-week old infant daughter, Harper.

WFSB News reported that on Sunday night, after Jenna Brousseau and her husband had settled into bed for the night, their “insanely obedient” dog jumped up onto the bed and began shaking uncontrollably, alerting the couple that something was wrong.

The Brousseaus could tell by Duke’s bizarre behavior that there was a problem, so they got out of bed to check the house. When they got to their daughter’s room, they found the infant in bed, not breathing.

Because of Duke’s tenacity, paramedics arrived at the Brousseau home in time to revive the baby. Harper is now alive and well, thanks to the heroism of one very special shelter dog.

The Brousseaus are sharing their story in hopes of inspiring more families to visit shelters and adopt their very own hero.

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  1. Avatar Of Dan



    Made my day!

  2. Avatar Of Susie Lynn

    Susie Lynn


    A rescue dog knows that you are saving their life, its just that simple. When I rescued my Abby, I was having alot of trouble with depression. Lots of thoughts of suicide. The day I brought her home, my world changed. We have become inseparable. Since I dont work, we’re together 24/7. She minds like no other dog I have ever had. I take her everywhere with me, except of course in the summer time. I can let go of her leash when we get back to our apartment and she runs right to our door. Smart, obedient and loving. I urge anyone and everyone to adopt from a shelter, especially a kill shelter. The reward is undescribable.

  3. Avatar Of Connie Ricketts

    Connie Ricketts


    He is an amazing dog to be able to sense that the baby was in trouble! I miss my Sammy who looked almost identical to him – sort of a small german shepherd mix. She stayed by myself when I was getting chemo. She was about 13 years old when she died the following year.

  4. Avatar Of Renee



    How awesome! beautiful dog. how old is he? he looks just like my dog who is 10 (almost 11). i wonder if it could be her brother? there were 11 pups in her litter.

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