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Rhode Island Police Officer Didn’t Hesitate Facing Danger to Rescue Tiny Dog

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Peggy Edwards/Facebook
Peggy Edwards/Facebook

On Saturday, dog lover Peggy Edwards spotted a tiny pup running alongside the road. When a passing car spooked the Yorkie, she ran deep into a nearby tunnel to hide.

“She was stuck about 20-25 feet in and was clinging to the side. We tried to help but were afraid of scaring her further in.”

Peggy called the Woonsocket, Rhode Island Police and Fire Departments who sent Officer Joe Brazil to the scene. Without a moment of hesitation, Officer Brazil stripped off his shoes, rolled up his pants and went into the dark tunnel to rescue the tiny dog clinging for dear life.

“With all the negatives people post and say about police, I thought we should see a positive moment. It may not seem like much to most people but it meant a lot to us and to that scared little dog, it made a world of difference as certain death was at the end of that tunnel,” Edwards posted to Facebook.

Thank you Officer Brazil!

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