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Scuba Divers Rescue Dog Spotted Several Miles Offshore

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There are countless reasons SCUBA divers gear up and head out into the open water. One of the most exhilarating among them is coming face-to-face with unique and unexpected sea life – sea turtles, sharks, dolphins, dogs – wait, what?

A group of divers were several miles off the coast of Belize’s Pompion Caye, hoping for an incredible day of diving. While heading out to a dive spot, it’s common to see dolphins or buoys bobbing in the water, but when one of the divers spotted a dog swimming alone in the Caribbean Sea, the group were immediately guaranteed a unique dive trip!

It took several attempts, but the divers were eventually able to pull the frightened and exhausted dog onboard to safety.

But, the incredible story gets even more amazing! The dive trip was part of the International Gay and Lesbian SCUBA Jamboree, an annual event to raise funds for Diving For Life, a charitable organization that supports the health concerns of the GLBTT community. Among those onboard that day was a veterinarian and another diver who happened to have a collar and leash in their gear bag!

Divers said that the dog was frightened and in shock at first, avoiding the divers and shivering, but by the time they made it back to Placencia, he’d won the entire group over.

The Placencia Humane Society searched for more than a week for the dog’s owner, but when no one stepped forward to claim him, two divers from the fated dive trip adopted him.

The fortunate pup was aptly named Lucky.

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