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The Problem Being The Coolest Dog on the Internet

I’m confused and I need your help.

Lots and lots of folks know me as The Coolest Dog on the Internet.

And they get the idea that if they send me their products to review, it would be good for their business for me to say something good about their products.

For example: The product endorsed by The Coolest Dog on the Internet.

And everyone goes and buys their product.

Now as a dog, I just love everybody.

And I don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

But sometimes the products they send me…

Well, they aren’t very good.

Like the dog puzzle I was asked to review.

I put them in front of a little puppy and watched.

You put snacks inside a ball and the puppy was supposed to position the ball in such a way that they could get to the snacks.

Well, the poor little puppy tried and tried and couldn’t figure it out.

It barked at the toy but they snack didn’t come out.

It rolled the toy but nothing happened.

After about 10 minutes, it got scared of the toy and abandoned it – never to return.

Or the other puzzle with lots of pieces.

The puppy had to find the snacks under the pieces.

It began to chew on the pieces and ruined them the first time she played with the puzzle.

Now do I want to tell the truth about these products and say:

The Coolest Dog on the Internet says these products stink?

But then I might hurt the feelings of the people who made them.

And I don’t like to hurt peoples’ feelings.

Especially people who make things for dogs.

So what do you think?

Tell me in the comments space below.

You HAVE to help me.

This is driving me crazy.




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