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The Rescued Becomes the Rescuer! Dog Saves Elderly Man’s Life

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When an elderly Arizona man fell down in his backyard and called for help, it was his neighbor’s adopted dog that came to the rescue!

Jim Treece, 88, of Sun City, Arizona was doing yardwork when he stumbled and fell onto some rocks in his backyard. Laying bruised and helpless on the searing rocks, Treece called for help. But, only his neighbor’s new dog, Chips, a shelter dog that had been previously abused and abandoned before being adopted by Treece’s neighbor, could hear his cries.

Chips heard his neighbor’s cries for help and began whining and barking until his owner, Bonnie Dodson, checked to see what all the commotion was about. Chips led Dodson outside and straight to Treece, who was now being burned by the rocks laying out in the 105-degree Arizona heat.

Dodson called 911 and together, she and Chips kept Treece company until help arrived. Had it not been for Chips’ relentless barks alerting his owner, it’s quite possible that Treece could have suffered severe injuries, even death, from falling down and the summer heat.

And, once again, the rescued becomes the rescuer!

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  1. Avatar Of Canine Paws Abilities



    Time for a teeth cleaning, you think? The neighbor could pay for it! 🙂

  2. Avatar Of Canine Paws Abilities



    Good for him… Dogs are always in the right place and the right time! I think it’s time for the neighbor to save a shelter ‘baby’ now and adopt one that can visit with his rescuer. Pay it forward, 🙂

  3. Avatar Of Betty



    God bless rescue dogs!!! I have rescued dogs for over 30yrs. They’re the best and most loving pets.. they’re FAMILY!!!

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