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The Search for Darla, a Young Boy’s Missing Therapy Dog

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You can see photos of Darla and the Myers family in this video from Fox 8 in Cleveland.

Anyone with information about Darla should contact the Stark County Humane Society at (330) 453-5529.

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  1. Avatar Of Cynthia



    hope he finds Darla

  2. Avatar Of No Name

    No name


    I stumbled across this today march 17th, 2013..
    My girl friend and I bought a house, (in the area, in November 2012) and wanted a German shepherd. On January 16th, we got a female from the canton pound.
    she was a prominently 7 mouths old, German shepherd.
    She also is Darla. the pictures look identical, To my new dog.
    Also I got her from the pound just weeks after.
    she was in the pound about a week before I got her.

    In conclusions, I believe I own your lost dog now.
    Don’t worry shes at a great new home.

  3. Avatar Of Sunshine100



    Within one year, here in Washington DC metro area, thieves took, or found and kept, police dogs. If you can’t keep a police dog safe from thieves, who can? So, please don’t beat yourself up. Dogs are dogs and act like dogs do–run & run & run. Here in northern VA, a person’s dog was missing and he set up a webpage specifically focused on his dog including a photo. Everybody who responded to his website was linked to those who had read the webpage. Reading the links was almost like listening to a police radio. Dog was found on 3rd day (in woods) about 1 mile from home.

  4. Avatar Of Linda Cooper

    Linda Cooper


    I think that it should be a huge fine and felony to take a therapy dog!

  5. Avatar Of Shannon Jones

    Shannon jones


    There is a gorgeous Shepard at the mobile shelter that looks an awful lot like her please check!!

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