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Tips On Leaving Your Dog While You’re On Vacation

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Taking a vacation provides a lot of mental and health benefits. It improves your mood and reduces stress. Going out for the holidays is fun, but sometimes, as dog owners, you can’t bring your pets with you on certain trips. 

No matter how much we leave the house, dogs still have a hard time adjusting to being alone. They have a sense of time and can tell when their owners are gone for a very long time. A trip where you can’t carry your pet with you requires good planning to make sure your dog is happy and safe while you’re traveling. Keep reading to know how you can keep your trips worry-free! 

Reduce Separation Anxiety

Reduce Separation Anxiety

Leave them with comfort items like your shirt or blanket to help ease their separation anxiety. It smells like you and gives them that familiar, comforting feeling. Provide chew toys and treats to distract the dogs from your absence. You can try managing their emotions by preparing them early before your trip. Start with a few minutes’ absence and slowly increase the time you are out of your dog’s sight. 

Find A Sitter

Find The Right Sitter

Leaving your dog with someone they already know minimizes the adjustment needed to be made. Ask for help from trusted friends, family, and neighbors. Leave detailed instructions on routines and emergency contacts. Pack their belongings, including treats, toys, dog bowls, beds, blankets, grooming kits, and medications. If there is no available friend or family member to dogsit, hire a reliable pet sitter. Schedule interviews and make sure you check with their references. Give your contact information for emergencies and regularly check in with calls or video chats for updates. Dogs that have a high energy level may require a boarding facility. It can be more expensive than a sitter, but they can provide the proper care your dog needs. 

Update Your Dog S Id

Update Your Dog’s ID

It can be scary to think of your dog running away while you’re not anywhere near him. But prevention is always good. Update the details on your dog’s tag and microchip just in case trouble happens. Include any medical conditions that your dog has. Nowadays, some owners use QR codes or URLs on the tags for easy access on their phones. Do not cancel your trip and get anxious about the possibility of your dog escaping or getting lost. This may not even happen, but it is essential to update the information on the tag. 

Keep Goodbye S Short 1

Don’t Linger on Goodbyes

Think of it as going to work or doing your other daily outside activities. Giving long goodbyes can make your dog feel anxious. It is truly an uneasy thing to do, but whatever emotions you feel, your dog can easily pick them up too. Keep your goodbyes short and enjoy your trip. By the time you are back from your vacation, you can share your excitement about seeing each other again.

These tips ensure an enjoyable vacation even if you’re away from your loving dog. Are you now ready to plan that trip? 

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