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Veteran Desperate to Find Stolen Therapy Dog

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A United States veteran that served in Iraq has been desperately searching for the love of his life, an Australian Shepard/Blue Heeler Mix named Adalida, for the past 40 days.


Sgt. Kenneth Chambers last saw his beloved therapy dog when he was playing Frisbee with her in the parking lot of a Jacksonville grocery store while his mother shopped inside. As she finished shopping, Chambers placed his dog in the car, with the windows down, to step inside and help his mother bag and check out. He was only away for a few minutes and when he returned Adalida was gone. Chambers told First Coast News, “She definitely did not run off,” he said. “Someone stole her from me.”

Chambers created a Facebook page to spread the word about his missing dog. He told reporters, “I love her with every bit of life and every bit of love. I’m going to put up every picture and video I can for more people to be able to see her from every angle.”

Chambers is offering a $1000 reward for Adalida’s return. He says he simply wants his dog back, will not press charges, no questions asked.

Please watch the video below and, if you have any information about this dearly missed therapy dog, contact Chambers through his Facebook page above.

Please, also take a moment to reflect on the mistakes made in this situation. A dog should never be left alone in a vehicle (especially in the Florida summer heat), or left alone in a public place without supervision – if only for a moment. We sincerely hope for Adalida’s safe return.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Paul Fisher

    Paul Fisher


    It is a shame that we have thes veterans that volunteer to go over and fight a war that they did not create and come home with wounds, some with just severe Mental wounds that are much harder to cure and a have a dog as a friend can go much farther towards helping to cure that Veteran, and for someone to take their dog can set them back greatly. May that person see their light of day and return the dog so that Veteran can get on with his medical cure after helping keep us Free.

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