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VIDEO: 2-Legged Boxer’s First Trip to the Beach is PAW-some!

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Someone forgot to tell this amazing fella that he’s only got 2 legs!

Duncan Lou Who originally made headlines after being born with severely deformed back legs that required groundbreaking amputation. Panda Paws Rescue, the organization that cared for and raised the now 9-month old pup explained, “He has a wheel chair, but can’t stand to use it. So we let him be free and just walk on his two legs.”

He doesn’t just walk, either – he runs! Just as fast as any 4-legged dog, with just as much carefree bliss.

Just watch him go in the video below, taken during Duncan’s very first trip to the beach. Something tells us he’ll be going back again, soon and often!

Duncan Lou Who is an inspiration. A testament to the pure joy life can be if you don’t let limitations hold you back. And, to the amazing spirit of a dog given a chance at a loved life.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, to Panda Paws Rescue for giving Duncan (and dozens more) the life he deserves.

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  1. Avatar Of Katherine



    Dogs have no clue how to waste time wallowing in self pity! Just enjoying life to the fullest in every moment! Little guy is an inspiration, we can all learn from this.

  2. Avatar Of Deannfgans



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  3. Avatar Of Mary D

    Mary D


    I think he looks awesome and they do put on more weight as they get older. He is amazing at how he gets around. Thanks to the people who resued him. At some point I, myself, would consider a wheelchair type device for his back end as he may develop arthritis in his spine or front legs from the weight he will gain as he matures. Anyways, what a great pup…..

  4. Avatar Of Ruth Slocum

    Ruth Slocum


    Before anyone gets too upset about his weight, please consider that he is also just a PUP. They do not usually fill out until they are older. In the meantime, he looks so happy and is all around awesome!

  5. Avatar Of Rebecca Cramer

    Rebecca Cramer


    Anyone think how difficult it would be for a fat dog to run around on two legs? Maybe it’s better for him to stay a bit on the thin side for his mobility. And you probably can see his bones easier because he doesn’t have very developed muscles anywhere behind his front legs, because lets face it, there’s not a lot going on back there! He looks happy and healthy to me!

  6. Avatar Of Deetoo



    amazing how folks are so focus on the weight. the majority of people seem to equate love with food. It is dangerous for both people and dogs to be overweight and it effects their movements and longevity. I have had dogs, same breed, same size and feed them the same or more and they will be thin, and that is what every one sees. We want our dogs to be fat like us, when all the reseach shows we all do better slightly underweight.

    This pup looks happy and energetic, that is the sign of health. Not body fat.

  7. Avatar Of Mary Capaccio

    Mary Capaccio


    It brings tears to my eyes to see this precious little baby enjoying himself. My heart breaks for all these beautiful animals that need homes. If every person would just open their hearts and let just one of God’s creatures into their home what joy and unconditional love they would feel for a lifetime.

  8. Avatar Of Cheryl Reese

    Cheryl Reese


    I agree about the too thin comments. While it is amazing that he gets around as well as he does, I still like to see a bit more weight on him. Does he just use up a lot calories running on just his front legs? Hopefully some with personal knowledge about this dog will comment on that.

    But a great big thumbs up to that dog!

  9. Avatar Of Diane



    He has found his forever home with this rescuer. I suspect he is kept thin on purpose so as to not put undue pressure on his joints. The health of his front legs is essential to his freedom. He is not being starved, I am sure of that.

  10. The boxer is absolutely amazing. Seems only two legs has not slowed him down one bit. He is so thin though, his ribs are showing. Is he being fed properly?

    I just cannot believe how this precious dog has shown he can do with 2 legs when some dogs need 4. God bless that precious boy and hopefully he is adopted to a caring loving home & will take him to the beach or parks.


    • Avatar Of Kim Roberts

      Kim Roberts


      I think he looks awfully thin too, but he sure is a precious pup! Praying he finds his wonderful human family to love on him.

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