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VIDEO: Hero Dog Saves Choking Owner’s Life

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Home alone and choking on her dinner, Candace Lines would certainly not be alive today if not for the quick action of her four-legged hero, a German Shepherd named Samantha.

“I was eating a piece of chicken and all of a sudden it got stuck in my throat and I was gasping for air, ” Lines explained to ABC6 News of Rhode Island.

That’s when Samantha sprung into action. The 8-year old dog somehow knew to press a button on the emergency alert system installed in the Lines’ home to prevent burglary. When the security company called the home, Candace, unable to breathe and beginning to lose consciousness, could not speak, but Samantha barked repeatedly and help was immediately dispatched to the home.

When emergency crews arrived, they found Lines lying on the floor, just seconds from choking to death. Samantha sat quietly and let them help, watching the entire time.

“Thank god my dog saved my life because if she wasn’t here I probably would have been dead, ” admitted Lines.

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  2. Avatar Of Joan



    kudos also to the security company~

  3. Avatar Of Judith Judith says:

    I’ve been posting lately “They know, they know, they know” The animals just KNOW!!! I keep seeing it over and over again on facebook.

  4. Avatar Of Esther Esther says:

    German Shepard dogs are very smart. I love GSD they are such intelligent and beautiful dogs…

  5. Avatar Of Lenora King

    Lenora King


    who said they are less intelligent than what is passing for humans.

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