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Vote in the Dogington Post Awards: Best Raw Dog Food

“This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.”

As part of a larger initiative to educate dog owners on proper nutrition, effective training, and other ways to raise a happy and healthy dog, the Dogington Post is reviewing products, toys, foods, treats, and rescue organizations in our first annual Dogington Post Awards Program!

Each week, we’ll present the nominees in a particular category. And, YOU, our readers, will have an opportunity to weigh-in on your favorites, to help us choose a winner!

Nominees from each category for the Dogington Post Award have been selected based on strict criteria including dedication to animal health and welfare, providing the very best quality ingredients, and dedication to improving the lives of our dogs.

This week, we’re presenting the nominees for Best Raw Dog Food!

With a raw diet, as important as what’s IN the food is what’s left OUT of it. We only nominated brands that are free of preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, unhealthy grains and fillers, choosing only brands that provide wholesome, natural, whole raw foods for our pets.

Dogington Post’s Best Raw Dog Food nominees are:

1. Stella & Chewy’s

On the advice of her veterinarian, Marie Moody, the founder and president of Stella & Chewy’s began feeding her ailing dog with a raw meat diet at home. After vast improvements in Chewy’s health and vitality, Marie sought to make a commercially available product as good as what she was making at home.

Stella & Chewy’s natural raw dinners are available in a variety of mouthwatering flavors like Stella’s Super Beef, Chewy’s Chicken, Duck Duck Goose, Dandy Lamb, Surf ‘N Turf, and more in both frozen and dehydrated versions. With an ingredient list that reads like your own healthy grocery list, Stella & Chewy’s uses only naturally-raised meats from USDA-inspected facilities, organic fruits and veggies, and healthful probiotics, essential vitamins, and minerals. They leave out all the stuff your dog doesn’t need, like grains, fillers, preservatives, and colorings.

What’s more, Stella & Chewy’s makes feeding raw more convenient than ever before with already-portioned disks – just thaw and feed! Or, if you’re feeding raw on-the-go, grab a pouch of their freeze-dried food and just add water. In addition to providing top-notch nutrition for our dogs, Stella & Chewy’s is dedicated to pet welfare and the humane treatment of animals through a myriad of charitable donations.

To learn more about Stella & Chewy’s or to learn where to buy, visit www.stellaandchewys.com.

2. Darwin’s Natural Pet Products

Veterinarian developed and lab-tested to meet and exceed AAFCO guidelines, Darwin’s Natural Pet Products’ mission is to help dog owners provide the best nutrition for healthier, longer lives for their pets. They achieve that mission by providing a convenient and affordable way to feed healthy, raw, grain-free meals. Only USDA-inspected human-grade meats and farm fresh vegetables go into their diets. No grains, no additives, and no unnecessary fillers. Darwin’s delivers all the benefits of a raw diet with the convenience that busy pet owners appreciate.

One of dog owners’ biggest obstacles when choosing to feed raw is the cost. Darwin’s sells their food direct-to-consumer, at wholesale prices, to enable more pet owners to afford a commercial raw food diet. Plus, selling direct to consumers allows for the shortest time between the farm and your dog’s bowl, while ingredients are at their freshest. They make it easy for you by delivering direct to your home, on your schedule, tailored to your dog’s individual needs. With meals like Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Beef and Bison, you’re sure to find a flavor your furkid will love!

To learn more about Darwin’s Natural Pet Products, visit www.DarwinsPet.com.

3. ANSWERS Pet Food

The team at ANSWERS Pet Food consists of members with a combined 50 plus years of experience in the raw pet food industry. Taking a scientific approach to pet nutrition, they developed one of the best raw food products on the market. ANSWERS’ mission is to be more than a pet food company, but rather, an ethical, social, and environmentally conscious movement in the raw pet food industry.

A leader in the raw pet food category, ANSWERS has created new forms of raw food as diverse and unique as our dogs, including nibble size to sausage links, patties, and pounders. They currently offer three raw formulas: Chicken, Beef and Pork in complete diets or limited ingredient diets for dogs with allergies. Choose from their Straight formulas containing only meat, organs, and bones; or their Detailed full ingredient recipes that also include eggs, veggies, fish oil, and other essential nutrients.

ANSWERS also offers cartons of frozen raw goat’s milk for dogs. Goat’s milk enhances your pet’s diet and is great for fussy eaters. We can vouch for this – our dogs LOVE their goat’s milk!  And, because ANSWERS Pet Food is committed to protecting the environment, their foods are packaged in recyclable cartons.

For more information about ANSWERS Pet Foods or to find out where to buy it, visit www.answerspetfood.com.

To vote for YOUR favorite raw dog food, leave a comment with your choice below!

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  1. Avatar Of Peter Dykstra

    peter dykstra


    There is no way one knows the analysis of what the raw food is unless you test every ingredients-CONTINUALLY.Plus raw food is wet and causes plaque and resulting dental issues.Then there is the cost ($$). Why make a rod for your own back?

  2. Avatar Of Aj Schott

    AJ Schott


    I feed K-9 Kraving raw dog food. I live near the manufacturer and even toured the facility to watch it being made. Nothing would ever convince me that any other brand is better than this one. They use an animal nutritionist to help formulate the correct balance and they are USDA inspected. The raw food comes frozen and i just thaw/serve.

  3. Avatar Of Jon Yuhasz

    Jon Yuhasz


    I feed my severely vaccine injured cairn terrier Answers raw food. The reason I chose Answers is because it is the only commercially prepared raw food that does not use synthetic vitamins which has a negative effect on the body. Answers uses fermentation to increase the availability and digestibility of its product. It is very convenient to feed from the 4 lb. box that contains eight 8oz. patties that come in a recyclable box. Another plus to help with limiting the carbon footprint.

  4. Avatar Of Ld LD says:

    I absolutely love this food. My dog goes nuts at meal time. The ingredients are all stuff that I know and eat myself, I can actually pronounce all the names! I get really nervous about all these additives that people put in their food. Even if it’s raw doesn’t mean it’s healthy. I love when you open the package you can see and smell the freshness of the product! Definitely spend the $22 for the 10lb starter box. It will not disappoint.

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  6. Avatar Of Diana Larson

    Diana Larson


    NONE of them. Be careful with raw. My dog died of complications from e-coli from feeding her raw. If you don’t know that your dog has a compromised immune system and you feed raw, your dog CAN die! Of course I also had a vet that sucked as well, which didn’t help.
    I don’t recommend raw at all. Dehydrated or slightly cooked, yes.

    • Avatar Of Stella



      Sorry to hear about the loss of your dog. Had nothing to do with feeding raw though. Dog’s eat far worse off the ground in the park and their immune systems are primed for eating this food.

  7. Avatar Of Raymond



    I was feeding Bravo and I tried Darwins ,if I were to eat one or the other DARWINS WIN hands down . People don’t hate DARWINS they hate the price. If u can afford it your animal thanks you. DARWINS MY VOTE

  8. Avatar Of Lilly Radu

    Lilly Radu


    It’s been a year – who won?

  9. Avatar Of Morgan



    ANSWERS all the way – We have three dogs (Pitbull, Rat Terrier and Chihuahua) all on ANSWERS Raw Beef and Raw goat milk. All of them have leaned out to where they should be since switching. The Chihuahua and Rat Terrier both had tearing eyes, which after a few weeks on ANSWERS, has cleared up. All of their coats feel very smooth and shiny. The dogs absolutely love the food and anxiously await their next serving. Also, if you have any questions or concerns you can call the company and talk directly with the owner who is incredibly helpful. ANSWERS is certainly not a cheap option, but its the best one in my opinion.

  10. Avatar Of Susie



    Sojo’s….or something I mix myself. No kibble ever again at this house.

  11. Avatar Of Martin



    ANSWERS! Best thing I ever did for my dogs! They love it and have lived longer healthier lives because of it!

  12. Avatar Of Kay



    ANSWERS Pet Food, with out question. ANSWERS offers unique top of the line sourced ingredients in every product they sell. My dog was overweight and lost 10 lbs when she switched over to the ANSWERS line and has kept the weight off. She has stopped shedding, stopped itching, has more energy than she ever has and is not breathing as heavy! I recommend ANSWERS Pet Food to everyone!!!

  13. Avatar Of Dirk Williamson

    Dirk Williamson


    Considering that Stella and Chewy’s uses HPP they aren’t really a raw dog food.

  14. Avatar Of Judy Laprade

    Judy laprade


    I alternate Primal Raw Frozen Turkey and Sardine Formula with Stella and Chewy’s Venison. My five pound Yorkie, Bess, thrives on this combination. Actually, I like the rectangular short stick design of the Primal better than Stella and Chewy’s patties. The patties often arrive broken; the sticks never.

  15. Avatar Of Right Now right now says:

    The blog was very informative and the raw dog food was informative to read on, keep it up.

  16. The blog is good enough I again n again read this.

  17. Avatar Of Audree Berg Audree Berg says:

    Hi. I own a pet supply store and focus only on healthy pet products. I agree that Stella & Chewys is a good food, but I would encourage your readers to take a look at OC Raw Dog. Manufactured in OC Cal, they provide a variety of single source proteins, sourced for traceable suppliers, and – in my case – delivered by a small distributor that uses a freezer truck. No dry ice! Great quality, wonderful owners. Please take a look at them (an NO – I’m not a paid spokesperson!).
    Happy feeding!

  18. Avatar Of Stewart Stewart says:

    If you are looking for the best then look no further than WolfTucker – simply fantastic dog food made with human-grade ingredients.

    • Avatar Of Cindy



      I took the plunge and moved my beloved staffy to WolfTucker and it’s completely changed her (and my) life. It’s just a fantastic food that has completely cleared up her allergies. My only regret is that I didn’t switch to feeding raw years ago. They really know how to make great dog food and they really know their stuff too!

  19. Avatar Of Eileen Riley Eileen Riley says:

    STELLA & CHEWY’S is by far the very best. My dog and cats all love it…their coats shine, their teeth are white, their stools are very small as all the nutrition is aborbed IN the body….and most of all they are HEALTHY.

  20. Avatar Of Michael Gifford

    Michael Gifford


    Answers pet food is the best

  21. Avatar Of Kim Tulin

    Kim Tulin



  22. Avatar Of Kim Tulin

    Kim Tulin



  23. Avatar Of Robin



    ANSWERS Pet Food is the BEST!

  24. Avatar Of Amanda



    Stella and Chewy’s!

  25. Avatar Of Kimberlee



    Stella & Chewy!

  26. Avatar Of Sharon Ferraiuolo

    Sharon Ferraiuolo


    Stella and Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose!!

  27. Avatar Of Karen



    Barf World for sure!

  28. Avatar Of Diane



    Stella and Chewy’s ,hands down, is the best dog and cat food on the planet!!

  29. Avatar Of Laurie Kreis

    Laurie Kreis


    Stella & Chewy’s ONLY!

  30. Avatar Of Marija Budimir

    marija budimir


    I had three of my dogs on both diet Stella and Chewy’s and BARF and they were thriving on both diets.But I will vote for BARF because it arrives on my home address always fresh and frozen ( on dry ice ). Buying Stella and Chewy’s at the pet store I had numerous time problem with their food and my dogs would end with upset stomack and dieria :-(( Abviously food wasn’t always frozen and it went bad. But it was frozen later and got sold. Also they don’t have option of home delivery, which I would recomend for them!!! So my VOTE goes to BARF!!!! they thought of every little detail and they are great with check ups and customer service!!!

  31. Avatar Of Carmen Broussard

    Carmen BROUSSARD



  32. Avatar Of Liza



    Stella and Chewys
    helps my crazy cat!!

  33. Avatar Of Sharla



    Stella and Chewys 🙂

  34. Avatar Of Anthony




  35. Avatar Of Kathy



    Stella and Chewys!!!

  36. Avatar Of Samara



    Starley and Luna have paws up for the best food in the world – thanks Barf for keeping them healthy.

  37. Avatar Of Chris



    Stella & Chewy’s all the way!

  38. Avatar Of Alan



    Stella and Chewy’s #1

  39. Avatar Of Madeline Seymour

    Madeline Seymour


    Stella & Chewy’s. The best!!!! Thank you Marie Moody.

  40. Avatar Of Rae Michele

    Rae Michele


    Stella & Chewy’s!

  41. Avatar Of Saul Schulman

    Saul Schulman


    And the survey says…..BARF World! Bar none the best raw food out there. My Dalmatian had every ailment under the sun (abnormal weight gain, skin allergies, urate crystals, bad breath, etc) and the BARF diet has solved all of these issues. He just turned 8, and with his beautiful coat and vibrant energy people mistake him for a puppy!

  42. Avatar Of Robert A

    robert a



  43. Avatar Of Michael Viola

    Michael Viola


    Barfworld is the best !

  44. Avatar Of Janine Acceturo

    Janine Acceturo


    BARFWORLD — Hands Down!

  45. Avatar Of Dawn R

    Dawn R


    There is nothing out there better than Stella and Chewy’s for our dog and cat!
    They LOVE it!! There are so many benefits. To name a few, coats are shiny, they have great muscle, their eyes are clear and healthy teeth and gums. Worth every penny for happy healthy pets!!

  46. Avatar Of Jared Stevenson

    Jared Stevenson


    Stella & Chewy’s is hands down the best! My cat Midge thrives on the cat food and her coat is beautiful!

  47. Avatar Of Austin Smith

    Austin Smith


    Stella & Chewy’s!

  48. Avatar Of David S

    David S


    stella and chewys!

  49. Avatar Of Frank R.

    FRANK R.



  50. Avatar Of Annette H

    Annette H


    I vote for Stella and Chewy’s

  51. Avatar Of Julie K.

    Julie K.


    Stella & Chewy’s is the BEST!

  52. Avatar Of Kim Islas

    Kim Islas


    Stella and Chewy’s

  53. Avatar Of Ann



    Stella and Chewy’s of course!!!

  54. Avatar Of Meri Allen

    meri allen


    Stella & Chewys ALL THE WAY!!

  55. Avatar Of Sarah



    Stella and chewys!

  56. Avatar Of Robert Patin

    Robert Patin


    My cat loves Stella & Chewy’s

  57. Avatar Of Robert Patin

    Robert Patin


    Stella & Chewy’s

  58. Avatar Of Carmen Viig

    Carmen Viig


    Stella Chewys, Absolutely Tops!!!! Our pets LOVE it!!!!!

  59. Avatar Of Alison Strieker

    Alison Strieker


    Stella and Chewys, by far!!! No hidden meats, not from China, organic fruits and veggies AND my dog is IN LOVE with every single flavor. I feel SO good feeding this to her! Finally something that nature intended her to have.

  60. Avatar Of Virginia



    Stella & Chewys !!

  61. Avatar Of Nancy Matro

    Nancy Matro


    Stella & Chewys!!! Both of my rescued dogs love it! Our Shih Tzu didn’t like any kibble and now he devours his food and definitely enjoys eating it. We’re vegetarian so this is the best way for us to feed them raw food.

  62. Avatar Of Randi Tieken

    Randi Tieken


    Stella and Chewys all the way!!! I do dog rescue, and take in many very sick dogs. I have brought many dogs back to life literally with Stella and Chewys. Raw is always the way to go, but Stella and Chewys I have found, is the best!

  63. Avatar Of Jennifer Stevenson

    Jennifer Stevenson


    Stella & Chewy’s!

  64. Avatar Of Jennifer



    Stella and Chewys for my babies!

  65. Avatar Of Catherine



    Stella and Chewy’s is the only RAW food my pups will eat. My cats are enjoying the freeze dried dinners as well . You have my Vote Stella!

  66. Avatar Of Maggie



    The Freeze dried is perfect for camping and hiking. Stella and Chewy’s Pleeease.

  67. Avatar Of Sang



    Stella and Chewys Freeze dried and Frozen. Duck duck goose is our fav

  68. Avatar Of Emily C

    Emily C


    My Shiba Inu Freddie and kitty are all for Stella and Chewys! keep up the good work

  69. Avatar Of Hally



    My riley loves his stella & chewy!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Avatar Of Hoseung



    Stella and Chewys (!)

  71. Avatar Of Brie



    My dog’s favorite is Stella & Chewy’s hands down.

  72. Avatar Of Nikki



    Stella and chewys stole our hearts and our vote!

  73. Avatar Of Suellen



    Stella & Chewy’s!

  74. Avatar Of Patrick



    Stella and Chewys- tried em’ all, but keep coming back to this one. Great company and standards. Probiotics added, no fillers? Awesome

  75. Avatar Of Bonnie Drozdiak

    Bonnie Drozdiak


    Stella and Chewy’s……hands down!!!! Only “the BEST” will do for my fur kids! Strict food safety procedures in place makes it worry-free!!! I must lock it up tight or there will be some serious snacking going on!

  76. Avatar Of Alana Rosenberg

    Alana Rosenberg


    Stella and chewys!!!!!

  77. Avatar Of Tj



    Stella and Chewy’s hands down

  78. Avatar Of Keith Lezatte

    Keith Lezatte


    Stella and Chewys

  79. Avatar Of Lea



    We love Stella & Chewy’s at our place. We go through them all for our Bernese mountain dog. we like that they add probiotics, and use 100% organic produce.

  80. Avatar Of Michelle



    ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not even a contest.

  81. Avatar Of Eric Fumbly

    Eric Fumbly


    Stella & Chewy’s !

  82. Avatar Of Laura



    Stella & Chewy’s!!!!!

  83. Avatar Of Shirlene



    Stella & Chewy’s is the absolute best! Both the raw frozen & freeze dried are wonderful. The freeze dried prompted my very fussy Tibetan Terrier to actually eat at each feeding… None of the others worked.

  84. Avatar Of Sunny Braley

    Sunny Braley


    I love Answers. My 4 dogs do awesome on their products. The food and goat’s milk are a favorite in my dogs and cats diet. The pork is my dog’s favorite.

  85. Avatar Of Kavyn



    MMMMM…Stella & CHewy’s!

  86. Avatar Of Kim



    Answers. Goats milk was the only thing that my old pup could handle in his final days.

  87. Avatar Of Wendy Groomes

    Wendy Groomes


    My vote goes with Answers pet food all the way! I have been privy to presentations about the food and feed it regularly to my animals. They love it and the company standards are top notch!

  88. Avatar Of Kris Pierce

    Kris Pierce



  89. Avatar Of Steve




  90. Avatar Of Cesira Omissi

    Cesira Omissi


    Answer’s! No question!

  91. Avatar Of Julie



    Answers is the best. No pasteurization. My five dogs are thriving since switching to Answers

  92. Avatar Of Dr Amy Dr Amy says:

    I vote for Answers–never has a raw food been so thoroughly researched and so completely thought through–everything from the source farms from which they obtain their meat from through packaging is the result of wonderful ethical people who feel providing healthy pet food as God intended animals to eat is their mission in life. Their goal is to improve the lives and health of your pets. I have been so impressed with this company!!! Also– my dogs (five–from puppy through senior) are doing fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  93. Avatar Of Kathy Jacobs

    Kathy Jacobs


    Stella & Chewy’s saved a finicky eater!

  94. Avatar Of Cathy Rounds Cathy Rounds says:

    My five pointers love Answers and the goat milk!

  95. Avatar Of Judy Dethloff

    Judy Dethloff


    Answers Pet Food is the best commercial raw meat nutrition available for your loving canines. Science, knowledge and commitment goes into all Answers products. Living with Mr. Allergies has allowed me the opportunity to contact Answers for many a question. Each time I have spoken with an extremely friendly and knowledgeable person, happy and excited to assist me. Many times the question is not “food” related and I still receive the same time, effort and quality of assistance.

    The best value for your dollar is also Answers. Their products allow you to reduce or discontinue supplements due to the scientific balance of ingredients used in the food. Also, Answers is not advertised as much as some of the competitors keeping pricing down. Answers all the way!

  96. Avatar Of Patti Sutkowski

    Patti Sutkowski


    Answers is by far the best!! Clancy loves it, especially the raw goats milk! He is thriving on Answers.

  97. Avatar Of Linda Parks

    Linda Parks


    Answers is the very best!

  98. Avatar Of Js



    Answers Pet Food, without a doubt!

  99. Avatar Of Lisa Park

    lisa park


    the best!

  100. Avatar Of Sir Issac Ohm

    Sir Issac Ohm


    Stella & Chewy’s is my favorite. Its the best. I love it

  101. Avatar Of Emily Thompson

    Emily Thompson


    Stella & Chewy’s, of course! Best food out there! 🙂

  102. Avatar Of Debbie Bond

    Debbie Bond


    Stella & Chewys…the best!

  103. Avatar Of Lori Carr

    Lori Carr


    Stella & Chewy’s is the BEST raw dog food! My dog, Lola love, love, loves it!

  104. Avatar Of Lindsey



    Stella & Chewy’s!

  105. Avatar Of Alycia



    Stella and Chewy’s!

  106. Avatar Of Joyce



    Stella and chewys without a doubt. Best thing to have happened to me and my pooch. No more guilt , everyday is a gourmet meal. I keep atleast 3 flavors stocked to rotate . We are very pleased with the products.

  107. Avatar Of Anita Leipper

    Anita leipper


    Stella & chewy

  108. Avatar Of Darrin Wasniewski

    Darrin Wasniewski


    Stella & Chewy’s!

  109. Avatar Of Emily



    Stella and chewy’s of course. Boom! 😉

  110. Avatar Of Angie Bray

    Angie Bray


    Stella & chewys! Voted top by my 3 pups and 3 kitties! Duck duck goose!

  111. Avatar Of Christina Christina says:

    Stella & Chewy’s!

  112. Avatar Of Wendy Petkus

    Wendy Petkus


    Stella and Chewy’s!

  113. Avatar Of Robin Budin Robin Budin says:

    I love Stella and Chewy’s everything. I feed it to my finicky dogs as a topping on their kibble or a few patties if they totally wont eat their kibble on a particular day. I always mix it in the second meal of the day and use the treats always.

  114. Avatar Of Christina Eckhart

    Christina Eckhart


    Stella & Chewy’s is all I’ll feed my pets besides what I make myself.

  115. Avatar Of Suzie Bourdeau

    suzie bourdeau


    GO Peoplefud

  116. Avatar Of Suzie Bourdeau

    suzie bourdeau



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