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WATCH: Dog Loses Her Mind When Her Favorite Toy Comes to Life!

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When Jolene the Golden retriever turned 2 on October 13, her humans gave her a new Gumby chew toy as a gift. Very quickly, Gumby became her favorite toy. She carried it everywhere with her.

Jolene’s humans, Emily Crisp and her boyfriend Ben Mesches, were at their Petaluma, California home last Thursday when Mesches thought it would be funny to put on an old Gumby costume he had in the closet, and see how Jolene would react.

“Ben decided to make her dreams come true,” Crisp told The Press Democrat, laughing.

Crisp pulled out her cellphone to film Jolene’s reaction and the result was fantastic.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Yvonne Green

    Yvonne Green


    Omg I love you guys for doing that, what a awesome awesome surprise for her. It was so sweet I couldn’t stop my happy tears. Absolutely beautiful.

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