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WATCH: Heartwarming Rescue and Journey of a Pregnant Little Dog Hiding Under a Shopping Cart

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Image Via Rescue From The Hart.
Image via Rescue From The Hart.

When Annie and volunteers from Rescue From the Hart received a call about a frightened, homeless dog living beneath a shopping cart, they didn’t hesitate to rush to help. But, although neighbors had left food and water for the scared dog, she growled at anyone that came too close.

When they reached the scruffy little dog, it quickly became clear why she had been so defensive. She was pregnant and protecting her growing family. Still, like any dog, she had a desire to be loved.

Armed with some irresistible cheeseburgers, a soft, soothing voice, and a willingness to give her all the time she needed, the Rescue From the Hart team promised the soon-to-be mom that she and her babies would finally get the life they deserve.

Take a moment to watch the incredible rescue of Bailey, the birth of her beautiful babies, and their ultimate journey to finding wonderful homes.

At a time in the world when everything feels so unsure, stories of hope and overcoming struggles can help us all to remember what’s really important.

To learn more about Rescue From the Hart or to donate to help them continue saving precious lives, visit www.rescuefromthehart.org.

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