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Week in Review: St Catharines Vet Update, Cop Kills 12-pound Dog, Abuse at Texas A&M, Stranger Dogs & More!

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Catch up on all the dog news, stories, training, and lifestyle tips, tricks and advice you might have missed in this dog news week in review!

Dog News

From inspiring stories, breaking news, advice for dog moms and dads, and tips for training your furriest family members, a lot happens in a week! Here are the top dog stories from this past week, all in one easy-to-read article!

15 Dogs Celebrating the Return of ‘Stranger Things’

Stranger Things

With the return for season two of the highly anticipated Netflix hit series ‘Stranger Things’ perfectly paired with Halloween costume season, it’s no surprise many pups participated in the excitement!…Continue reading

Dog Camera’s ‘Bark Alert’ Saves Family Dog from Deadly Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Pet Camera

For many of us, a dog camera is a fun way to check in on and interact with our pups while we’re away from home. For others, it’s a lifesaver.…Continue reading

Vet Tech Charged with Animal Cruelty After Keeping Dog Said to Have Been Euthanized


The New Jersey vet tech accused of taking home a sick dog that was supposed to have been euthanized and keeping him alive for five months without the owner’s knowledge has been charged with animal cruelty.…Continue reading

17 Dogs Recreating Your Favorite Horror Movie Characters for Halloween

Spooky movies and Halloween go hand in hand (or rather, paw in paw!), so it’s no surprise that some of the coolest dog costumes this year paired our favorite pets with our favorite horror movie characters!…Continue reading

Three Signs You Have a Great Veterinarian

Vector. Image via Christopher Dale

Vector is a seven-year-old who bounds around the yard like a seven-month-old. Is he completely in the clear? No – more on that later. But among the many blessings in Vector’s life has been our very fortunate choice in healthcare providers. Simply put, Vector has an exceptional veterinarian. Here are three signs that you do, too.…Continue reading

Texas A&M Researchers Breed Golden Retrievers with Muscular Dystrophy in Research Lab

Texas A&Amp;M

Along with nearly 250,000 supporters so far, two Texas A&M students are petitioning their university to end the cruel and useless laboratory research that involves housing, breeding, and experimenting on Golden retrievers with various forms of muscular dystrophy.…Continue reading

Daylight Savings Ends Nov 5: Fall Back (And Give Your Dog Some Extra Love)


This Sunday, November 5, at 2:00am, marks the end of Daylight Savings time. Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour, and prepare to gain an hour of snuggling time with your furkids!…Continue reading

Louisiana Deputy Shoots, Kills 12-Pound Family Dog


A Louisiana family is desperate for answers after an Evangeline Parish Sheriff’s deputy shot and killed their 12-pound dog, claiming that she had aggressively charged at him three times.…Continue reading

60 Years Ago, a Stray Dog Became the First Living Being to Enter Space


A sweet-tempered stray dog plucked from the streets of Moscow on November 3, 1957 was thrust into the global spotlight when she became the first living being to be sent into space, forcing other countries in the “race to space” to shift their focus to putting a man on the moon.…Continue reading

Neglected Dog’s Leg Literally “Fell Off” Onto the Grooming Table

Fell Off
Image via Maricopa County Animal Care & Control

A neglected dog was surrendered to an animal shelter by its owner in such poor condition that his leg literally fell off during what rescuers called a “mercy grooming” to remove heavily matted fur.…Continue reading

All 16 Animal Cruelty Charges Against St. Catharines Veterinarian Dropped

St Catharines Vet

In an upsetting and disturbing turn of events, all charges against a controversial St. Catharines veterinarian who was facing 16 criminal counts of animal cruelty have now been dropped.…Continue reading

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  1. Avatar Of Flavia Howard

    Flavia Howard


    As a pet owner, if it were my dog that had been one of his victims, I would bring civil charges against him

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  3. Avatar Of Lauren Reese Lauren Reese says:

    So amazing about our best friends. They did a good job and these cruel action of human should be raised a voice by us.

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