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Weigh In! Should It Be Legal to Break Into a Hot Car to Save a Distressed Dog?

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Every year, especially in the hot summer months, dogs needlessly suffer and die, trapped inside parked cars. On a nice, 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach up to 120-degrees within just a few minutes.

On a 90-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 160-degrees in just 10 minutes – the amount of time it takes to run inside the bank and make a deposit, to grab a snack from the convenience store.

Currently, only 16 states have laws on the books prohibiting leaving dogs in parked cars. And, only 14 of those states grant permission to law enforcement to enter a vehicle to save a dog.

Not a single state allows a concerned citizen to legally enter or break into a vehicle to save a dog that is dying inside.

(To read more about specific state laws regarding dogs in hot cars, click here.)

Dogs die in cars every year as law-abiding citizens stand by waiting for help to arrive.

Those that don’t wait, that break into vehicles to rescue dogs can be, and often are, arrested and charged with a crime. They can face jail time and penalties – all for saving the life of a dog.

So, let’s hear your thoughts!

Should it be legal for a concerned citizen to break into a vehicle to save a distressed or dying dog?

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  1. Avatar Of Jane Jones

    Jane Jones


    Are you just kidding me….. Absolutely I would have to go to jail. I’ve seen this way…… Too many times with Windows left down and too hot to leave them! We are THEIR voices.

  2. Avatar Of Molly



    I don’t understand why that would be even a question. It is a distressed life in a hot car wihere some idiot left them in there. Break the damn window.

  3. Avatar Of Susan




  4. Avatar Of Gaile




  5. Avatar Of David




  6. Avatar Of Mikey Mikey says:

    Obviously it should be legal, obviously it’s a crime the owners should be fined on top of replacing the window depending on the dogs condition jail time. People should get it through their heads that this isn’t acceptable they depend on us to take care of them

  7. Avatar Of Robert Robinson

    Robert Robinson


    Sometime back in 2009 I and other people witnessed a dog inside a Suv for over an hour during hot tempatures with all windows rolled up at a Walmart parking lot located in Bedford Texas,I attended a city council meeting to help change a law making it legal for citizens to break into a car to rescue a animal

  8. Avatar Of Zach



    In Beavercreek Ohio a law was recently passed preventing a good Samaritan from being criminally prosecuted when saving an animal from a hot car.

  9. Avatar Of Sarah Crozier

    Sarah Crozier


    Of course we can! What if there’s no one to help us? So it’s just someone alone to save the poor animal before it’s too late. I’m not too worry about the car. I’m more worried about whoever is in the car.

  10. Avatar Of Lily



    He’ll yes we should have the right to save any living thing. Child, dog…whatever.

  11. Avatar Of Carol



    You know it you don’t know how long it’s been in there and the owner should suffer for doing that to the poor pup and financial is the only way to make some people realize what’s right. Just like you should be able to remove a animal from a abusive/neglectful situation w/o fear of theft charges or animal being returned. Any form of mistreatment should be legal for anybody to put a stop to it.

    • Avatar Of Therese



      So stealing a dog because you don’t agree with the way it’s being cared for is okay? Seriously? We spent $18K on cancer treatment for our dog. An ignorant woman in the park called animal control and accused me of abusing my dog with untreated mange. Not mange, radiation treatment scarring, from treatments designed to prolong her life. According to you, anyone could just steal my dog because of their busy body ignorant attitude. Theft charges would be the least of your worries if you laid a hand on any dog of mine.

      • Avatar Of Natasha



        Ok? But do you leave your dog in a hot car? If so then your asking fir someone to break a window and if your so concerned for your dogs health, then I’m sure you wouldn’t leave him parked in shot car anyway right? If you do, then expect a broken window and a missing dog.. You won’t have time to sue or do whatever you have planned if your dog is gone by the time you get back to your car anyway!

  12. Avatar Of Rhainy Carter

    Rhainy Carter


    YES YES YES!!! I carry a windshield hammer and water for just this reason. I will take the ticket or whatever the LEO gives including being arrested to save an animal or child. Period.

  13. Avatar Of Kathleen




  14. Avatar Of Robin W

    Robin W


    Isn’t animal abuse illegal ? Well this is definitely animal abuse ! Our pets are precious too !! Jail time should be mandatory in every state for such abuse.

  15. Avatar Of Norma Guinesso

    Norma Guinesso


    I worry about children & animals being left in cars on hot days. If I have to….I will break the window.

  16. Avatar Of Kristina Kristina says:

    Absolutely YES it should be legal. This should be a law in every state. If your stupid enough to leave a pet in a car, you deserve to have your window smashed and your dog taken away from you. Clearly your not smart enough to own a pet.

  17. Avatar Of Michele Vernet

    Michele Vernet


    you’re damn right! I’d do it, legal or not! So I end up in jail! A small price to pay for saving a life!

  18. Avatar Of Diane Smith

    Diane Smith


    YES! It should be legal worldwide. Leaving a dog in a hot car should also be punishable by jail time. I hope the story of Fidji spreads over the world so no other dog will have to die as he did. Google Fidgi. I hope his owners went to prison for the rest of their lives.

  19. Avatar Of Chris Snedeker

    Chris Snedeker


    Absolutely! Anyone who has seen how a dog dies when left in a car would feel the same way.

  20. Yes. If you leave any animal or child in a hot car so you can do what you want then you are a selfish and twisted monster and deserve the busted car, because the animal or child deserves a to live and live a better life than you can give to him or her!

  21. Avatar Of Dianna



    Yes It should be legal to brake into a car to save an animal. You do not have time to wait on spca or animal control. the poor animal would die before they answered much less responded. In this county you can be put on hold on 911/ Then they transfer you to the sheriffs department by this time you have wasted precious minutes. Plus wait time on an officer is long. I called on two different occasions for bad car accidents I witnessed and tried to help. It took about 10 minutes the first time to get an officer there and there was injury. The second time I had to call 911 twice because after the first call I waited with the people no one responded after 10 minutes I called again and finally after 20 minutes an officer arrived. They had been hit by a semi. So if it takes this long to get help for people can you begin to image how long if they know its an animal.

  22. Avatar Of Matty Ice

    Matty Ice


    Let’s flip this scenario around. As humans we think it’s a heroic act to smash the window to save a dog that is in “distress” (I really don’t like leaving just any Joe Blow on the street to determine what “distress” means, and I don’t trust people to actually use their brains and look to see if windows are open or not because there’s a lot of people that just want to smash windows as form of justice…whether the dog is in distress or not…but that’s another discussion).

    But let’s take things from the DOG’S perspective. It may know that it’s in distress but it may not realize you’re trying to help it. That car is essentially the dog’s territory, and now you’re going to SMASH your way into the dog’s territory, corner it, and then try to remove it from it’s territory. A lot of people think they’ll be met with friendly licks of gratitude, what’s MORE likely, is that dog will see itself backed into a corner (as no other windows are open, and it has no escape), and it will see YOU as being an INTRUDER in it’s territory. If you’re okay with getting bitten then fine….but you probably won’t be able to sue the dog owner in court for damages.

  23. Avatar Of John Zolis john zolis says:

    Like this should even be a question! break the window take the dog if you want to be irresponsible you don’t deserve a dog

  24. Legal or not i am doing it…I have broad shoulders if it saves a life because the poor dog (pet) has a stupid owner oh well

  25. Avatar Of Anna Robinson

    Anna Robinson


    I think that you should be required to at least attempt to call 911 or Animal Control before just smashing someone’s window and taking their dog. If the officers are not on the scene within 10 minutes (as time is of the essence here) or the dog doesn’t looks less than lifelike, you should be allowed to do what is necessary to help the dog. I also think that of there is an unlocked car with a dog in it, open the door and help the dog. They should have locked their doors and left their dog at home with the AC. The tricky thing about this is keeping people from breaking into cars and using “there was a dog in the car” as an excuse.

  26. Avatar Of Dragonwych



    Tennessee recently added animals to their Good Samaritan law that permits a civilian to break into a vehicle to rescue an endangered person or animal. Well, 49 other states?? capitol.tn.gov/Bills/109/Bill/HB0537.pdf

  27. Avatar Of Mike



    It’s common sense you don’t leave the dog in the car or don’t bring your dog with you and if your dog is with you leave the window open enough So your dog can get some air an leave it some water people are so dumb any more

  28. Avatar Of Lynda Ramsay Lynda Ramsay says:

    If they leave the windows & sun roof (if they have 1?) shut with no water to drink & if it’s not just a short visit? Then YES!! A dogs insides can literally start cooking & vital organs shut down if left too hot. Would they like to be left in a blazing hot car on an extremely hot day with no air coming in & No water? I don’t think so?! So why do that to your pet? Your ‘FAMILY FRIEND’?!!

  29. Avatar Of Cj Coots

    Cj coots


    You better believe that I would gladly do it if the car was not on. We would not let a child sit there and suffer so is a animal different then a human? I think not

  30. Avatar Of Lisa



    U bet ur ass it should be legal to break a car window to save the life of an animal in distress from the heat!!! Just as if it were a child. I’d do it in a heartbeat!!! No ifs, ands or buts. Plain & simple.

  31. Avatar Of Sand Sand says:

    Darn right I would break in a window to save ANY pet in stress – would anyone do so for a child? Both are loving, cute, feeling, living family – to someone. WE are the guardians of all that live and breathe – I will do whatever I need to save ANY life, and take any consequences that may be. I would have a clear conscience and sleep well that night. What about you?

  32. Avatar Of Mara Magdalany

    Mara Magdalany


    It should be legal for a concerned citizen to break into a vehicle to save a distressed or dying dog as it should be to save a child’s life

  33. Avatar Of David Ebert

    David Ebert


    Of course it should be legal. Legal or not, if I find a dog cooking in a car, the window is gone, and I have a new dog.

    • Avatar Of Erin Ludwig

      Erin Ludwig


      Love it! I would do the exact same thing. My friends on FB think it shouldn’t be legal saying its destruction of property etc.. they don’t know shit

  34. Avatar Of Sara Arbogast

    Sara Arbogast


    YES, YES — an absolute no brainer. Any living thing locked in a car with a risk of dying should be saved. Come on people … what kind of world do I live in anyway??? AND, the person whom by accident or because he/she is a moron needs to be fined, jailed and go through some counseling/training on what happens to living “things” if locked in a car in the heat, cold or any other time. OMG, so sick of these monsters in this world.

  35. Avatar Of Jennifer



    It should be a law!!! I have personally called animal control when someone left their dog in the car on a 90° day and they never showed up!

  36. Avatar Of Cat



    Calling 9-1-1 is a novel idea, but if you live in LA (or likely ANY big city) you could end up being put on hold or wait for HOURS for a police officer to show up and the animal may not have the luxury of waiting so long. Sometimes, you have to take action…

  37. Avatar Of Tracy



    You should be able to save that animal at the expense of a car window. The car window can be replaced that animal can not. Its a living breathing creature that God created and gave us the responsibility and honor to take care of. So I say break the stupid window and save the life of an animal that has no say in what is happening to it. We would break a window to save a child’s life and I thinhk it should be the same for the animals. Neither one can care for themselves or pick the situation that they are put into. Its up to good Samaritan’s to help out in a bad situation. A life is a life no matter big or small person, or animal they do not deserve to die that way when someone can help.

  38. Avatar Of Tracie Tracie says:

    Yes, yes, yes and did I mention yes it should be legal. You wouldn’t leave a child in a car so why would you leave your dog in the car?!? I’d bust in somebody’s car window to save a life be it dog, cat, pig, human or whatever! And if I get arrested, so be it. At least I saved a life. And I would do it again.

  39. It should be made legal to break into any car where theres animals suffering from heat people should not put their dogs in that situation

  40. Actually Tennessee just passed a law to make it legal to break windows. It should be a nobrainer to allow it.

  41. Avatar Of Lisa



    Of course it should be legal. Animals in hot cars slowly bake to death from the inside out. It’s cruel.

  42. Avatar Of Beth Vanschaick

    Beth VanSchaick


    Why wouldn’t you do anything you can, to save a life?

  43. Avatar Of Doc Shaman

    Doc Shaman


    you do not have to break the law. I recommend calling 911 since animal abuse is a crime. Know the number of your local humane society. SPCA’s are in almost all counties and they have peace officer status. If you act as a citizen, you will be liable for civil/criminal penalty if you make a mistake. I am not a lawyer 🙂 but I believe that the example might be a justification for breaking the law if the animal were in fact in distress. If not, the idiot who left the animal is likely the type that would sue, or file a complaint against the Good Samaritan. Then, you will have to hire a lawyer :(.

    • The question was, SHOULD IT BE LEGAL TO BREAK A CAR WINDOW TO SAVE A DISTRESSED DOG? You didn’t answer the question. Just a lot of reasons why you should wait and let an officer do it. What if the dog CAN’T wait? What if the dog is already dying? SHOULD IT BE LEGAL FOR A CONCERNED CITIZEN to break the window and save the dog? YES or NO? I say ABSOLUTELY YES!

  44. Avatar Of Ronna ronna says:

    yes it should be legal. if they didnt leave the air conditioner on bust that damn window out!!!!

  45. yes it should cause legal or not i’m doing it!:)

  46. Avatar Of Biff Kantrell

    Biff Kantrell


    it’s illegal to walk away from dog doo. you have to pick it up and put it in your pocket. it’s the law.

  47. Avatar Of Does Roberts

    Does Roberts


    Yes, but only if you break the the windshield, and only after you do a thorough check to see if the car isn’t in fact running with the air conditioning on.

    The windshield is the least expensive to replace, and since you may be required by law to replace it, might as well save yourself some money. Children and pets are most likely to be in the backseat, so it’s also safer in that there’s less chance of cutting the victim with the glass.

    I do sometimes leave my dachshund in the car when I’m grocery shopping, but I leave the car running with the air conditioning on, and with the emergency brake set, with the radio loud (so some idiot doesn’t break my window, then get bitten by my dog who protects his turf, what a nightmare!). I do not condone leaving a child in a car, ever.

  48. Not only should it be legal but the person should also be given an award of some kind.
    Awards are given for finding lost pets,
    Awards should be given to people that save the life of our furry four legged family members.

  49. Avatar Of Susan Rose

    Susan Rose


    I don’t care what the law is if I walk by your car and you Windows are up even if they are cracked if I see a dog or child left inside of vehicle in distress I’m busting out a window!!!!!! PERIOD

  50. Avatar Of Gary



    If u leave ur windows up with ur kid-pet you deserve to get broken window who would should it be legal that’s bullshit

  51. Avatar Of Patti



    The article is incorrect about state laws. Tennessee just added a law to the books that a citizen CAN get a dog out of a car if it’s showing signs of distress but they have to call law enforcement to notify them first.

  52. Avatar Of Nick Schmars

    Nick Schmars


    I leave my pup in car. Windows are down! If you left door open he would either be in or under car as he does when I go to work. Never without water more than 30 minutes. You steal my dog, you better start praying. I don’t expect him to endure anything I dont. He is better adapted to adjust. I’ve been threatened, and you paid consequences!!!!! Yes who is to say dog is in danger, besides the obvious. Had someone tell me recently he was panting out side, NO he was not. Just excited. Be warned he maybe all lover till you open the door and he doesn’t know you.!!!!!!!!! I’m around and he’s all love, new born to adults and with his own kind until threatened. He knows the difference. I’ve watched him up close and from a distance. Leave your dog’s home if you can’t trust it with windows down. All the way. Leave them no longer than 20 mins. Unattended. Come on people even I don’t leave him in car above 90. He always has shade or if he wants out he can get out. Take my dog I WILL hunt you down.

    • Avatar Of S.t. Pendrick

      S.T. Pendrick


      Mr. Schmars, you ever threaten those who got your dog away from you because of your stupid judgment, let it be know I would hunt YOU down and be sure you’d end up in Intensive Care for your criminal conduct.

  53. Avatar Of Angie Angie says:

    This should not even be a subject or question. If it is HOT out and you won’t be with your pet at ALL times with the air on then you Do NOT take them with you! Same goes in extreme cold except have the heat on…DUH! 1 does not have to be a rocket scientist or even have a partial bit of common sense…IT IS WRONG! If I see an animal Trapped in a vehicle you best bet your last dollar or bet nothing, I’m breaking your window and saving them. AND…if they are in the back of a vehicle on a hot day or freezing day…THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR MY NEWEST FAMILY MEMBER THAT WILL NEVER GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN!

  54. Avatar Of Sharon



    If it has a heartbeat, yes! But with everyone leaving animals in cars, who’s to say if the dog was truly distressed. It would just be better to make it illegal to leave anything with a beating heart in a car. Then no one has to break anything or worry about repercussions – as we have seen recently.

  55. Avatar Of Shannon



    Yes, it should absolutely be legal to save a life. Would a cop or law abiding citizen have to stand back and wait as a human baby roasts alive? Same thing, more legs.

  56. Avatar Of William



    If merchants want to discourage customers from leaving pets and children in cars in the summer, they might consider providing free short-term kennel services and free short-term childcare facilities on-site.

    If we want to encourage this, we should push for tax credits for merchants who provide such service.

  57. Avatar Of Linda linda says:

    yes it should be legal to break a window to save a dog from a hot car.

  58. Avatar Of Jay



    No, it should not be legal for people to break and enter another persons car to save an animal. This is NOT because animal life isn’t valuable (quite the opposite), but because there are several serious risk factors.

    First: it addresses the wrong problem. Leave pets home or properly ventilated. Increase the penalties and strengthen the laws for that.

    Second: when woukd this protection kick in? When is the dog in mortal danger? Few in the general public, and few casual pet owners, know the difference. For instance, a panting dog in a car is not at mortal risk, although the media and others woukd make us believe so.

    Third: it’s a license for dog snatchers. “Gee, I thought the dog was at risk…..” Is all they have to say while they are walking away with your dog.

    Fourth: even among well meaning people, how many are prepared to take the next step? Who has the collar/leash handy to control a strange dog afterward? How many know how to really cool a dog? How many know where the nearest good vet is?

    Fifth: who is liable when the dog, being handled by strangers during or after the breakin, bites someone?

    There are too many questions and associated, unmitigated risks here for blind support.

  59. Avatar Of Gill



    Surely any irresponsible owner who had their dog’s life saved by a concerned passer-by breaking their car window should get down on their hands and knees and thank them?

  60. Avatar Of Tracey Mush

    Tracey Mush


    YES it should be legal.

  61. Avatar Of Irmgard Irmgard says:

    Of course it should be legal to help/save a child or an animal in a hot car. A window can be replaced. Stupid, irresponsible people that leave their children, animals in a hot car should be fined!

  62. It’s time for car manufacturers to make an alarm that detects noise or movement inside a locked car when the temperature reaches harmful levels. That could help save babies and pets.

  63. Avatar Of Marilyn



    YES. !!

  64. Avatar Of Marilyn



    Yes I would break ! Smash a window to save human and animal alike !!

  65. Avatar Of Marilyn



    You bet I would break a window to save DOG..CAT..BABY..OLD PERSON …!!..IT IS A LONG TIME IN COMING BUT !!IT SHOULD BE A PUNISHABLE CRIME !!!

  66. Avatar Of Marina Claessens

    Marina Claessens


    Absolutely! A life is in danger (no matter whose): you intervene. If the window needs to be broken, so be it! People should use their common sense and if people are so stupid as to leave a dog in a hot car, quite frankly, they asked for it.

  67. Avatar Of Carlos




  68. Avatar Of Mj



    Yes it should be legal! It’s animal cruelty.

  69. Avatar Of Critterlover



    Yes…all living creatures deserve the consideration of not dying due to a human’s stupidity or ignorance!!!

  70. Avatar Of Lin



    Yes, to save an animal or child one should be able to break into the car- but only if one takes the dog to a safe place- not just leaves it in the open car. A note should be left like this woman did as to where the animal is. I don’t know where one should take the dog. And what if you are traveling and see this kind of thing. ?? I guess you could ask at a nearby store where the shelter is or whatever. It’s a big question, but the immediate problem is getting that dog (or other living thing) out of the hot car).

  71. Avatar Of Kat Brekken

    Kat Brekken


    Common sense should never be illegal. As a matter of fact, it should be illegal to leave a dog in a hot car. Those who free the dog, awarded, and those who didn’t have any sense at all, fined. Illegal or not, if I find a dog suffering in any hot car, the window will need replacement.

  72. Avatar Of Paulina



    About 20 years ago I found a distressed dog in a car. I notified police. When the officer got there, HE could not enter the car. “it’s illegal entry and I could lose my job.” I told him he could stand there while I did, then if the owner wanted me arrested, he could do it when they got back. The door was unlocked, so getting the dog out was easy for me, but we had drawn a crowd of onlookers. When the owner came back they were thankful that I had done what I had done and didn’t want to press charges. IF you leave your dog in your locked car I PROMISE YOU I will break a window to save it. I am just as willing today to go to jail to SAVE A LIFE as I was that day!!!

  73. in a heartbeat I would break a window to save an animal

  74. Avatar Of Rita



    A pet struggling to breathe is the TOP PRIORITY. YES…. Break the window.

  75. Yes it should be legal to break into a vehicle to save a baby, whether that baby is human or animal is irrelevant, both are lives at the mercy of adult humans.

  76. Avatar Of Tammy Hogenson

    Tammy Hogenson


    You better believe it should be legal to smash a window in for any any animal in a hot vehicle,I’d do it any way even if its,not I’m sorry I’ll pay for the window but I’m not gonna let a dog,cat,bird,turtle or any other critter suffer in a hot car or truck because the owners or owners are flat out stupied idiots who should be locked in side a hot car to see just what it feels like.

  77. I would break the window! Don’t care about the law for a poor animal to suffocate in a very hot vehicle, I will do what I have to do to save that animal! I work at a grocery store and I work front counter, I had a customer come up and tell me that there’s a dog in a vehicle and the windows are fogged up! So, over the intercom I announced that the person go to their vehicle or I would call animal control. Friends of mine and myself went out to the vehicle and we had a big can (we were gonna bust the window out! By surprise there was a female in the vehicle and she was wondering why there was a few of us surrounding her vehicle, We told her why and she said, ” I was only gone for a minute!” I said it wasn’t cool and we were about to bust your window open and she looked at us like we were stupid. She’s an IDIOT!!

  78. Avatar Of Faye



    Time to change those laws. No child or animal should die due to someone’s stupidity.

  79. Avatar Of Kathy



    Hell yes! If it was a human no one hesitate but because its a dog people keep walking. I will break any window any time there is a dog in a hot car so if you want to keep your windows, dont leave a dog in a hot car in Tx cuz I m on the lookout!

  80. Avatar Of Debby King

    Debby King


    Yes it most certainly should be legal to break a window to rescue a dog left in a closed car…. AND the owner should be charged with animal cruelty…..

  81. Avatar Of James



    If animal cannot be roused or is in other obvious distress and would otherwise not be able to wait for police, this is acceptable. It must be an emergency… 1 lady who saw a dog in a car n broke the window.. it turned out to be an undercover k9 unit n the officer was right across the street taking an interview about another problem n was only out of car (with cracked windows n fans on) cpl min…. surprise!

  82. Avatar Of James



    we been through this with another poster, it is against the law to take things in your own hands, thats what the police is for…. this was posted originally last year n someone i knew did this , was charged with criminal vandalism… was fined $2500 n 2 yrs probation, plus cost of damages… window n since it rained afterward, there was interior n electrical damage to car… total damages came to $4500… so all you out there go ahead n be a vigilante.. instead of calling 911 n waiting a few minutes… it’ll only could cost you around $7000 if things dont go well plus a criminal record…
    1 lady who saw a dog in a car n broke the window.. it turned out to be an undercover k9 unit n the officer was right across the street taking an interview about another problem n was only out of car (with cracked windows n fans on) cpl min…. surprise!
    BE VERY SURE N CHECK WITH STORE OR WHERE EVER CAR IS PARKED 1ST… If the animal cannot be roused or is in other obvious distress and would otherwise not be able to wait for police, this is acceptable. It must be an emergency.

  83. Avatar Of James james says:

    we been through this with another poster, it is against the law to take things in your own hands, thats what the police is for…. this was posted originally last year n someone i knew did this , was charged with criminal vandalism… was fined $2500 n 2 yrs probation, plus cost of damages… window n since it rained afterward, there was interior n electrical damage to car… total damages came to $4500… so all you out there go ahead n be a vigilante.. instead of calling 911 n waiting a few minutes… it’ll only could cost you around $7000 if things dont go well plus a criminal record…
    1 lady who saw a dog in a car n broke the window.. it turned out to be an undercover k9 unit n the officer was right across the street taking an interview about another problem n was only out of car (with cracked windows n fans on) cpl min…. surprise!
    BE SURE>>>If the animal cannot be roused or is in other obvious distress and would otherwise not be able to wait for police, this is acceptable. It must be an emergency.

  84. Avatar Of James james says:

    we been through this with another poster, it is against the law to take things in your own hands, thats what the police is for…. this was posted originally last year n someone i knew did this , was charged with criminal vandalism… was fined $2500 n 2 yrs probation, plus cost of damages… window n since it rained afterward, there was interior n electrical damage to car… total damages came to $4500… so all you out there go ahead n be a vigilante.. instead of calling 911 n waiting a few minutes… it’ll only could cost you around $7000 if things dont go well plus a criminal record…
    1 lady who saw a dog in a car n broke the window.. it turned out to be an undercover k9 unit n the officer was right across the street taking an interview about another problem n was only out of car (with cracked windows n fans on) cpl min…. surprise!
    BE SURE>>>If the animal cannot be roused or is in other obvious distress and would otherwise not be able to wait for police, this is acceptable. It must be an emergency.

  85. Avatar Of Moose



    Yes. I would do it for any life. Dog, cat, child… It matters not. Windows are material things that can be replaced. Lives cannot.

  86. Avatar Of Henry Howell

    Henry howell


    I don’t care what country you live in leaving a animal in a hot car is stupidity at its worst this is the worst animal abuse ever people who do this have something wrong with there brains that can’t be fixed they are a threat to our nation and safety they need to die i vote to bring back the death penalty for animal abuse jail isn’t the place for them the ground is regardless of their age or race they need to die you have my full permission to use my comment

  87. Avatar Of Darryl Russell

    Darryl Russell



  88. Avatar Of Skayjo Skayjo says:

    There should be no need for such a law. Common sense should prevail.

    • Avatar Of Animal_Poet



      but there is a need for such a law: with our species, common sense never has prevailed: why would you believe that it would begin to prevail now?

  89. Avatar Of Linda



    you place a window but not a dog, i would break the window to safe a child or a dog

  90. Anytime it is illegal to save a life, that is a sign of a cruel and depraved, wicked society which shall surely pay the price. Save the life and shame the heartless cruel beasts who would leave a loved one in a solar oven to die.

    I can assure you, under NO circumstances would I as a member of a jury, EVER vote to convict a rescuer. NEVER. On the other hand, the monsters who bake their friends should be baked themselves under exactly the same circumstances. No one can be so stupid as to not understand, but they are obviously that cruel to not care. We’ll be better off without such monsters.

  91. Avatar Of Cathy



    So where do we start to get the laws changed in all states?

    • Avatar Of Dr Rose

      Dr Rose


      Perfect question. Now let’s get to work on getting our local state laws changed. I’ll be making a phone call this morning, and writing a letter to by state representatives this afternoon.

  92. Avatar Of Rosa Munguia

    Rosa Munguia


    It should be legal to break into a car when it is boiling hot and an animal is left inside. Shame on all who do this.

  93. Avatar Of Kearan Swinderman

    Kearan Swinderman


    After I break the car window and make sure the furbaby is ok. I’ll bust the owner s ass! I do NOT care about jail time and penalties! They serve bologna sandwiches in jail. So I’ll be right at home plus I’ve been needing a vacation for years anyway!

  94. Avatar Of Janelle S

    Janelle S



  95. Avatar Of Toko Yanki

    Toko Yanki


    I strictly believe people can have right to break the glass if he or she finds a struggling pet inside the hot car but making sure of the surveillance around.

  96. Avatar Of Terry Geddas

    Terry Geddas


    YES! Absolutely!!! Be responsible pet owners and just don’t ever leave your animals in your cars- even a quick 5 minute errand into the grocery store can turn into 10-20 minutes! You can’t predict how busy the store will be, if you are able to find what you are looking for, how fast your cashier is, etc.!

  97. Avatar Of Afsaneh Rahmani

    Afsaneh Rahmani


    YES,it should be legal to break the window and save an innocent dog.I am so sick and tired of IRRESPONSIBLE PET OWNERS (( a problem that is hard to fix )) So the best we can do is to keep our song the same and hopefully it will sink in to some brains….

  98. Avatar Of Marlene Menon

    marlene menon


    it should definitely be legal to break the window and rescue a dog in obvious distress. in fact it should be legal to rescue a dog in distress even inside the owners house. THE DOG OWNERS SHOULD BE HEAVILY PENALISED….and the proceeds to go to animal shelters. People seem to understand only when they have to pay heavy fines.

  99. Avatar Of Bonnie



    I think if the dog is on a hot car, i will not sit by and watch him die. because it dont take long. Animal Control (as long as they are a no kill shelter) interveins and takes the dog. Those so called dog owners have NO right with having a dog. If they want to throw me in jail. I would proudly go as soon as i knew the dogs wasa safe and never going back to these idiot who cannot read. Its all over the place about NOT leaving your dog in a damn hot car!!!!So choke on that scum bag and hopefully theres a list of animal abusers they will have to sign so they can no longer get a dog.

  100. Avatar Of Sandy Keller

    Sandy Keller


    It should not be illegal to break the window of a car to get to an animal left in said car. I agree. If you don’t want your window broken; don’t leave your pet in a potentially hot vehicle. Not too difficult to figure out, really.

  101. Avatar Of C Merk

    C Merk


    Absolutely it should! Why is this even a question?! Can’t leave a child in a car, why are dogs okay being left in a hot car?

  102. Avatar Of Claire



    Yes….you leave a dog/animal/child in a hot car….everytime….you betcha!!!

  103. Avatar Of Claire



    Yes….every time…..you leave a dog/animal/child in a hot car …you betcha!

  104. Avatar Of Sarah Panullo

    Sarah Panullo


    A car window should definitely be legal to smash out, if people are going to be dumb enough to leave a helpless animal or child inside on a hot day. People must check to make sure there is no air conditioning running, first though.

  105. Avatar Of Terri



    It should be absolutely legal to break in to a vehicle to save an animal. In addition, the person who left the pet should be prosecuted. Maybe, then idiots will stop doing this.

  106. Avatar Of Pam Abraham

    Pam Abraham


    I think it should be illegal for anyone to save the dog for my car after his left by an responsible or owner to die in the heat

  107. Avatar Of Saundra



    You break my window and you are not a cop, I sue you. You take my dog not only will I sue you but I’ll hunt you down. My dog bites tou because you foolishly broke my window and I have to put him/her down I will haunt you for the rest of your life.

    The ONLY THING you should LEGALLY DO is try and find the owner and call the cops.

    • Avatar Of Marta K Marta K says:

      You don’t want to have your window shattered don’t leave your dog in a hot car. You want to sue me I will make sure you get arrested for animal cruelty!

    • Avatar Of Marta K

      Marta K


      If you don’t want to have your window shattered be a conscious dog owner and don’t take the dog with you for errands in hot days! If I see the dog is in distress and can’t wait for the cops to arrive have no doubt I will smash your window. You want to sue me? I will make sure you get arrested for animal cruelty.

    • Avatar Of Linda Lindauer

      Linda Lindauer


      Your an idiot if you leave your dog in the car to begin with. So if you wouldn’t this doesn’t apply to you.
      So why get all huffy????
      If you would leave your dog in a car unattended on a hot day and it dies then I know who will be haunted for the rest of there life. YOU.
      Don’t judge other people that act out in the best interest of a poor defenseless a animal.

    • Avatar Of Terri



      You are an idiot and don’t deserve to have a dog. You should be gratefully someone took action and saved your dog.

  108. Avatar Of Mzaz



    YES. Absolutely. I would never let an animal die over a stupid cost of a window repair Anyone leaving a pet in a car should have their rear end locked up and FINED HEAVILY.

  109. Animals are innocent and cant save themselves just like an innocent child. Break a window and save a life. This should be legal too bad for the window. Put the culprit in the hot car for a bit and see what they think.

  110. Avatar Of Lee Ann Demars

    Lee Ann DeMars


    It should be legal to break into a car for an child or animal if the weather is too hot. The person who’s car you broke into to keep their child or animal from suffering and/or dying slowly SHOULD NOT be allowed to press charges on you for doing such. Instead, they should have charges brought up on them

  111. Avatar Of Jerilyn Capaccione

    Jerilyn Capaccione


    Yes, anyone who sees an animal in distress, in cold or heat, should be able to break into a vehicle and save their life!

  112. Avatar Of Dusty



    I’m smashing the window and I might smash the owners face. How dare anybody leave a child or a dog in the car !what the hell is the matter ppl.

    Your needs to be allowed to make this a criminal offence punishable by jail. You talking about a heartbeat in the life they can die and often does die

  113. Avatar Of Natalie



    Absolutely! You are risking your animals life and I am here to save your animals life, a thank you would be nice…

  114. Avatar Of Karen Benedict

    Karen Benedict


    Yes, if you can’t get the police or animal control to come do it!!! I’d do it in that instance, and take the consequences–no animal or human should have to die like that!!!

  115. Avatar Of Marcy Marcy says:

    If the owners don’t care enough to leave the dog at home then I guess a perfect stranger has to care enough to save it. When people do this they need to lose their pet. I know people feel that pets are their children but unlike your children it’s ok to leave your dogs at home alone.

  116. Avatar Of Megan



    Yes! If it’s legal to do it to save a human it should be legal to do it to save a dog. #AllLivesMatter

  117. Avatar Of Cristy Lloyd Cristy Lloyd says:

    Yes it should be. I would think and would hope and pray that a person wouldn’t face charges if it was a child suffering in the back of a car. Why would another living, breathing, bleeding soul be any different. We ALL should protect and serve! Waiting could cost one a life. In many states it is illegal to leave them in the car any way. So YES!!! Break the window and save a life, save a dog, make a difference and raise awareness!

  118. Avatar Of Susan Durham Susan Durham says:

    No, both parties should be held responsible. The owner on animal negligence; the person breaking the window for destruction of private property. Otherwise, it become vigilante law. If we’re going to start dropping barriers, where does it stop?

  119. Avatar Of Kimberly Miller

    Kimberly Miller


    YES! YES! YES! A dog! A cat! A human! Any living, breathing thing! YES!!!!!

  120. Avatar Of Kristin



    I’m surprised no one has brought up the chance that the dog could be violent. If you break the window and are attacked, will you be protected by the law/insurance. Or what if the dog jumped out of the car and ran off biting someone or getting hit by a car.. who is liable then?

    • Avatar Of Missy M.

      Missy M.


      A dog that is in severe heat distress more than likely will not have the strength to attack or run away. If you have not seen a dog die from heat distress, there was a video going around about a month or so ago where a boxer was left in the car, overheated, and could not be saved. More people should watch that video before leaving their dog in a hot car. I will absolutely break a car window. I can live with that. I cannot live with doing nothing to save a dying animal to protect someone’s glass. I will never put anything material over a life and neither should anybody else.

    • Avatar Of Missy M.

      Missy M.


      A dog in severe heat distress will not have the energy to attack or run away. There was a video going around a month or so ago that showed a boxer in severe heat distress after being left in a hot car and ultimately did not make it. Look it up if you want to see symptoms of a dog dying from being left in a car to long.

  121. YES, IT SHOULD BE LEGAL TO BREAK INTO A HOT CAR TO SAVE A DYING DOG!!! Ask yourself this: Why is it legal for a dog owner to leave their pet inside of a hot car? Why is it legal for a dog owner to kill their pet inside of a hot car? AND Why is it illegal to break out a window in order to save the life of a dog that is dying inside of a hot car? How long would people stand around questioning whether to break out a window and save a child who was in a hot car????? Our laws protect the criminals and the hell with the innocent dogs and good Samaritans!

  122. If it is legal for a dog owner to leave their pet inside of a hot car and kill it – then it should be legal for another person to break out the window and save the life of the dog! Our laws protect the criminals! YES, BREAK OUT THE WINDOW AND SAVE THE DOG!

  123. Avatar Of Tumeria Langlois

    Tumeria Langlois


    YES! YES! YES! And I would break into anyone’s car to save a dog’s life. If I was charged and/or arrested I would stand proud, because a life is worth more than any consequences. Laws need to be changed. I am baffled that people still leave pets and even children in hot cars. Everyone on the planet has entered a car that has been sitting out in the summer heat. Everyone knows how hot it gets.It isn’t rocket science!

  124. Avatar Of Kalin Lancaster

    Kalin Lancaster


    YESS!! Think about how the poor dog feels!! If a store does not allow pets, don’t stop there! Wait and take the pet home. There are certain stores that are pet friendly.

  125. Avatar Of Linda



    Absolutely it should be legal to save a life

  126. Avatar Of Dawnn Andreis Gardinier

    Dawnn Andreis Gardinier


    YES YES AND ABSOLUTELY YES. Police sometimes do show up in time so I have no problem breaking the window to save any animal.

  127. Avatar Of Christine Stachurski

    Christine Stachurski


    Yes! Not only for pets but small children as well. A life is worth far more than someone’s “rights”..

  128. Avatar Of Bianca Parker

    bianca parker


    Yes I think they should be allowed to break in the car if the dog is at risk of dying or severe harm. I am sad to say I didn’t know any better before I had my daughter about how hot a car gets on even a semi hot day. I used to leave my dogs in the car if I had to run in a store for a few minutes. Thankfully now I am better educated and don’t do it anymore. I would hope that back when I did that someone would break in my car to save my dog if he needed it.

  129. Avatar Of Dee Dee says:


  130. Avatar Of Red Carey

    Red Carey


    YES, YES, YES it should be legal!!!

  131. Avatar Of Cara Rasinowich

    cara rasinowich


    YES YES YES!!! It should definitely b legal to break the window of a car who has a pet inside of it in the summer. If the dog isn’t rescued, then the owner should be charged with deliberate animal abuse resulting in death, then they should receive a fine of $5k, and jail time, and they SHOULD NEVER be able to have anymore pets for as long as they live!

  132. Avatar Of Jeanine



    Yes they should be allowed to do it if the dog or kid is in trouble.

  133. Avatar Of Mandy Wilson

    Mandy Wilson


    Yes I believe if you see a dog in a hot car that is in danger you should be allowed to break the window. In the town I live in cops tell you to stay at the car and call them asap and if needed break the window. They say as long as your on the phone with them and they tell you to its ok. I feel more towns should be like this. Kids or dogs or cats or what ever other living being that people mindlessly leave in hot cars… You should be allowed to save them.

  134. Avatar Of Keith



    Anyone that reads this is obviously a dog lover. But remember if there are stupid people who still leave their dog in a hot car there are stupid people who would use this law as justification to be violent. People are going to break into cars and say oh I thought there was a dog in there or they are going to watch the owner walk up to an ATM 10 yards from the car and smash. The solution shouldn’t be post event it should be pre event. Like business need to be more dog friendly. Like smoothie king has a dog post for tying up your dog and a bowl that I’ve never seen empty. Making stiffer penalties including an animal offender list. Proper education. You think any of the stupid people leaving dogs in cars are reading any of these Facebook posts?

  135. Avatar Of Sue



    I think it should be legal to rescue an animal in distress, but to CYA, call the police before smashing a window until you’re sure the law is in place .

  136. Avatar Of James Ruby James Ruby says:

    Absolutely, yes, it should be legal to break into a locked car by any means, to save animals in distress that were left locked in a hot car by their idiot owner. The owner of the car should have NO recourse against the good samaritan for any damages, whether it be a smashed window/windshield, a door pried open with a crowbar, or whatever. No recourse, ever. The owner should also be fined a major amount of money. This should be the law in all states.

  137. Avatar Of Melanie West

    Melanie West


    Companion animals are fur babies and, just like babies, they depend on us to do the right thing to keep them safe, healthy & happy. So, if I can break into a car to save a human baby I will do no less for a fur baby!!!

  138. Avatar Of Deb Willis

    Deb Willis


    Yes it should be legal to break into a car to rescue a distressed dog! People shouldn’t leave their dog (s) in a hot cat, ever!

  139. Avatar Of Shellyward



    Hell to the yeah it should be legal if people can’t take the time to care for their dogs without leaving them in a car they shouldn’t have them. Maybe they should be fined and or ordered to stay in a hot car x amount of time to show them how their dog feels.

  140. Avatar Of Melody Beals

    Melody Beals


    no it should not be we should be allowed to save the animals life and screw the owner.

  141. Avatar Of Pat Armstrong

    Pat Armstrong


    Just standing there, doing nothing, watching a dog die in a hot car…YOU SHOULD BE ARRESTED! Saving an animal from death is heroic.

  142. Absolutely break in! you can see that a dog is in distress! save a life

  143. Avatar Of Hileri J

    Hileri j


    Yes YES YES! ABSOLUTELY! To many a dog’s life is just as valuable as a person’s- should you be arrested saving a child – no! So why should it be any different because it is a dog???

  144. Avatar Of Jenn



    If the dog is truly in distress, yes. But if the AC has been blasting, II can leave my car just fine for a few minutes in the shade so I can run in to use a rest area bathroom And still have it 10 degrees below the outside temperature by the time I get out. I travel all summer with dogs to agility trials. Hopefully no one breaks in to let all the warm air into my nice cold car.

  145. Avatar Of Andrea Andrea says:

    I thought it was legal to break the window. I would break one if I seen an animal dieing. I believe the human should have to sit in thier hot car and suffer like the animal.
    At least leave your car run with the AC ON!! I’m sure almost everyone has a spare key for their vehicle.

  146. Avatar Of Dave



    Yes, the right thing to do is to save the dog. As for arresting someone for damaging another’s property, in the state of Florida at least, you must do it willfully and maliciously as per the florida statute. There is nothing malicious about saving an animal’s life.

  147. Avatar Of Barbara



    It should be legal. I would break the window. The people who leave the dog in there should suffer the penalties of the law–not the GOOD SAMARATIAN that breaks the window to save a life. Stupid people!!

  148. Avatar Of Anirt



    I dont give a damn if its against the law. Charge me all you want but Im not going to sit there and watch how a dog dies while waiting for a cop

  149. Avatar Of Dawn



    YES!!! If my furbabies can’t go into the store with me then I don’t take them! An animal left in a hot car is cruel & abuse!! Its just unacceptable!!! I don’t care if its just for a second, it doesn’t take long for a car to get hot inside!!! If you don’t want your window broke don’t leave your Furbaby in your car!!!!

  150. Avatar Of Kandi Jackson

    Kandi Jackson


    Absolutely. Legal or not, jail time or not, I will be breaking windows and removing kids,or animals from hot cars.

  151. Avatar Of Susan Tosi

    Susan Tosi



  152. Avatar Of Muriel Muriel says:

    Yes! Definitely! If I saw a dog or cat in distress inside a closed up vehicle, I’d have to break that window. What an awful way to die! Anyone who wouldn’t do this must have an awfully hard heart as well as a screwed up set of priorities!

    If ANY owner gets angry because the glass was broken instead of being thankful you saved their dog or cat, they don’t deserve to be allowed to ever have an animal again!

    And we MUST get EVERY state to pass strong laws against this form of animal abuse!

  153. Avatar Of Terri



    Yes 100%, I was at a waterfall in Ontario Canada and I noticed a woman taking her three dogs over to the pond or river area of the water fall to get water. Well she couldn’t seem to handle all three so she took two back to her SUV and put them in the back. She didn’t start the car and turn on the A/C or even roll windows down, but she did lock the car So I with my trusty camera went and took a picture of her dogs in the back and this included her license plate. I then walked over to her at the pond/river and told her if she didn’t go get the dogs out of that hot SUV right now, I was calling the cops, after breaking her windows and getting the dogs out myself. She then told me it wasn’t hot out. I said it’s 77 right now, we are by a water fall and may not feel hot but your dogs are panting. I said open the door and my husband will take one and I will take the other and we will help you water all three of them. I then had to threaten her that I took her license plate number with my camera. She panicked then, she told me she was a dog trainer/boarder. I told her she should know better then. She said she would lose her business if this got out. I said, get the dogs and my husband and I will help, these were big dogs. I told her my husband and I have been around dogs of all sorts and sizes all of our lives, we can handle her dogs. She finally got them out, but they were in there for about 5 minutes. So I say 100% yes we should be able to break the windows even if the owner is standing there being obstinate.

    • Avatar Of Actual Dog Trainer

      Actual Dog Trainer


      I don’t know of any actual dog trainers/boarding facilities who would have kow-towed to anyone so arrogant. Allow you to touch one of my dogs – not in a million years. You could call the cops all you wanted. Touch my car, touch my dogs in the U.S., you will be the one going to jail my dear – and paying the full cost of repairing my vehicle. I would never allow anyone so ignorant to handle a dog of mine or a dog that was in my care. You should have been told to mind your own business. Likely this story only occurred in your imagination. No actual dog trainer/boarding facility would endanger their dogs with a pushy, ignorant stranger.

      • Avatar Of Sue



        You’re an ass and don’t know thing one about animals!!! Id blow by you, in the USA and get those dogs out!!! And I’m sure stander bys would help. Talk about IGNORANT you are the definition of just that!

  154. Avatar Of Babs




  155. Avatar Of Nancy Nancy says:

    ABSOLUTELY…I would do it in a heart beat because if you wait too long, the pet will no longer have a heart beat! I also think the owner should go to jail for animal abuse!

  156. Avatar Of Susie



    Yes! Anyone who is idiotic enough to keave an animal in a car deserves to have their window broken, animal confiscated, and a large fine. Leaving a pet in a car is just a slow, painful murder.

  157. Avatar Of Beth



    Yes. It should be legal for animals and babies.

    I think however that the law should state that you, as a concerned citizen, have called 911 to alert the authorities of the animal/child that is in distress.

    Then the 911 operator can instruct the concerned citizen to get the animal/child out of the car any way possible, and the proper authorities will have been notified. Animal Control or Child Protective Services can come and collect the animal or child but at least the animal/child isn’t stuck suffering/dying in a hot car.

    In the state of AZ, it can get up to 118°F or hotter. Inside a car, it can be double that temperature. I’ve seen pictures of people trying to bake cookies in their back window (and nearly succeeding).

    It’s not as if the concerned citizen is trying to steal anything. They are trying to save a life, be it animal or child…. to press charges against somebody saving the life of a pet or baby from roasting in a hot car, it is just as stupid as a thief suing the home owner for personal injury inside your house while stealing your possessions.

  158. Avatar Of Danni



    Absolutely. This is an irreplaceable life versus a replacement piece of glass.

  159. Avatar Of Capn Zed

    capn zed


    ” They can face jail time and penalties – all for saving the life of a dog.” No, it’s not just for “saving the life of a dog”, it’s also for breaking into someones car. You should never be allowed to damage private property like that. I know I would press charges against anyone for breaking into my car. If we allow this, people will just break into anyones car they want and start using the excuse “there was a dog in there”. I think if the owner of the car/dog was to allow the dog to die like that they should be prosecuted. It should never be ok for regular folks to start taking the law into their own hands.

    • Avatar Of Mich



      Seriously? It’s easy enough to prove “yes there was a dog in there” or “no there wasn’t”. I can’t imagine anyone using that excuse since it would be obvious or not.

  160. Avatar Of Jennifer



    ABSOLUTELY!!!! You are saving a life!

  161. Avatar Of Tom-Tom



    If the animal is in distress, and the authorities can’t or won’t arrive with a locksmith very quickly… Smash that window and take the animal to safety!

  162. Avatar Of Olivia Olivia says:

    Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 100% YES!!!!!!!!! When I go places and take my dog, I ALWAYS roll all the windows down. He is a member of my family and I love him with my whole heart. My fiance doesn’t stay home a lot. He likes to go hiking and to the lake. So, I go with him, and our dog (Who loves attention and doesn’t get enough from his daddy because of his work schedule.) usually goes with us. He puts a smile on our faces and always turns the trip into a good time. He gets to meet new people and go through new experiences. I would take him into EVERY store I went to if they would let me. But unfortunately, they do not. So, I understand having to leave your pet in your vehicle, but you can at least have the decency to roll your windows down. If you don’t and I see an animal in your sweltering vehicle, I will do it for you.

  163. Avatar Of Irene Melton

    Irene Melton


    ABSOLUTELY! Pets are living creatures.If a person gets upset because some caring person saves their pet, they need the pet taken away immediately! They are unfit pet parents.

  164. Avatar Of Slutty Mary

    Slutty Mary


    Of course it should be legal. Arrest me and send me to jail. I’m saving that dog.

  165. Avatar Of Trouble Trouble says:

    I agree with pretty much everyone else on here that yes, it should be legal to break into a vehicle to help an animal in distress, but like most people are also adding… Common sense, and even a sense of delicacy needs to be used in these situations. Every situation is different, and everything about the situation needs to be looked at and taken into account, before any sudden decisions are made. Acting on impulse without first assessing the whole situation could result in someone looking much less heroic than what was intended.

    Perfect example is how I handle leaving my dog in the car, on the rare occasions it happens (typically only occurs on road trips, where I’m forced to stop for one reason or another, and there is no where else for the dog to be, except in the car). Roughly a year ago, I had my dog with me in the car, and I’d stopped at the grocery store to grab a single item, nothing more. Didn’t even end up looking at other items. So, I’m standing in line, waiting to check out, and after I check out, I walk outside to my car, to find a woman sitting in her vehicle next to mine. She had her driver side window rolled down, and she glares at me when she sees it’s my vehicle. I feel it needs noting, I look very young for my age – I’m 28 years old, but honestly could pass for probably 17. She starts yelling at me, telling me about how bad it is, leaving a dog in the car in this heat. It was hot outside, high 80’s, very, very humid, no wind or anything to speak of. ….I look at the woman, and I turn back to look at my dog, she’s sitting in her usual spot in the back seat (and I have a Ford Focus). I talk to my dog through the glass, because I never roll the windows down if she’s in the car. (I have no clue if some crazy person is going to decide that they should slip something through the crack in the window of my car, to give to my dog, and potentially hurt her. Or, someone with good intentions gives my dog something that is not safe for dogs or not something healthy for her to have.) The woman tells me she’s going to call the cops (good luck, lady. I’ll be long gone before they get here, lol), that she noted my license plate, etc etc. I pull the key fob out of my pocket, press the unlock button, and open the door. I honestly laughed at her, and said, “Great, and make sure, when the cop gets here, that you don’t forget to tell him…..the car was on , and running, the entire time.” And I left.

    If she’d broken into my vehicle, to “save” my dog, that would be worth pressing charges over, because the dog was in no way in distress or hurt or at risk in any way. I have a Husky, I know very, very well, the dangers of the heat to a dog. While it may take ten minutes for a dog to suffer from the effects of a hot car, it would only take her half that. I keep my car running, the A/C is on, and in the winter, the car is also running, with appropriate temperature settings based on the outside. The teeny tiny fraction of a gallon of gas it uses to keep the car running, while my dog is in the car and I’m not, is worth it to me, for her safety. I know that this is not the norm, and even with the car running, I haul ass to get back to my vehicle as fast as I can. Truthfully, I’m more worried I’ll come out to find my car busted into by someone who clearly didn’t pay attention.

    I work in the pet industry, as a dog trainer and “Nutrition Specialist”, where I work. So, I know all about the dangers of pets being left in vehicles, due to temperature differences inside the vehicle as opposed to outside (Because dogs are not immune to the dangerous effects of extreme cold weather either). I’ve seen people leave their dogs in their vehicles while coming into our store (a PET store, no less), I’ve been there when we’ve had to call the police. Unfortunately for the pets here, the police do not respond in haste to such calls about dogs being left in locked, extremely hot vehicles, even if the dog does appear to be in distress. A law like this should only be put into place if people can reasonably take appropriate measures to rectify the situation BEFORE making the decision to do something that they can’t go back on. Once you break that window, or break into that vehicle, that’s it. There’s no turning back, and if you didn’t look at everything in front of you…then it won’t end well. With a law like this in place, I think that if an animal is deemed to NOT be in distress or be at risk in any way, if the owner took proper measures (such as I do) to keep the animal safe, then if someone were to damage the vehicle or do anything in any way too the vehicle or the pet…then they should be fined or charged for it. There needs to be consequences in place for those that don’t use common sense in these situations. BUT, we should still have something in place to help protect the animals that are in the care of owners who are also without common sense. 🙂

  166. Avatar Of Ann Crosby

    Ann Crosby


    Yes, absolutely! Dying from heat is terrible torture and standing by doing nothing is becoming part of the problem, not the solution!!!

  167. Avatar Of June Wolf june wolf says:

    oh yes, absolutely. make it legal, also make it a crime for people to leave their children and animals in a locked car in hot weather, make sure they get punished too

  168. Avatar Of Lysa Yitzak

    lysa yitzak


    first use common sense,,try locating owner, check the dog,because breaking the window could hurt the dog and the dog might also run away…then make a decision …contact animal control, don’t do it single handed.

  169. Avatar Of Teresa Pence

    teresa pence


    Yes it should be legal to break into a car to save an animal’s life. It is a crime to leave them in the car so it should not be a crime to save them. Replacing a window is the least the owner can do…

  170. Avatar Of Kim Ritchey Kim Ritchey says:

    Yes it should be 4 pplez break windows 2 free dogs of hot weather outside as 2 inside a car

  171. Avatar Of Shawna



    While I totally agree with helping an animal in need. You have to use your brains. Convenience store… probably going to be I’m there a few minutes…. gas station the same. Shopping mall ….well that’s when you really have to assess the dogs behaviour. Any place you see an animal I’m a vehicle you really have to think before you break a window. If any animal is in distress save it!!!!

  172. Avatar Of Misty Hatcher

    Misty Hatcher


    Yes…it should be legal for any concerned citizen to do what it takes to rescue a dog from a hot car. The price for a broken window is a small price to pay for saving a life. I also think parking lots of malls etc. should have signs saying it is not permitted. If it is private property can the property owner like mall security enter the car?

  173. Avatar Of Autumn Davila

    Autumn Davila


    Yes it should be legal someone should be able to care for those dogs and get them out when there owner didn’t . Same goes for children as well. People are doing it anyways to save a life. Instead of getting in trouble for doing something that’s actually is right, they need to be rewarded and the owners/parents need to be put in jail.

  174. Avatar Of Kathleen



    I would suggest calling the police and relaying the dog’s condition; wait for the police. If time is passing as is the do, break in. Yes! Break in.

  175. Good intentions vs a LACK of common sense!

    Sun Oct 09, 2011 4:56 pm
    gotta wonder sometimes —

    my grandson’s birthday celebration t-day @ Chuck E Cheese in Mira Mesa —

    been out w Shela cruisin — helped a coupla folks w their difficulities

    headed over —

    locate a shady parkin spot, cover the windshield w it’s snapon white sun reflective cover — even tho it’s in the shade

    all four windows down 4 inches w their ventshades — floor vents open for convection

    Shela’s harness unsnapped so’s She kin move around if she wants to

    water dish on the seat if she wants some

    I’m inside w the kids — sittin where I kin see the rig, jist in case — good thing I was — SDPD pulls up & 2 officers start lookin the vehicle over —
    I go out, w my pizza & soda to see em — somebody called to report dog in a car w the windows up!

    Officers determined for them selves there was no problem — Shela wern’t even pantin — opened the door for em so’s they could see it was cool inside — no worries

    wouldn’t it be nice if everyone had common sense to go with good intentions!?

    I’m thinkin I’m gonna put a sign in the window — “Dog is NOT in distress! USE some common sense and LOOK at her! You break my window, you WILL pay for it”! I kin think of a few other things to say as well — if only —

  176. Avatar Of Gail Sikes

    Gail Sikes


    Absolutely!!!!!!!!!!!!! Many times, it takes AC or police way too long to respond and the pet has expired before the humanitarian’s eyes. Something is SO WRONG with this law.

  177. Avatar Of Donna



    Absolutely! There are so many neglectful pet owners out there! They should also be given a situation for leaving their animals in danger!!! Animals are living breathing things & should have protective rights too!

  178. Avatar Of Lynn Manheim

    Lynn Manheim


    Without question, it should be legal.

  179. Yes. It absolutely should be legal. And the folks who left the dogs there to die should be cited at the very least.

  180. ABSOLUTELY! No one should have to sit and watch any living being die when they know they can prevent it! They should be allowed to break a window and the owner should be responsible for any cost to repair plus be prosecuted to the full extent for abuse!

  181. As long as as animals are considered property, there may not be much one can do.

  182. no, we shouldn’t let people take the law into their own hands, call the police and let them deal with it, too many people have bad judgement and where will it end? I was at a gas station/convenience store the other day waiting for my friend to come out and someone pulled up next to me with a dog in the car.

    He got out went in the store and then someone else pulled up and saw the dog in the car and started freaking out screaming about how could anyone do that to their pet and someone should do something, someone should break the windows etc the guy came out (couldn’t have been in the store more than 3 minutes, the guy was in and out and my friend was still in the store) and this woman went off on him.

    3 minutes is not going to hurt the dog, the dog seemed happy and was probably very happy to get to go for a ride. start passing stupid laws like this giving people a pass for breaking other peoples windows and every idiot out there will start breaking windows if a dog happens to be in the car (not knowing how long the dog has actually been there) And then you will have people who will be afraid to go anywhere with their dog so pets will end up staying home more and not getting as much quality time with their owners.

  183. Avatar Of Amy Alexander



    Yes! Saving a life should come before a car window!

  184. Avatar Of Brenda Sissel

    Brenda Sissel


    You take the responsibility to own a dog, Yes it should be legal to save any lives, dogs, babies life!
    And the owners should go to jail!

  185. Avatar Of Janet



    Yes. If people are mindless and heartless enough to leave an animal or child in that position, they deserve to have this windows broken. Whether it be by police or civilian. Only thing is, they should have to wait for law enforcement before they could leave the scene.

  186. Avatar Of Debbie



    YES!!! Maybe people would think twice about bringing thier dog if the new anybody could come and break their window for it.

  187. Avatar Of Julie Julie says:

    Absolutely! It should be legal to save any life!

  188. Avatar Of Julie



    Yes it should be legal to save any life!

  189. Avatar Of Carolyn



    Absolutely! And Gina hopefully they throw the book at you for leaving the dog in there to begin with!

  190. Avatar Of Deb Brandes

    Deb Brandes


    I don’t even understand why at this day and age we are even asking that question. Absolutely NOT…. since when is saving a life illegal. So charge me for the friggin damages to your car, I will submit charges for animal abuse.

  191. Avatar Of Marcia Kay

    Marcia Kay


    This question shouldn’t even need to be asked. If it were a child, no one would be upset at all. They would be a hero. Animals are living, breathing, feeling, sentient beings. It needs to be federal law that an animal can be saved from a hot (or freezing) situation. Hands down, whatever it takes. Especially if your own animal control and law enforcement are as inept as Joplin, Missouri.

  192. Avatar Of Robin Robin says:

    I stood in a mall parking lot recently for more than 2 hours, watching as a little Pomeranian sat locked in her owner’s vehicle, panting and scared. The sun roof was open and the windows were each cracked about 1.5″. The outside temp was about 75-degrees and it was a bright sunny May afternoon. The police were called and the officer that arrived said there was nothing he could do. Over the course of more than 2 hours, that same officer “checked in” a couple times but still told me that the owner was breaking no law. In fact, NH state law does allow police officers to break into a car to help in animal in appropriate situations – however, this particular officer told me that since the little pomeranian was not “foaming at the mouth”, she was not in distress. So, the laws, even if they do exist, are contingent on the judgement calls of people who may not know (or not care) anything about animals. He wouldn’t even leave the owner a citation – or so much as a “note”. I think perhaps every police officer and lawmaker should spend 2+ hours sitting, locked, inside a vehicle on a warm sunny day with no water and nothing but barely cracked windows. Maybe then, they will think a bit differently. If the pomeranian had been a small child I am pretty sure his reaction would have been quite different.

  193. Avatar Of Robin Thomas

    Robin Thomas



  194. Avatar Of Bobby Lee

    Bobby lee


    I will pay for the window & the simple assault charge when I whip their SORRY ASS for doing it.

  195. Avatar Of Lisa Tatducci

    Lisa tatducci



  196. Absolutely! Owners should be prosecuted, put in jail, have pet taken away from them, and forbidden to be near another animal. Lock their asses in a hot car to see what it is like!!

  197. Avatar Of E A Mason

    E A Mason


    It should be legal. It is stupid to leave a dog in a closed up car when it’s above 70. If it’s hotter than that, use your spare keys, leave the car running and a sign in the window that the AC is on. Those who judge prematurely though-remember there are people traveling alone with a dog who have no other option than to leave the dog in the car. EX: While on a long trip and after taking my dog for a long swim in a cold mountain river, I left her in the car for 10 minutes with all 4 windows down 12″ in order to get a bag of dog food. I came out to a lady violently screaming at me and making a scene because she though the dog was in danger. I tried to explain to her the dog was fine and she wouldn’t listen. I parked with the sun out of the back seat, I left the windows open, I was gone less than 10 min’s, the dog was cool from the water (which she couldn’t see). I did everything I could to protect her, and still I was treated like a criminal-so there are two sides to every story. A great idea would be for big box stores to have covered kennels with locks for a small fee for customers to use while shopping

  198. Does this question even need to be asked? Anyone in their right mind with a heart is going to do anything in their power to save a dog or a child that is left in a hot or cold car….even if it means going to jail.
    The stupidity of people who think I’ll just be a minute! You never know what is going to delay you. It’s far better to leave your pets at home while you run errands than to leave them in a car while you jump in and out to do “just a few minutes” in the bank or post office or whatever.
    Where are your brains and common sense? If you don’t have any, you shouldn’t have pets or kids.

  199. Avatar Of Gina Hayes

    Gina Hayes


    No that is for law enforcement.v if someone breaks into my car, I am filing criminal charges.

    • Avatar Of John Zolis

      John Zolis


      Your window of you car is more important than a life of an animal? Disgusted we share the same oxygen! Leave your dog in a hot car like a moron! lucky someone only breaks your window- I personally will take your dog and kick your ass !

  200. Avatar Of Gina Hayes

    Gina Hayes


    No – that is the law enforcement job – not another citizen.. If anyone breaks into my car, I am filing criminal charges.

    • So Gina would you rather the animal die, for the sake of a broken window. Do you have pets. If you do, I ask you what would you do if you found an animal or child dieing in a car, would you call for help and watch them die when help took to long to get there. Would you just walk on by and do nothing. People who would break a window to save an animal are not interested in what else may be in your car, they are only concerned with the life in danger. What is more important a life or a piece of glass. If you would choose the glass over a life, then I will pray for you to someday gain a careing heart.

    • Avatar Of Carolynl



      And hopefully you get in big trouble for leaving the dog in there in the first place!

  201. We went to a carbbot sale at Long Sutton in Linconshire a few years back on the hottest day of the year and there was a Greyhound cross in a Range Rover that was panting like mad. He had no water in the vehicle. We asked the organisers to send out a message, but nobody came, so we rang the police and they told us to break the window of the car and they would protect us from proscecution. They took the registration number off us so that they could prosecute the owner. They also notified the local RSPCA who attended within 15 minutes and took the lovely (and grateful) dog away. How anyone could treat a dog like this amazes me. He was such a friendly dog. Thanks to Lincolnshire police for allowing me to break the window. Never followed this up to see if the owner was prosecuted as we lived in Coventry at the time, but I hope he received the maximum sentence for his neglect. We have a Patterdale Terrier at the moment and always make sure he is never left inside a car and even at home, he always has a water bowl in the house, in the garden and in front of the back seat of our car when he is travelling with us.

  202. Avatar Of Glen Darlow

    Glen Darlow


    Yes it should be legal to save lives! Period!

  203. Avatar Of Steven Weakley

    Steven Weakley


    I would do it in a heartbeat with not a single regret

  204. Avatar Of Dona




  205. Avatar Of Bh




  206. Avatar Of Julie Rosebraugh

    Julie Rosebraugh


    Break the window. Save the dog!!

  207. Yes, I think it should be legal to break a car window if an animal is in distress. We’d do it for a child, well dogs also can not talk, or call for help, so yes, it is called saving a life, and a life is a life.

  208. Avatar Of Sharon Cirbin

    Sharon Cirbin


    Hell yes it should be legal! If you don’t want a busted window don’t leave your pet in the car!!!

  209. Avatar Of Donna



    Heck Yes
    I will break a window for a child, And I will break it for a dog or any animal in a hot car.
    Why isn’t it legal.
    I think they should make the person that left their dog in the car set in it for 10 minutes too.

  210. Avatar Of Bonnie L. Mcgee

    Bonnie L. McGee


    Why not! I would DO ANYTHING POSSIBLE to save a child, disabled person, elderly person, cat, dog, any animal or being of any type trapped in heat/cold situation. NONE OF WHOM CANNOT ESCAPE WITHOUT OUR HELP!!!!

  211. Avatar Of Maher Zagha

    Maher Zagha


    It is legal to break into a car to save a distressed child, so of course, it should be legal to do the same thing to save a dog. Anyway, I would do it whether it’s legal or not.

  212. Avatar Of Doris J Owens

    Doris J Owens


    I would definitely break into a car with a dog or a cat in it if it’s a hot day. If it’s too hot for a human it’s too hot for an animal. Any animal and the person that breaks a window to free such animal should not be arrested for doing so! The person that left the animal in the car to begin with should be arrested for endangerment!

  213. Avatar Of Michelle



    If you are at a store parking lot, contact customer service for that store and let them announce on their speaker phone that if the person who owns the car does not come out to their vehicle within 5 to 10 minutes a concerned citizen will break the windows to save their dog from dying! and contact the police for animal cruelty!

  214. Avatar Of Jill Sarkady

    Jill Sarkady


    I have to say that I think the reverse question is more appropriate – should it be legal to leave a dog in a hot car? Any person who does that to a beloved animal friend should have their window broken to save the dog or cat or snake or whatever. . . .

  215. I think it should absolutely be legal!! Would you break into a car if a child was in there?? So why not if an animal was in there?? Their lives are no less significant than a humans.

  216. 3 words: SMASH THAT GLASS!!!!!!

  217. I have always thought that it would be ideal if teenagers looking for summer work could be paid to patrol parking lots for both dogs and children left in hot cars. If they then had a two-way radio to contact someone in authority I’m sure many many targedies could be avoided with the dual plus of creating summer jobs for teens. If not every parking lot – at least at places like six flags, casinos, and large malls.

  218. Not a single state allows a concerned citizen to legally enter or break into a vehicle to save a dog that is dying inside…Those that don’t wait, that break into vehicles to rescue dogs can be, and often are, arrested and charged with a crime. They can face jail time and penalties – THE REASON… MOST FOLKS ARE NOT TRAINED TO KNOW IF A DOG IS IN DISTRESSED OR JUST EXCITED BY A STRANGER OUTSIDE OF THEIR CAR…. Been through this with another poster, it is against the law to take things in your own hands, thats what the police is for…. this was posted originally last year n someone i knew did this , was charged with criminal vandalism… was fined $2500 n 2 yrs probation, plus cost of damages… window n since it rained afterward, there was interior n electrical damage to car… total damages came to $4500… so all you out there go ahead n be a vigilante.. instead of calling 911 n waiting a few minutes… it’ll only could cost you around $7000 if things dont go well plus a criminal record…

  219. if you treat your pet, your Forever friend, dependent on your responsible care for them, then you should even care for an Air plant, because your not capable, and only have this being, in order to demonstrate to others status, I feel you lose your right to a car window, make me replace, but know I’ll get witness’s and photographic evidence, if not a Law enforcer, to rectify the animals suffering. ” The Law should way on the side of the advocate and the animal, and their should be fines placed against the Care taker of the animal., Dogs have paws not fingers, that can roll down car windows, or push buttons!

  220. Avatar Of Shelby



    I don’t care if it’s legal or not, if a dog is left alone in a hot car I’m smashing window and taking that dog. End of. What possible reason is there to leave a dog in a car anyway? Need to go shops? LEAVE DOG AT HOME!!! FFS people, think!

  221. Avatar Of Liz Morgan



    I saw some comments above that I found alarming. Some folks spoke of leaving a dog in a hot car with the windows closed. Yeah, that is ” no- no”. PLEASE KNOW leaving them in a hot car with windows open will kill them too. It’s just to hot.

    Honestly, leave them home on a day like today. I have Boxers and a Bulldog, a walk about 70 degrees is not good.
    Dogs should never be left in cars. Dogs are stolen by people with bad intentions daily.
    I would break into a car with a dog suffering from heat stroke, I think it should be legal.

  222. Avatar Of Cyndie



    Certainly it should be legal. My opinion is….If you are dumb enough to leave your dog inside a hot car, then your broken window is the least of your worries.
    It is really simple, If it is hot outside LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME!!! If you have to go somewhere and take your dog USE YOUR AIR CONDITIONER!!! If you do not have air conditioning LEAVE YOUR DOG AT HOME!! It would not even be an issue if people would just use a little common sense.

  223. Avatar Of Susan Carrigan

    Susan Carrigan


    I think if people that have dogs and leave them in a hot car with the windows rolled up, do not have the mentality to have or own a dog or any other animal. I would gladly call the police on this matter but to the police this is not an emergency. I disagree, it is a life that is unnecessarily dying because someone didn’t have the mental capacity to not bring their dog on a hot day, knowing that they are going to have to leave them to die. I am under the impression that their car is more important to them then a life. If you don’t have the smarts to own an animal, then please don’t own one. The police do not come fast enough and it would be worth being arrested to me to save that dogs life.

  224. Avatar Of Rose Marie

    Rose Marie


    absolutely dogs are living creatures! what if it was a human? granted I believe human life takes precedence over an animal; however there’s no reason for a dog to suffer from blatant cruelty. The owner should know better! perhaps they need to sit in the car for a couple hours when it’s a hundred degrees outside.!

  225. No. A child, yes. An animal, no. Contact the police.

  226. Avatar Of Kathy



    YES, YES, YES!!! There should be a national law to make it legal!

  227. Avatar Of Dan Weeks Dan Weeks says:

    Absolutely. The rescuer should not be arrested…the driver should be!

  228. Avatar Of Rachel



    Legal or not, I wil break a window to rescue a child, elderly person, ANY animal in imminent danger and let the chips fall where they may!

  229. Avatar Of Leasa Todd Leasa Todd says:

    I’d break into that car in a heartbeat!! Legal or not! It should be legal, but the MORONS that run the United States government don’t care about animals unless they’re using them to test stupid shit with. I say bust out the window, take the dog and the person that left the dog in the car should be arrested. I wouldn’t give the dog back either!! Only an IDIOT would leave a dog in a car like that! ONLY AN IDIOT!!!!!

  230. yes of course it should be legal are you suipposed to watch a dog or even a child die ??
    the person who leaves a dog in a car on a hot day should be prosecuted for Animal
    cruelty or endangering a child,s life ! those Morons who have the glass breaker arrested
    dont appear to care about their dog or child – so yes lock them in the car in same weather
    temperature & see how they like it !! x

  231. yes of course it should be legal are you suipposed to watch a dog or even a child die ??
    the person who leaves a dog in a car on a hot day should be prosecuted for Animal
    cruelty or endangering a child,s life ! those Morons who have the glass breaker arrested
    dont appear to care about their dog or child – so yes lock them in the car in same weather
    temperature & see how they like it !! x

  232. Yes of course it should be legal & dog or child owner or parent should be prosecuted for animal
    cruelty & endangering a child,s life. those Morons who have the glass breaker arrested are only
    thinking of money and do not appear to care about their dog or child x

  233. Yes it should be Legal to save a dog or child,s life in some states in USA it is ! are you supposed
    to watch an animal die ? those morons who arrest person who broke window are just thinking
    about money & do not appear to care about their dog ! x

  234. Avatar Of Ligtstar Ligtstar says:

    NO! Not unless you are ABSOLUTELY certain the animal is in distress. I travel with my dogs and they are well hydrated, have a fan and ice packs to keep them cool and comfortable and I am very careful about the amount of time I am out of the car. However I have had the police called on me, even though they were not even panting. If I had to come back and find my car destroyed by some idiot, I would not be happy. My friend has a car that she can leave air conditioning running for her dogs while she is out of it and has been accosted by people for leaving her dogs in the car when they were more comfortable than she was. Another friend was transporting Alaskan sled dogs through TX in winter. Those dogs get overheated when the temperature is over 30. She had the police called on her for having the dogs in a cold car. Again, the dogs were in no distress whatsoever and were more in danger of overheating in TX than freezing. My mother in law shows dogs. She came to visit and the police told us where she could park the motor home with the dogs while we did her laundry. The dogs had open windows and fans, ice coolers and plenty of water. It was hot. We were all hot, but the dogs were comfortable. We returned from the laundromat to find the motor home surrounded by police and animal control because someone had made a report about the dogs locked in a hot car. They eventually confirmed the dogs were more comfortable than any of us because they had everything they needed. But she had to be subjected to search of her home, we had to stand in the hot unrelenting sun for over an hour. She had to dig out all her vet certificates and paperwork, etc. before they agreed that the dogs were not and had never been in any distress. I think we should look out for each other but use our heads. If a child or animal is in obvious distress, I will be the first one to help it. But I am not going to jump in if they are obviously all right and the only issue is no supervision at the moment I walk up. The problem is that most people don’t use their heads and just want to create a problem instead of solve it.

    • Avatar Of Hayley



      So you are saying if a dog is in distress then we should leave it there to die? Because that’s what this post is about.

  235. Avatar Of Ruth Ann Nelson



    there should not even be a question if it is right or wrong a life in trouble should be rescued no matter what it takes

  236. Avatar Of Raschell Zipp

    Raschell Zipp



  237. Avatar Of Eddie



    ABSOLUTELY..no question

  238. Avatar Of Eddie




  239. Avatar Of G Foster

    G Foster


    not only should it b e legal the vehicle owner should receive a HUGE fine.. and loose all rights to own a animal…

  240. Avatar Of Dawn



    It certainly SHOULD be legal!!! If it were a child the person would be a hero! But a dispensable dog is not that important. Laws are so damn archaic!!!!!

  241. Avatar Of Marissa



    It should be legal because there are times that the police take too long to get there and by time they get there the dog could be dead. But what doesn’t make sense is why they would charge someone for breaking a car window to help a dog on the verge of death, and yes I understand that the owner of that car would have to get a window replaced and I know that would cost quite some money. The thing is you should be charged with the crime if you left your dog in the car, not the person that just saved your dog.

  242. Avatar Of April Biggs April Biggs says:

    Absolutely. .yes it should be legal to break a car window to save an animal. Period.

  243. Avatar Of Idarose Huf

    Idarose Huf



  244. Avatar Of Robn



    Absolutely! I live in the high desert and have witnessed a person breaking a car window to save a small dog. These people were at the train station McDonalds and didn’t realize that even cracking the window was still too hot for their animal. A crowd had surrounded the car and a man broke the window. In the meantime, someone had gone inside to find the owner and the police had been called. I’m not sure if the dog made it. They put it in a wet towel but it was unresponsive. The police took the dog. I think its reprehensible for anyone to think that because an animal can’t ‘speak’ or that its monetary value isn’t in the millions that they would consider it a ‘throw away’ or replaceable item.

  245. yes it should be legal. if your irresponsible enough to leave a dog, or even a kid in the car, then you are asking for your window to be broken.

  246. Yes. It should be legal to break the window to save a life, human or animal.

  247. Avatar Of Ron Macias

    Ron Macias


    Let’s see do I wanna SAVE A LIFE or care more about a piece of machinery? And the verdict is in life wins.

  248. yes yes yes……………without consequences to the person saving the animal or child (person) left inside,)

  249. Avatar Of Pepper Daniels

    Pepper Daniels


    If you would break a car window to save a human, then you should be able to break a car window to save a dog or cat or rabbit or ferret – they are living beings as well. I, personally, wouldn’t hesitate.

  250. Avatar Of Mary K Mary K says:

    Would you save a kid????? What’s the difference????? None to me!!!!!

  251. If an animal or any bodies life is in danger then it is my moral duty to save them at all costs. If you are so ignorant as to leave an animal in a hot vehicle then you deserve whatever comes your way!!

  252. Legal or not I’d still do it if you can make a case if the dog dies we should be able to get them out so that’s not the case

  253. Avatar Of Vicki Atkinson

    vicki atkinson



  254. Avatar Of Agnes Losonczi

    agnes losonczi


    I agree with those, who would make breaking in in case of life-saving emergency (equally of animals and humans) legal.

  255. Avatar Of Barbara



    Of course it should be legal….and I wouldn’t care if it was legal or not…if I see any animal in a hot car I will personally bust the damned window……who would disagree? No one I would pray…..if they have a heart or conscience they will do it in a heart beat !!!!!!

  256. Avatar Of Lisa Lisa says:

    Yes, it should be legal to break a glass window to save the life of an animal! Recently in Jacksonville, Florida, a vet broke a car window to save the life of a dying dog and he called the police on himself. The owner pressed charges against the vet and he was put in jail. The media seemed to rally behind the dog owner and they protected the identity of the dog owner. Also, it is shocking to hear the number of police officers that are allowing their poor police dogs to suffer and die in the back of their patrol cars with no consequences. Proverbs 12:10 says that the wicked are cruel to their animals.

  257. Avatar Of Susan Jones

    Susan Jones


    Yes, it should be legal to break a window to save a dog locked in a hot car! As long as animals are considered property instead of living beings with rights, this will not change. I have witnessed dogs locked in cars and have called the police. I wait until they arrive and make contact with the “owner”. Then I get screamed at and cussed out by them. The police always tell them that I am in the right, but the fact that the “owner” always acts as if they have done nothing wrong is incomprehensible.

  258. Avatar Of Patricia



    Yes it should be legal

  259. Avatar Of Joseph B

    Joseph B


    Depends if that dog has money or not if he broke then nah /giggles

  260. Avatar Of Sander



    I would rescue the animal, and then lock the owner in there for the next 2 hours. See how he/she likes it.

  261. Avatar Of Liz



    Absolutely. Animal or Child. Either way it’s a life being saved. I’d do it in a heartbeat!

  262. Avatar Of Daud John

    Daud John


    It should be legal to save a dying dog

  263. Avatar Of Melissa



    It should definitely be legal to break into a car to save an animal. And the person who left the animal in the car should be prosecuted!!

  264. YES for both Kids & Animals

  265. Avatar Of Amy



    I think it should be legil poor bloody dogs how wud they like it to be locked in a hot car!!! We have to think about dogs and cats in our country part of the population !!! Save our animals save our animals!

  266. Avatar Of Judi Joseph

    judi joseph


    Yes I will break in a automobile to save a furbabies and human babies

  267. absoulutly if someone or a defensless animal is in a hot car it should be leagal to break window to let it out. it was 114 in arizona today the dog or child would be dead in minutes

  268. Avatar Of Anna Kountoura

    Anna Kountoura


    I definitely think it should be legal! An that the animal owners who leave them to die a slow and excruciating death in overheated cars should be prosecuted instead!

  269. Avatar Of Neshama



    Yes, I think if anyone see’s an animal in distress. They should have every right to rescue said animal, without getting into trouble. After all its the owner that is being irresponsible, neglectful, and abusive.

  270. Avatar Of Diane Carson

    Diane Carson


    It is CRIMINAL to leave any living thing in a hot car – YES you should be legal to break in and save the animal (or child). The owner should be fined a hefty amount, or even charged with animal cruelty at the minimum.

  271. Avatar Of Jayne Jayne says:

    It should be rewarded. I’ll take the court before letting a life die in a hot car. I have been told if at a one store lot, go in and have them announce licence plate, car and dog description. If a multi storelot, I have a car escape hammer and will break the front window to get in. Then they can’t leave until window repair co. comes!

  272. Avatar Of Sherri



    I would break out a car window to save the dog and then I would have to suffer the consequence! He’ll yeah! I would do it everyday if need be!

  273. Absolutely! It should be legal and the owner of the dog should be thrown in jail!!

  274. Avatar Of Durell



    Absolutely! I wouldn’t even think twice about it!

  275. Avatar Of Janet Iacolino

    Janet Iacolino


    Effective July 1, 2015, Tennessee’s new law goes into effect for allowing someone to do just that! Way to go Tennessee!

  276. Avatar Of Janet Janet says:

    Absolutely! As of July 1, 2015 Tennessee’s new law goes into effect allowing people to just do that, save a dog from heated cars. Way to go Tennessee!

  277. Absolutely. Life before things. Anyone who doesn’t care enough to take care of his dog has to pay the price…in this case a broken window.

  278. Avatar Of Janet Janet says:

    Absolutely it should be legal to break into a car to save a dog. As of July 1, 2015 Tennessee’s new law goes into effect which allows anybody to be able to do just that. Way to go Tennessee.

  279. I WOULD DO IT EVEN IF IT IS NOT LEGAL. There is a life at the stake, and is more important to me than a fee or somebody else thoughts. And yes, should be legal. The same rule applies if there would be a human baby?

  280. you bet it should be after all they are our fur babies and you wouldn’t knowingly leave your human baby in a hot car!! I know I won’t even think twice I will break the window and take the fur baby out!!

  281. Avatar Of Melissa Bowman

    Melissa Bowman


    Without question!

  282. Avatar Of Debby



    Any life should be worth saving so it really should be legal. Unfortunately the people who make the laws have mo compassion.

  283. Avatar Of Ashley



    Hell yeah it should! I be damn if I just walk by knowing the dog is going to die of a heat stroke.

  284. Avatar Of Emily



    Without a doubt it should be legal.

  285. Avatar Of Michel Hyman

    Michel Hyman


    Absolutely! After a while, people who don’t value their dogs lives, will come to understand that others do! Save your animals and use some common sense!

  286. Avatar Of Inge-Lise



    Yes!!!! I would do it in a split second.!!!!!!! And the owners should be punished to the full!!!!!!!!!

  287. Avatar Of Ashlyn



    Yes. It should be legalized. Or the owners should be penalized for animal abuse.

  288. Avatar Of Lori



    No, I’d rather have my rights intact than have someone break into my car. I wouldn’t trust the general public to accurately assess when a dog is in distress.

  289. The problem: You may not have any idea if the dog is really distressed. For example, it may have been in the car for just a few minutes with the air still cold. Or maybe it’s an electric car and you can’t hear that the air conditioner is actually on. In these situations breaking the window will actually endanger the dog because you are letting the cold air out AND you may not be able to safely secure the dog. You also have to consider that most dogs are territorial and will protect their territory – in this case the vehicle – and if you are injured by the dog, even if it’s through your own stupidity, that dog will automatically be labelled as a “dangerous dog” which will cause long term harm to the dog and it’s owner assuming it isn’t just put down right away.

    Remember, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. If you don’t have all the facts you have no business acting at all. That’s why we have laws against vigilante justice. If you think the dog is being abused write down the license plate and contact the appropriate authorities who will arrive to investigate the situation and/or follow up at the owner’s home.

  290. Avatar Of Robyn Mccarthy

    Robyn McCarthy


    It should be legal , absolutely!!!!!!!

  291. Avatar Of Marie Jefferis

    Marie Jefferis


    Yes it should be legal. You’d prosecute someone if it was a kid. And to many of us, these are our furbabies. Dogs deserve better!

  292. Yes ! Absolutely should be.

  293. Avatar Of Kimberly kimberly says:

    yes it should be legal. Morons should be arrested on the spot for animal abuse for leaving their dogs in a hot car in the first place. I know there was a dog left in a car while a moron was in. A restaurant eating I called the police. They came out and confronted the idiot. I would call the cops first. Then break the window and a last resort.

  294. Regardless of whether it is legal or not, if I see it, in a NEW YORK MINUTE I would break the window!

  295. Avatar Of Shana shana says:

    When the citizen has called 911 and help has not arrived within 3 to 5 minutes, yes, it should be legal to enter the vehicle by the least destructive route (side window, not windshield, for example).
    Furthmore, ANY emergency service personnel (police, fire, paramedic) should have the legal authority to enter a vehicle to free an animal in distress.
    In the case of entry by law enforcement, searching the vehicle should be prohibited and, in any event, the vehicle should not be left unattended until ether the owner or a sworn, on-duty, law enforcement officer arrives.

  296. Avatar Of Sharon Peters

    Sharon Peters


    Fortunately for the dog I would break a window. Which unfortunately would be bad for me. But no way could I stand by and watch a dog die due to someone else’s stupidity. Should be legal on all states!

  297. Avatar Of Joi Howell joi howell says:

    that definitely should be legal

  298. Avatar Of Vicki



    if it were a baby/child there would be no question as to whether or not this should be legal. Why then should man’s best friend be shown any difference with the law since they should be treated like a member of the family? I vote that it should be legal to break in and save the dog/animal if there is no other viable way that’s quick enough to save them (finding the owner through PA announcements, animal control or police.)

  299. Avatar Of Anita



    I would absolutely do it!

  300. Avatar Of Pat Zennario

    Pat Zennario


    I definetly would. There’s a lot of times I hear a dog barking in a parking lot. Maybe the security ppl who work for malls and such should be legally trained and certified to do the rescues It should be legal to save a life, any life. Anyone who loves animals or is an animal advocate, should be legally certified. Dogs do not belong in hot cars.

  301. Avatar Of Barbara



    Yes it should be legal to break in to someone’s car to save s dog in hot car. It should not be legal for the person who saves the dog to be prosecuted for a crime for this either. However the idiot who left the dog in the car should be charged with negligence and be required to attend a class on animal treatment. That class should also require a session with the person locked in a hot car like they left there pet. Just might help.

  302. I would break the law.iwoukd break into a car tooresuethe dog

  303. Hell yes I would break a car window in a HEARTBEAT if I saw a dog suffering!!!!

  304. Avatar Of Kayla



    Hell yes!!!!

  305. Avatar Of John Joseph Jr.

    John Joseph Jr.


    I would do it. What they gonna due, sue me. You can’t get blood from a turnip. You can’t get something I don’t have any of.

  306. Avatar Of M.



    NO!!! It should be left to appropriate law enforcement. This will only encourage pet theft, let alone damage done by people who *think* a pet is in distress when in fact, they’re not.

  307. Avatar Of Heather



    Hell yes!!

  308. Oh Hell yes! In a hummingbird’s wing flap! And lock the owner up in the hot car!

  309. Avatar Of Melanie




  310. Avatar Of Davina



    Absolutely! ! Animals have heart beats, feelings. I don’t care if is legal or not… I’ll do it if I’m ever put in that situation.

  311. Avatar Of Jim Jim says:

    Not only should it be Legal to save a dog if you can. I all so think the people that leave dogs, and baby’s in hot cars, need to be put in one for an hour or two to see what it is like.
    Jim Davis
    An old Marine

  312. Avatar Of Henry Howell

    Henry howell


    Yes it legal because people who do this have something wrong with there brains that can’t be fixed they are a threat to our nation and safety they need to die i vote to bring back the death penalty for animal abuse jail isn’t the place for them the ground is regardless of their age or race they need to die you have my full permission to use my comment

  313. Avatar Of Victoria Beron

    Victoria Beron



  314. Avatar Of Marilyn



    Yes….it should be….tell why it isn’t.

  315. Avatar Of Heather



    This was several yrs ago, but as I was getting ready to leave work I noticed a truck with a dog in it & the window was barely cracked open. So I went to my car and at that point gave the owner of the vehicle about 5 minutes to come out…he didn’t come out in time & so I went back to the truck and tried to open it & it was unlocked so I just opened the door and waited for the owner to come out of the store… It was like over 100 degrees I believe that day & the poor dog was panting like crazy…when the man came out of the store and saw me standing there with the door open, he was upset… The way I looked at it was, hey dude ” I probably just saved your dogs life”. At least he could do is say thank you. But he didn’t. If I was put in the same situation today, I would do the same thing. If it was my dog, I wouldn’t leave it like that

  316. Avatar Of Deanna



    Definitely. We need a NATIONAL law. And, please people, leave your dogs at home when you run errands!!

  317. Avatar Of Shawna Brugh

    Shawna Brugh


    In a heartbeat I would do out.

  318. Avatar Of Miranda



    Hell yes it should be legal!!!

  319. Kudos to you! There are still a holes that still leave their furbabies in hot vehicles!

  320. Avatar Of Theresa Tippett

    Theresa Tippett


    It should most certainly be legal to break a car window to get a heat distressed animal out.

  321. Avatar Of Serkan



    I did it once and I’d it again 110%
    Kid or a dog, they are both lives!

  322. Avatar Of Nancee



    Yes, it should be legal. If I see an animal or child locked in a hot car, in distress, I’ll break out every window if needed to save them. Only the heartless would say No to this question.

  323. Avatar Of Courtney



    Yes. But if the dog seems alert, you should first contact the correct authorities so that the incident is documented. Ensure the car is not running.
    If the dog is in immediate need of fluids and/or is unconscious, break fist, call later. When a dog is dehydrated and overheated a couple minutes can be life or death.
    That’s just my two cents.

  324. Definitely break into a car if an animal is in danger. people should leave them home in warm weather. I sure do!

  325. Avatar Of Gypsy



    I think any person that does not is heartless.. and if animals dies they should be charged as well

  326. Avatar Of Jolan



    Is so it in a heartbeat! Law or no law!

  327. Avatar Of Kierston Kierston says:

    I would do it regardless if it was legal or not. Then I would take the dog to a vet to give it a check up see if it has a chip in it and if not keep the dog. The people obviously don’t care if it dies a horrible death so I guess they won’t care if I keep it.

  328. Yes, if you can visibly see that the dog, or animal, is in distress and/or by the amount of their panting/drooling, I would…I had a situation like that. I was in a supermarket parking lot…I noticed the dog when I was walking Into the store…Mind you, the window was rolled down approx. 4-6in., the dog was an older, good size mastiff. I was in the store approx. 20 min…I spotted the dog again, now showing signs of distress…What was ironic, there was a case of bottled water in the back of the truck…I broke it open, took a bottle of water, cupped my hand and started giving him water…Sweet, gentle dog…Another shopper passed me and asked if I needed help…I said yes, if you could page the owner and I went to my van and grabbed a leash…I keep a couple in the van in case I need one for a rescue(s)…By the time the person came back, it must now be at Least minimum of 40 min. has passed…The dog is better by giving it water, but owner still has not exited the supermarket, and the mastiff needs to get out..While I was getting the leash on him, a Very disturbed, angry man was now standing behind me asking me what I was doing with his dog…Now, there were at least 15 people there as my witnesses…One lady got so scared that he was going to do something to me, she called the State Troopers…He accused me of trying to steal his dog and when I read him the riot act about leaving a dog in a hot vehicle he went ballistic…He was hot and the dog now was growling at him and he said, “if you were a man, I’d deck you right here”…Then he went on and called me a North Country redneck, and that I must live in a trailer park…Whoa…by now, there were a small crowd of people, and the lady that called the State Troopers yelled out…”The Troopers are here, now you can answer to them, you dog abuser”…He pushed me away from his front door and jumped into his truck and took off…By the time the Troopers arrived, he was screeching out and into traffic…The officer told me the very same thing that he could press charges if I would have broken his window or taken his dog…

    There is a Felony Animal Abuse Law that has passed in All 50 States, and, I feel, that leaving an animal unattended in a hot vehicle with no air conditioning constitutes Felony Animal Abuse…There should be some justification on this…If a child was left and someone broke in to save the child, would it also be a crime? I don’t think it would and neither should an animal rescue be either…

  329. Avatar Of Ninathomasjerome



    Every time I see one. And then the owners face. What gives them the right?

  330. Avatar Of Ninathomasjerome



    I’ll break the window and then the owners face.

  331. Absolutely should be legal to help our poor furbabies that live with ignorant people that leave them in hot ass vehicles

  332. Avatar Of Ronnie Hines

    Ronnie Hines


    Monday June 15 I heard a yell as if a small child was in distress. I searched the Bass Pro Shop parking lot over until I found the source. That’s when I became fighting mad at a dumb ASS who had left their cute little puppy in the car. They had let the car window down a few inches but it wasn’t enough as the temperature was 95 degrees with 85% humidity. Now I may not be a meteorological genius but I’m sure it was well above 100 degrees in the car. Needless to say I reached in the window unlocked the door and escorted the pup out in which he drank more than he should have in water that I begged off of patrons. The Police came and I got an lecture about Breaking and Entering. What the hell does it take? Maybe another 500 animals to die or maybe a child of an elected official. Some one needs to pass a law and NOW. NATION WIDE

    • Avatar Of Jolan



      Good Bless You!

    • Avatar Of Micki Mcphail Deyong

      Micki McPhail DeYong


      Well that has aleady happened in Oklahoma.,..lecture or not….I would have done the same thing….good for you…..childern have died, dogs have died…..I do not know what it is going to tke to get the STUPID out of pet owners and Parents

  333. Avatar Of Michelle



    Wouldn’t it be a crime to NOT do anything while watching a crime being committed? Watching the dog dying and not coming to its aid isn’t a crime? I think it is in Canada?

  334. Avatar Of Anita M Rutz Anita M Rutz says:

    hell yes it should be, i’ll do it either way

  335. Avatar Of Debbie Strong

    Debbie Strong


    I love my 2 dogs. They go everywhere with us. We now have a vehicle with the security panel so the truck can idle while the doors are locked. We were at a resteraunt eating when a state trooper asked for the owner of the truck. He did not believe us that our truck was running, ac on max cool. We went outside, stirred the dogs up and showed him the truck was running and ice cold inside the cab. He made the comment the truck was so quiet he didnt know it was running and he wassorry but a “frantic” woman flagged him down and showed him our truck. I would be pissed as hell is some asshole busted my window thinking I was mistreating my babies, my dogs are my family and I would die if something happened to them. I can see this in both aspects but in my case it would have been a very bad even if the intention was good.

  336. Avatar Of Sarah




  337. Avatar Of Marianne Pendleton

    Marianne Pendleton


    Oh hell yes!!!

  338. Avatar Of Phyllis Donlon

    Phyllis Donlon


    Yes it should be legal, and I wouldn’t hesitate to break the window. I would also be happy to go to court to defend my actions and hopefully see some justice done!!!

  339. Avatar Of Elaine Elaine says:

    Stupid owners that don’t restrain their dog AND have wide open windows! So my husband and I were driving behind a car that met both of above criteria and the dog jumped out and began running in traffic. The owner was completely oblivious to this. A fellow driver jumped out of his car and ran to retrieve the dog so we followed the still oblivious driver honking and motioning for him to pull over. When he finally realized it was him we were motioning to, he pulled over and we explained what we saw. We drove back as well and the other driver was holding the dog by his collar, safely on the sidewalk. As much as I think a stupid driver should learn his lesson, I don’t want it to be the dog that suffers the consequences. I love hearing dog owners, ‘”My dog never jumps out” or re: unleashed dogs, “My dog never runs in the street, …”after a person….”after a dog….” etc., but it only takes ONCE to maim or kill your pet!

  340. Avatar Of Mike Downs Mike Downs says:

    Absolutely yes and the owner jailed as well.

  341. Avatar Of Katie



    yes it should be legal! I hope one day it is!!!!!!

  342. Avatar Of Debra Masters

    Debra Masters


    It should be legal for someone to break into a car to save an animal or child in distress. I would expect it to happen if my dogs were in distress and it would be greatly appreciated to save my babies.

  343. Avatar Of Richard



    Wow. Y’all don’t know how dumb people really are. I don’t trust the average American to differentiate when a dog is in distress and when a dog is simply inside a car. People are stupid.

    • Avatar Of Debbie Strong

      Debbie Strong


      I agree. I left my dogs in a running truck, ac on max cool but because they could not tell my truck was running, they flagged down a state tropper.

  344. Avatar Of Rita Rita says:


  345. Avatar Of Cynthia



    HELL YES it should be legal!!! It should be illegal to do nothing!

  346. Yes, it should be legal to break into a person’s car to rescue an animal. I have two dogs and would never leave them in my car alone!

  347. Yes. Whenever I am in a parking lot I look for pets/children left in hot cars. I’d call the police to report it, but I wouldn’t wait for them to appear…I’d break the window immediately and deal with the consequences later.

  348. Avatar Of Karen Hickey-Mach

    Karen Hickey-Mach


    It absolutely should be legal to break the window for an animal or child…. If you would leave either in the car to suffer then your rights have just been relinquished…..

  349. Avatar Of Steph



    If should definitely be legal to break into a locked car to save an animal left in there. It really is crazy that there has to be a law on the books specifically permitting this. The person who leaves an animal in a hot car should be charged with cruelty to animals.

  350. Avatar Of Terri



    Most totally, absolutely!!!!!! Not a question about it!

  351. Avatar Of Elvira Cook

    Elvira Cook


    YES! What an unnecessary question. Any of us would do it for a child, is an animals life any less valuable? I don’t think so.

  352. yes I think it should be legal to bust the window on a car to save an animal’s life. Legal or not I would do it anyway

  353. of course not..too many children and animals die in the cars during the heat and very cold weather..so no…it should not be illegal to save a life..if you don’t know where the owner is..call the police ASAP or break in then call the police..depending on the circumstances…

  354. Avatar Of Ramona



    oh yes! life is more important than things!

  355. Avatar Of Gallifreyja Gallifreyja says:

    A life is a life. Why is a dog’s any different? You can break in, and get out a human child, so why not an animal?

  356. Avatar Of Chris



    It should definitely be legal! I do think there should be restrictions…check for unlocked doors or cracked windows to open the door first. And if it’s cool enough outside, like 60-65, give the owner like 5-10 min to come back. But if it’s like 70’s or higher don’t give them time. Just like a child, the first concern is for the living being in the vehicle. Windows can be replaced, it is just an object! Then the owner should face charges and fines!

  357. Avatar Of Linda



    Absolutely it should be legal.

  358. Avatar Of Jim Dekruger

    jim dekruger


    It should be legal to rescue any animal. I would rip the door off if need be!

  359. Avatar Of Kathleen Reeves

    Kathleen Reeves


    Yes, but you should also leave info that breaking in to save the dog was what occurred.

  360. Of course you should be able to get any animal out of a hot car. If there are no windows down and water in the car that the dog can drink then YES.

  361. Avatar Of Jennifer Murphy

    Jennifer Murphy


    Hell yeah, Yarrr!!

  362. Avatar Of Phyllis



    Yes they have as much right as a smill child to be saved

  363. Avatar Of Cindy Dailey

    Cindy Dailey


    I would absolutely break the window with no hesitation.

  364. Avatar Of James Aten

    James Aten


    Of course it should be legal. You could very well be saving a life! That should never be against the law.

  365. Avatar Of Michele Martin

    Michele Martin


    Of course it should be legal to get animal out, as long as they check doors first. And then it should be illegal & throw the idiot in jail who left the animal behind.

  366. Avatar Of Arna Cortazzo

    Arna Cortazzo



  367. Avatar Of Ruby Justus



    get the dog out any way you can!!!!!!

  368. Avatar Of Maira



    Absolutely it should be legal. A living creature is way more important than some window!

  369. What kind of question is that anyway? No question. It should be legal. But where saving a live is concerned what’s legal is not the issue for me. If an animal is in distress, I act. I don’t care about that consequences of what might happen if someone is upset that I acted to save an animal. I’m far more concerned about the consequences if I don’t act. A broken window can be replaced – a dead pet cannot. I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again without a moment’s hesitation because police or animal control can’t be everywhere they’re needed at one time to do what must be done in time to save a life. I’ll never stand by and wait for someone to do something because I already know that I am someone.

  370. Avatar Of Helen Whitfield

    Helen Whitfield


    Their are standing to fine people here in GA. for leaving pets in cars. Yes I’ll call the law and if they didn’t show up within a few minutes I’ll break the glass in a heart beat !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  371. Avatar Of Erin Larsen Erin Larsen says:

    Seems to me that if it were a child dying, firefighters/emergency would not even flinch at breaking the window, as it is our civic responsibility (Good Samaritan law) to do also, so in my mind anything breathing and living should be the same!

  372. Should it be legal to rescue a dog in distress? Why is there any question? This is a no-brainer. When an animal is in distress, you act – immediately. The consequences of standing by waiting for someone in an official capacity to do something are just so much worse than the consequences of acting and saving that life. I’ve done it before and I will do it again.


  374. Avatar Of Kimberly Brinkman

    Kimberly Brinkman


    Yes. Absolutely! I would do it in a milisecond. No living creature should be put through that kind of torture.

  375. Avatar Of Crinaldi



    YES! Without a doubt. I know someone this happened to — They were dog sitting and this mans kids left the neighbors dog in their car (playing) by accident. The dog died. I never saw a grown man cry so hard with the thought of having to tell his neighbor/friend that they killed his beloved dog. So tragic ..

  376. Avatar Of Sergey Logvinoff

    Sergey Logvinoff


    Yes. It should be legal

  377. Avatar Of Tina Combee Tina Combee says:

    I will go to jail with no problem! Every time I see a dog left in a car it will have its window busted out and I will beat the ass of the person who owns it. Call the Police! Cause if you dont I will!

  378. Avatar Of Alice L

    Alice L


    There’s no price on a life. Human or otherwise. I’d pay the penalty if it will save a life.

  379. Avatar Of Howard Ware

    Howard Ware


    It shouldn’t even be a question! A child, a dog, any living creature deserves to be removed from a potentially life threatening situation. AND, whomever put them in the position should be hit with the absolute max in jail time and fines and the vehicle taken.

  380. Avatar Of Yes



    I should be legal to break a car window to save a dog.

  381. Avatar Of William Whittemore

    William Whittemore


    Hell yeah there should be.
    A life is a life break the window
    . And prosecute the persons for abuse

  382. Avatar Of Debbie Mcmunn

    Debbie McMunn


    It should most DEFINITELY be legal to break a window to save a dog in distress! Everyone would do it to save a human and I think the same goes for the animals who we have to SPEAK UP FOR!!

  383. Avatar Of Libby Hancock

    Libby Hancock


    Should be Legal in all States to break a window to save a dog or any animals life!

  384. Avatar Of Terri



    Yes, I do think it is okay to break a car window to save a dog from a hot car. And that goes for children and the elderly too.

  385. Avatar Of Terrie terrie says:

    Absolutely! You would get away with breaking a window to save a child, and the parent would be the one to get arrested. Why should it be any different for an animal? Neglect is neglect and the owner should be arrested.

  386. Avatar Of Jean Devegter

    Jean deVegter



  387. Avatar Of Charla



    Yes, it should be legal to break a window to save a dog in a hot vehicle. It is the owner’s fault for choosing to leave their dog in a hot car if the car gets damaged not the person saving the dog’s life!

  388. Yes I think it should be a law and I also think the owner should be charged with animal cruelty with jail time not just a fine.

  389. Avatar Of Patricia Weller

    Patricia Weller


    Yes!! Break the window!!!!

  390. Yes absolutely break that window! I had the unfortunate experience of having to break into a car parked on my street to try and save two beautiful dogs locked in a car on a 30 degree day… only one survived. I would not hesitate ever again to do this to help save an animal.

  391. Avatar Of Liz Young Liz Young says:

    Absolutely should be legal.

  392. Avatar Of Trisha Trisha says:

    Hell yes it should be legal!! And I would break the window and take the arrest and jail time to save a dogs life!!

  393. Avatar Of Trisha



    Hell yes it should be legal and I will break the window and take the arrest and jail time to save a dogs life!!

  394. Avatar Of Clare



    Too right id break that window.

  395. of course it should be legal….it would if it was a child or a human….I would break a window in a heartbeat

  396. Avatar Of Jessica Short

    Jessica Short


    I’LL BE DAMNED if I’m going to walk past a car and ignore a dog locked in it with the windows up in the heat!! I’m finding the 1st thing I can to break one of the windows and just leave with the dog in tow. Try and find me if you like but you will not be getting your dog back without a fight!!

  397. Avatar Of Roxann Watson

    roxann watson


    I would break a window, for any living being. ‘child, dog, cat…
    Those afraid of going to jail for saving a life should be ashamed.

  398. Avatar Of Melstar Melstar says:

    Of course it should be legal to break the window. It should be made illegal to leave a dog/child in a car period! Some people are selfish idiots!

  399. Avatar Of Lynn O'Toole

    Lynn O'Toole


    You call the cops first. If they’re backed up and can’t come or time is of the essence, you have to break the window. What else can you do? And why do some people feel it’s necessary to drag their child or dog to the mall just to leave them in the car for an hour baking and possibly dying a terrible death? It’s crazy.

  400. Avatar Of Pam Hudson

    Pam Hudson


    Absolutely, it should be a law in every state that allows your damn window to be broken out to save an animal, child or elderly person!! It shouldn’t have ever been a question!!

  401. Avatar Of Jennifer Turner

    Jennifer Turner


    ABSOLUTLEY!!! Save the dog

  402. Avatar Of Sherry Tyree

    Sherry Tyree


    Absolutely it should be legal. No animal should suffer such an awful death!!

  403. Avatar Of Crisb



    Not necessarily made “legal” per se, for that would open up a hornets nest, however, it shouldn’t be deemed criminal either. Surely there’s a “rescuer” clause somewhere…

  404. Avatar Of Amy Veloz

    Amy Veloz


    Anyone who thinks some crummy, stinking car is more important than the life of a dog, is an inhumane scumbag. People who leave their dogs in hot cars should go to prison for felony animal
    abuse and neglect. They also should never be allowed to be a Pet Guardian again.

  405. Avatar Of Carla Hepp



    Absolutely No hesitation! If you cannot find it in your heart to chrish your animals as family than you should not have them

  406. It should be legal to remove a pet, or child from a parked car in the summer heat by breaking a window and removing the child or dog/pet. The dog can then be taken to the nearest vet or shelter and dropped off as a stray, the child to the nearest fire station as abandoned….

  407. Avatar Of Linda Merideth

    Linda Merideth


    WITHOUT a doubt the window should be broken!!! How could someone sleep at night NOT breaking a window and allowing a pet to die! Hell, it’s only a window…..not a life!!!

  408. Avatar Of Julie Womack

    Julie Womack


    Yes, break the window.

  409. you darn right a concerned citizen should be able to break a window to save a dog or Baby,some people’s stupid enough to leave both in a locked car with the windows up !! the excuse for a Baby they forgot it was in the back seat,how can any one forget putting a Baby in the back seat of the car ??

  410. Avatar Of Chad



    No it should not be legal. Just gives people an excuse to start “vandalizing” other peoples vehicles. More or less if it’s that “hot” outside call the animal control center/non-emergency police dept. and have them do it instead.

  411. Avatar Of Ronda



    Yes break the window. It should be a law. Why wouldn’t you break a window to save a pet or any animal or human being for that matter?

  412. No question! Break the damn window and save the dog! Or the child! Instantly!!!!!!

  413. Avatar Of Mary Darby Mary Darby says:

    why would you not…of course you should..its a life that could be saved.

  414. Avatar Of Anya



    Yes. Without a doubt.

    You wouldn’t leave your baby in the car! Why is a dog’s life any question?!

  415. Avatar Of Tiffany



    I am well aware of what may happen if i it came to me braking a window to save a dog, But let me tell u something I don’t care leave your animals n the car with the Windows up with all this heat and u will come back to Ur car with Ur animal gone and a missing window.

  416. Avatar Of Gerry Wilson Gerry Wilson says:

    Absolutely. Break the damn window! Save a life!

  417. Avatar Of Lynn Brown Lynn Brown says: