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What Are The Animal Protection Laws in Your State? The Complete Guide

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Do you know the animal protection laws in your area?

Every single state, district, or territory has their own set of laws, definitions, and statutes in place for protecting animals.

If you’ve noticed a neighbor mistreating their pet, discovered what you believe is an illegal puppy mill or dog fighting ring, witnessed inhumane conditions at an animal shelter, have found an animal neglected or abandoned, or any other situation in which the welfare, health, and safety of any animal is in question, how would you help? How could you help?

Arming yourself with knowledge is the first step.

The Animal Legal Defense Fund assembled a document which details every law, in every state or territory in the United States and Canada, which details the animal protection laws, definitions, and statutes pertaining to the welfare of animals.

Click The Image To Download The Animal Protection Laws Compendium. Via The Animal Legal Defense Fund.
Click the image to download the Animal Protection Laws compendium. Via The Animal Legal Defense Fund.

Every animal advocate should be armed with facts. Click here to download the Animal Protection Laws compendium.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Avatar Of Dirk Rogers Dirk Rogers says:

    Dogs must be able to open their mouths to regulate their temperature and respirations.It causes great emotional distress also since the dog has no idea how to deal with this.Muzzles should be removed every 30 minutes.Such a cruel act shows a huge lack of compassion and judgement.Posting it shows pride in her actions.Come on! If you can’t do whats best for an animal or child don’t have them.

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