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Who Rescued Whom? Shelter Dog Drags New Dad to his Phone During Stroke

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A newly adopted dog is being credited with saving the life of her new human dad after he suffered a stroke at home.

Sadie, a 6-year old German Shepherd ended up in New Jersey shelter, Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge, after her previous owner moved away and surrendered her.

Confused and nervous upon arriving at the shelter having suddenly lost the only family that she knew, Sadie’s shelter profile said she was loyal but nervous and protective with new people—especially men, making it more difficult to find the right adopter.

But, a few months ago, the right adopter visited the shelter. Brian felt a special bond with Sadie, valuing her intelligence, hesitancy to trust, and her fierce loyalty once she did form that trust. He gave Sadie a second chance at life, adopted the 6-year old shepherd, and welcomed her into his heart and home.

It wouldn’t be long before Sadie returned the favor, giving Brian a second chance at life, too.

Last week, Brian suffered a stroke while he was home alone with Sadie.  After he collapsed, she never left his side, licking his face to keep him awake. Then, amazingly, Sadie helped drag Brian across the room to his cell phone. Sadie was the only reason that Brian was able to call for help. A Facebook post from Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge said Brian is “alive today thanks to Sadie’s devotion and quick thinking.”

While Brian recovers from his stroke in a rehabilitation facility, Sadie is being cared for by family members. But, the loyal, lifesaving dog and her dad FaceTime every day, eager to be reunited soon.

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