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Boston Museum Hires Pest-Sniffing Dog to Protect Fine Art

The Boston Museum of Fine Arts is taking adorable measures to protect its priceless works of art. Meet Riley, Boston Museum’s newest four-legged employee!

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Boston Museum of Fine Arts’ newest employee couldn’t get any cuter! But he’s not just there for his devastatingly good looks – this pup will patrol the museum in search of pests that could destroy the priceless works of art adorning museum walls.

Twelve-week old Riley will be trained to use his amazing olfactories to sniff out bugs, moths, and other pests that work their way into the museum’s many priceless exhibits and slowly destroy them.

“We have lots of things that bring, by their very nature, bugs or pests with them,” Katie Getchell, chief brand officer and deputy director of the Museum of Fine Arts told the Boston Globe. “If he can be trained to sit down in front of an object that he smells a bug in, that we can’t smell or see, then we could take that object, inspect it, and figure out what’s going on — that would be remarkable in terms of preserving objects.”

While the museum already has protective measures in place, with hundreds of thousands of visitors walking the halls every day, Riley’s ability to sniff out potential problems faster and more efficiently than any protocols in place will be priceless in and of itself.

Riley is the first canine museum employee in the country and, if successful, could start an adorable trend in other museums, libraries, and exhibits nationwide.

But, before you book your ticket to see the handsome K9 on the job, keep in mind that Riley will almost always be working behind the scenes and away from the public eye – you probably won’t see him admiring the Monet as you walk through the gallery halls.

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