Michael Vick Attacked by Vicious Pomeranian

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Michael Vick, the 34 year old football quarterback and current free agent, notorious for his dog-fighting conviction several years ago, is recovering after he was attacked by a Pomeranian inside a pet store in his home town of Newport News, Virginia.  Now, investigators want to talk with the dog’s owner, whom they say left the store immediately after the dog bit the football player.

Vick has nine stitches in his nose. He said he has been losing sleep since the incident at the pet store on Saturday.  The Vick family was at the store shopping when they ran into a man with a tiny Pomeranian in one of the aisles.

Mr. Vick says he petted the dog on the head and she was wagging her tail. Vick explains, the pup’s owner told him the dog’s name was ‘Kalba’ and then recognized the infamous ball player and became agitated.

He says he didn’t think he needed to be afraid until he reached his hand out, and the dog snapped at him.  A witness told Dogington Post the dog then jumped up and bit Vick in the nose.  After the bite, the tiny Pom then proceeded to squat and pee onto Vick’s sneaker, soaking through to his sock.

This snapshot of Kalba was taken just after the incident in which the tiny dog attacked Vick and urinated on his shoe.

With Vick in the store bleeding and frantically trying to find help, police say the man brought the dog out into the parking lot, got in a car and tried to get away.  They report a witness wanted to stop the man, but was laughing too hard to do anything. The witness did manage to snap a quick photo of the vicious dog with his smart phone.

Newport News police say the man drove a red, four-door Chevrolet sedan, and detectives have created a hotline for witnesses to come forward with any information. “So far,” said one detective on the case, “we’ve been flooded with calls from people who want to congratulate Kalba. We haven’t got any serious leads.”

Parking lot and in-store surveillance footage mysteriously went missing after the incident. Though the store was crowded, no one claims to have any information that would help identify Kalba’s owner.

Vick says he’s more interested in finding the Pomeranian to make sure it has all of its vaccinations. He says she dreads the thought of having to get rabies shots after all he’s been through, and he’d like to avoid it if possible.


The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day!

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  1. Michael Vick is a Sadistic Demented Evil Man!!!! I will NEVER forgive what he did to those poor dogs!!! NO, NO, NO He has not had the Punishment he deserves!!!

  2. Several comments here. First of all, if Vic had any brains, he should know that buying any dog at a pet shop is bad news and 95% of them come from puppy mills. Second of all, I hope he had his Rabies shots-wouldn’t want the dog
    to catch Rabies from him and finally-he got just what he deserved

  3. I know this was an April Fool’s joke, but for those of you that say he paid for what he did and should be forgiven. He did not! he went to jail for Racketeering, NOT for the Abuse and Murder of innocent dogs. He should be punished for that and has not been. Forgive him? I have to, only so that I can find peace within myself. Not because he deserves it. He will pay for what he did when he meets his maker.

    • Gretchen, you are absolutely. People do not change. What goes around, comes around. I think he sits on his brains

  4. What Micheal did was horrible and he did his time. He is remorseful for his crime as well as for the dishonesty to those who supported him. This is one thing I hate about society…forgiveness is very hard to come by. And continuing to punish through nasty comments and stupid “April Fool” mockery seems to be the norm anymore. He made a stupid and distasteful mistake, I agree. but he served his time and is trying to be a better person, but in this country it is hard to do without someone making nasty comments and mocking him. If you would just think about how you would want to be treated had you transgressed and were trying to walk a better life path, maybe you would open your mouth less often at the expense of others. I usually appreciate the posts On Dogington Post, but not this time. I realize someone will fire something ugly back at me for this statement, but that’s his/her problem, not mine.

    • I’ll never forget what he did. And it wasn’t just one stupid mistake…who knows how long he inflicted such horrors on those poor helpless animals…he has a black evil heart.

    • He does NOT deserve forgiveness, nor will I nor millions of people forgive him! He can burn in the depths of hell as far as Im concerned.. Im a dog rescuer… do you realize how many are still out there doing this? He didn’t get enough time…He Did horrible things to those dogs… do you realize how much dog fighting still goes on? how many dogs are stolen everyday, from familys that love them just to find that they’s been used for bait dogs for them? Screw you and your forgiveness.. you can go to hell and burn with your Micheal Vick!

    • Normally I would agree with an argument like this. Once someone does their time, that should be it. However, in a case where animals are brutally tortured and killed, you really must consider the killer. Someone who does what Michael Vick did lacks the ability to empathize with his victims. This is a characteristic of a mental illness known as psychopathy. This type of person is very dangerous. Because he lacks empathy, he also lacks remorse. He is not sorry for his actual crimes, he is only sorry that he was caught and has lost so much. I would encourage you to look up the details of his crimes (if you have a strong stomach), and then reevaluate to see if you still feel the same about him. He is a very sick man and does not belong on the streets, because I guarantee he will do it again in some form.

    • What Micheal did was horrible, but there is no amount of time that can erase the misery caused by his greed and cruelty. He is remorseful that he was caught, and all of his whining will not convince me that he is sorry for the deed. His pleas of remorse only confirm continued dishonesty! I can forgive him for the deed, but forgetting is dangerous. He needs to be watched for more similar behaviour.
      Michael Vick did not make a “mistake.” Spilling ketchup or putting salt rather than sugar in coffee is a mistake. He engaged in stupid, distasteful, evil and viscious behaviour. Only behaviour and attitude changes will bear out if he is indeed a better person. Nothing creates doubt more than having someone say, “I’m a better person now.” Words are cheap!
      (I do hope my post is not “ugly” !) The truth does hurt, occasionally.

    • He is a piece of garbage. I wish this story was true. He is not remorseful, and even if he was, anyone who has it in them to abuse an animal doesn’t deserve forgiveness. Ever.

    • Just curious, if he had 66 children chained up in his house that he was routinely beating, starving, and having attacked and killed by dogs for profit and entertainment, would you still maintain your attitude and opinions?

  5. NOT pleased at all that this story is a “joke!” Personally, I don’t feel that this issue with Vick is one that is a joking matter in any way shape or form! I truly had hoped that my Lady Karma had struck swift & hard!!

  6. I don’t what’s more funny…. This April FOOLS story or the FOOLS that think it’s a real story!!!

    As great as this would be, I find it incredibly scary that so many of you think it’s real. How do you all function day to day? Wow. Just wow.

    • “Fools?!” Is that what you call those of us who demand justice? How do you function, Beth?? WOW, JUST WOW!!!!

  7. He did his time, he did his time…waaaah waaah waaah. Right. He electrocuted dogs, hung them from trees and bashed their heads in…all for “underachieving”. Most of you defending him haven’t a clue at the start of what he’d done and it goes way beyond dog fighting. Had he been the average guy on the street then he’d still be there…trust that. He got off easy cause he’s “rich” and you guys know it. That should make the average guy whose had (themself or family) lesser charges but does more time…furious. The rich and famous always get off and we all know it. If this guy was not “a big football star” you fans wouldn’t give two sh*ts about what time he’s served but because he is you stay on his d!ck…POS or not. Smdh.

    • I would have paid someone to see this if it had been real! Vick did NOT pay for his part in
      fighting the pit bull dogs. Not once has Vick stated that he was sorry for his roll in dog fighting, he was only sorry that he got caught! I want you to sit down one night and actually read about all the unbelievable torcher Vick did to the “looser” dogs. Hooking them up to a battery – then tossing it in a pool,Sorry I can’t go. It makes me sick to see such a monster being able to run around freely. I hope his wife realizes that once an animal abuser – next child and woman abuser.

  8. This seems to be the only article on this subject. Is it made up? O_o

    Research shows it’s an April Fools Joke. :-( Too bad.

    I guess I can only hope his new dog rips him and his family to pieces.
    Yes, the dog will most likely be killed, but that’s probably better than living with this abusive prick.

    • Woah! I think I hate Michael Vick more than anyone else on the planet…but wishing his whole family harm is going a bit overboard. If he gets ripped to pieces, AWESOME. But leave the children out of it! They haven’t done anything to deserve someone hoping they get ripped to pieces.

  9. U people r dumb immature and ignorant 2 even wish 4 harm 2 come 2 mr. Vick 4 what ever the reason concerning a dog, this continued hatred
    Is stupid the next time ur in a car accident ur wife, husband, or whatever cheats on u, someone insults u stills from u or ur dog dies think of the karma u laid down.
    Sincerely with good unluck 2 u all

    • Please, I beg you, LEARN to spell and stop using Ebonics. Yes, Vick did his time, but he should NEVER be able to own a dog ever again.

    • Oh go screw yourself. where was all this sympathy you showing this goon for those poor animals he tortured ? maybe one will grab hold of you and rip you a new one also !

    • You dip shit do you even know what he fucking did. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness. God reads the heart. His is fkn rotten.

    • Drowned, electrocuted, stomped on…. the “loosing” dog, and no remorse. Are you insane. No one here wants Mr. Dog killing Vic anything more than karma. I know I would like to see it sooner then later. As for your hating post… Good luck in the karma line, I think you just got bumped way to the front.

    • Where did you go to school? Learn how to spell and craft a proper sentence before you post anywhere. Mr Vick? He does not deserve that kind of respect. I call him a dog killing asshole!


  11. IM LAUGHING YES!!! ITS true what goes around comes around, still not enough! OHHH I FEEL SOOOO BAD FOR HIM!!!!I guess everybody eles does to, tape got lost from parking lot,witnesses but none?????? ALL WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Obviously, you have no life. You come to a dog site and troll the comment section of a post that is clearly being tongue in cheek. Not real bright, are you?

    • By no means was any justice served with Vick serving time for his heinous crimes against the dogs he “owned”; until now. So, go whine and sling your anti dog, pro Vic rhetoric elsewhere.

  12. Didn’t any of you read the last sentence “The Dogington Post is serious about dogs, but we like to have a little fun, too! This article has been fabricated by the editors of this site. Happy April Fool’s Day!”

  13. Instead of taking the pic of the Pomeranian, that… Man …. Should have taken pics when Michael Vicks torture and killed all those pits!!!!!

    • I second that. People are unaware of the “real Michael Vick. I cried and posted for days due to his twisted, sick life.