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Nurses Help Sneak Dying Man’s Dog Into Hospital for Final Goodbye

As an elderly man laid dying in his hospital bed, nurses and family members worked together to sneak his beloved dog into the room for a final goodbye.


When Ellie Miguel’s grandfather, David King, was bedridden at a Missouri hospital, losing his battle with cancer, he worried that he’d never make it back home to see his beloved dog, Lil Fee.

So, kindhearted nurses, along with King’s grieving family, hatched a plan to sneak the Yorkie-mix into the hospital for a heartbreaking final goodbye.

“My grandpa is losing his battle with cancer so the nurses helped my grandma sneak their dog into the hospital to say goodbye,” 17-year old Ellie Tweeted.

She explained to Yahoo Lifestyle, Lil Fee absolutely adored her human, following him around everywhere. The pair were inseparable. Although he’d been battling cancer for a few years, his health began rapidly declining last week.

King’s wife brought photos of Lil Fee to the hospital and hung them around the room, but knowing he’d likely not return home to her, the family – with help from nurses – sneaked the pup in for a visit.

“The nurses always heard my grandma talking about Lil Fee. So they encouraged her and helped her get the dog in. They had my aunt carry the dog in a really big purse,” she said.

“For the first time that day, he moved his arm in attempts to pet his Lil Fee. It was a moment I’ll never forget.”

King passed away on Wednesday, but not before saying goodbye to his best friend and loyal companion.

Although most hospitals have a strict no-pets policy, this isn’t the first time family (often with the help of wonderful nurses and hospital staff) have bent the rules. Sometimes, a visit from a beloved furry friend is more powerful than any medicine.

Last December, a man awoke from a coma the moment his dog entered his hospital room and barked. And, last June, a California woman made headlines after wrapping her grandmother’s dog up like a newborn baby and sneaking her into the hospital for a visit.

Do you think hospitals should consider allowing visits from beloved pets? Weigh in with a comment below!

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