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A Dog’s Gotta Dream

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Do dogs dream? Of course they do.

We dream of running (no place in particular).

We dream of eating our favorite foods. (Not kibble).

And we dream of playing with our dog parents (that’s my favorite).

Today I sharing a video about a dog’s dream come true.

This is one of the only videos that warms my heart.

I wish this one would come true for me.

I can watch this one again and again.

Every time I watch it I hope my dog parent does this to me someday.

What’s the best thing you ever did for your little dog?

Post it in the space below and the best answer wins a prize from Ralph!

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  1. Avatar Of Pam Becker

    Pam Becker


    Every dry day I walk my pit/lab crossbreed to a huge empty lot where there are lots of 1 1/2 to 2 inch thick sticks the perfect length for fetch. I throw one out and right when she gets back I throw another one so she drops the first and runs after the second. This works great because she never figured out the “give back” part of Fetch.

  2. Avatar Of Mike Nelson

    mike nelson


    My wife and I have four labs and every summer we fill up two wadding pools full of ice water and tennis balls. What a wet, messy, fun time throwing ice cold, wet tennis balls that they jump in the pools to retrieve for us to throw. Lots of fun and lots of towels.

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