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A Plea To All Dog Lovers

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I don’t understand humans some times.

Optimized Womandogphone

You’re always on the phone.

What could be so important?

You wake up and grab your phone to check your email or Facebook.

It’s the last thing you put down before you go to sleep.

And even when we go for a walk, you’re on the phone.

Hey, you on the phone….

It’s spring.

The flowers are forming and even started to bloom.

Color is returning to the bushes and shrubs.

There are so many new smells out there.

The ground is soft under my feet (and yours too if you’d look down.)

Children are outside playing.

I love when you take me for walks.

Really I do.  I know you work hard to buy me treats.

But could you put away the phone when we go for a walk?

It’s our special time together.

Can’t it be just the two of us?

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  1. Avatar Of Gene Larson

    Gene Larson


    Good for you. I too take a phone with on walks. And, sometimes I plug in the earphones to listen to music. But, my attention is on the dog, as it should be.

  2. Avatar Of Kaye



    I try to walk my dogs 45 minutes a day, no phones allowed. I take one with me in case of emergency, but even if I hear it ring, I leave it in the fanny pack (which also holds a supply of doggy doo-doo bags). Our walk is our time; so is the dog park!

  3. Avatar Of Carole



    Agreed totally; toys and electronics are fun; but if u have no time for your pet they will die of loneliness!

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