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All Aboard Dog Force One!

Did you ever wonder what would happen if overnight the Obama’s dog Bo and I changed places?

The first thing they’d have to get used to is that I wander where I want.

East wing, West wing – no one tells me where to go.

Second, I want my own Secret Service detail.

And I want one of those things where I can talk into my paw and they’ll hear it.

That is super cool.

Better get used to me in the White House kitchens because I need a lot of pampering.

I hope the chef is up to my standards.

I require my meals served in bed.

President Obama better get used to my snoring.

And from now own, no late night crisis.

They interfere with my sleep.

I’ve done some checking and there are way too many stairs between the first floor and the second floor.

I will require someone to carry me up and down the stairs.

By the way, the White House has had kennels for many years.

I’m not sure who sleeps in the kennels but one thing I know.

It’s not going to be me.

And lastly, we are changing the name of the Presidential plane.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Dog Force One.

Oh, I hope Harrison Ford is aboard in case someone wants to kidnap me.


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